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Adrian's Album Reviews : Rush
Reviews and ratings of Rush albums. Track listings indexed by release date.
Includes reader comments.

Hiking New Zealand, Backpackers, Backpacking, Travel, Photos ...
Information on backpacking in New Zealand including backpackers hostels and hiking
the national parks.

  • With the arrival of the pioneers and the gold rush comes the next exciting era of New Zealand history and glory

    Rush Limbaugh Hometown Tour - Cape Girardeau, Missouri
    Tour takes visitors past the hospital where Limbaugh was born, his childhood
    home, his schools, and the employers of his early career.

  • Limbaugh III comes from a family of conservative, high powered attorneys

  • The history of the area comes alive in the that depict the vigorous spirit of life on the


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    "Futurama" Episode Guide - Season Five
    Short descriptions of most episodes, including airdates.

  • "300 Big Boys" June 15, 2003 A $300 tax refund buys a whale swim for Leela, youth for the Professor and 100 cups of coffee for Fry, whose caffeine rush comes just in time to avert a disaster

    News & Opinion: The Mark is the Beast (The Boston Phoenix . 07-20-98)
    An article describing the change in the usage of trademarks, and how it stifles
    our use of our own language.

  • This is where the land rush comes in

    LOST [music]
    List of songs and links.

  • 02.15.06 :: 214 ' ONE OF THEM ' [NEW] When Rousseau leads Sayid to a mysterious captive in the jungle, he becomes determined to find out if he is one of the 'Others.' Meanwhile, Sawyer discovers Hurley's potentially devastating breech of the survivors' trust and blackmails him into helping track an elusive island creature that won't leave Sawyer alone

  • 02.01.06 :: 118 ' NUMBERS ' [R] When Hurley becomes obsessed with the French woman and heads into the jungle to find her, Jack, Sayid and Charlie have no choice but to follow

  • 12.21.05 :: 206 ' ABANDONED ' [R] Sawyer's wound becomes life-threatening as he, Michael and Jin make their way through the interior of the island with the tail section survivors

  • Meanwhile, Shannon is once again haunted by visions of Walt, and Charlie becomes jealous of Locke's interest in Claire

  • 11.09.05 :: 206 ' ABANDONED ' [NEW] Sawyer's wound becomes life-threatening as he, Michael and Jin make their way through the interior of the island with the tail section survivors

  • Meanwhile, Shannon is once again haunted by visions of Walt, and Charlie becomes jealous of Locke's interest in Claire

    Chemistry ::
    Gives information and venue dates for the club.

  • Benefits

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    Jennifer Knapp Fans the Flame
    Article by Jodi Carlson.

  • But when that adrenaline rush comes down, and you have to deal with the fact that you are still the same person when you look in the mirror, how do you deal with that?” Maybe you feel like a “bad” Christian for being so off and on, up and down in your faith

  • And, two, there’s freedom that comes with admitting our feelings

    Rush Limbaugh Online : cyber emporium of Rush Limbaugh humor
    Parody of the Rush Limbaugh official site.

  • Rush Limbaugh seems to be incapable or unwilling to comply with the law when it comes to prescription drugs

  • Of course the obvious question becomes how generous is Rush really being with this? Rush and Premiere Radio stand to reap millions from the pockets of listeners

  • This just goes onto the heap of evidence which shows that when it comes to morals, republican politicians have really nothing but empty rhetoric, not consistency

    Rush Hour 2 : film review reviews Rush Hour 2, starring Jackie Chan.

  • Instead of being funny, Carter (and Tucker) merely comes off as an ignorant American loudmouth in a nice suit

  • A loud, boring mess that rarely comes to life, this money sponge posing as a movie will no doubt make the millions who enjoyed the first film happy, but not many beyond that

    Eating Disorders: Eating Disorder Therapy: What comes first ...
    An article about the relationship between binging and your feelings.

  • WHAT COMES FIRST? BINGING OR FEELINGS? by Recently a colleague asked me, 'Do you try to get your clients to diminish their bingeing behaviors from the beginning of therapy, before you together have explored the feelings that are fueling that behavior? I know there are differing views on this and I would be interested in hearing yours.' When I heard this question, several points of equal value, in my opinion, arrived simultaneously in my mind concerning therapy work with eating disorder patients

  • To me, a rush to focus on behavior undermines the therapy before it has a chance to begin, regardless of whether that focus comes from me or my patient

  • So as far as which comes first in our conversation, bingeing or purging, I don't focus on either

  • The increased burden of negative feelings about themselves becomes intolerable

  • Of course, a lot more is involved in treating bulimia, but this is a beginning response to your question, 'What comes first?' What comes first is respectfully being with each other so the client can develop the ability to be respectful of herself


    Neil Young: After The Gold Rush ---Ink Blot Magazine
    Album reviews with audio samples.

  • From the laid back sunny sounds of 'Tell Me Why' and 'Til The Morning Comes' to the scathing intensity of 'Southern Man, ' this is a record that takes the listener on a journey whose destination is unclear, yet ultimately unimportant

    Rush Order, Inc - Full Service Order Processing and Fulfillment ...
    A full-service fulfillment company offering a wide range of services and specializing
    in fulfillment for Silicon Valley's leading high tech firms.

  • Our experience comes from the successful order processing and shipping of millions of orders worldwide

    Rush (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Encyclopedia article covers the band's history, discography, and awards.

  • The Hall's refusal to induct Rush may also be a consequence of the band's insistence on remaining outside the mainstream of rock when it comes to self-promotion, in favor of maintaining a high degree of independence

    Freeze Dried Movies Dot Com
    Movie news, reviews, features, interviews, and message board.

    Randi Rhodes, Liberal Talk Show Host - A BuzzFlash Interview
    Interview of Rhodes on Ollie North storming off of her show, and her views on
    being shut out by large corporate owned radio stations and networks.

    Rush Hour (1998)
    Cast/credits plus additional information about the film.

    KFBA.NET: Revolutionizing Fantasy Basketball
    Offbeat fantasy basketball analysis (previews, picks, sleepers) and keeper leagues.

    The Gold Rush (1925)
    Detailed review, synopsis and discussion of the film.

  • Classic scenes include the starvation scene of two cabin-marooned prospectors boiling and fastidiously eating a stewed shoe, the Tramp's cabin-mate deliriously imagining his companion as a large chicken, the teetering cabin on the edge of a cliff, and Chaplin's lonely fantasized New Year's Eve party (with the dancing dinner rolls routine) when he waits for a girl who never comes


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