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Addiction Treatment Watchdog
A resource for educating patients and others about addiction and the treatment
of opiate addiction. Includes a report form for abuse in clinics, clinic reports, ...

  • Who We Are Addiction Treatment Watchdog is a resource for educating medication-assisted-treatment patients and others about the disease and treatment of opiate addiction

  • Watchdog would like to hear from patients and providers if they have suggestions about what patients should do when faced with a problem at their clinics

  • There are many myths and falsehoods out there; don't let them destroy your relationship! Watchdog Stories Another Watchdog member has given birth and written about her experiences

  • Please consider sending Watchdog stories about your experiences as a Medication-Assisted-Treatment patient

  • Watchdog receives dozens of email messages from family and friends of MMT patients trying to find information about the disease of opiate addiction

  • Watchdog is proud to announce the

    Farm Aid: Good Food, Family Farmers, Better America
    The mission is to provide assistance to poor and needy families in rural farming
    communities and to draw attention to the needs of such families and to raise ...

    PostalWatch Home Page
    A Virginia based not-for-profit organization formed to protect individuals and
    the small business community from intrusive and burdensome United States Postal ...

  • Watchdog Over the US Postal Service In Loving Memory of Richard H


    Photo by | Consumer Health Watchdog
    Provides several recourses related to health fraud including books and articles.

    News Release - HSBC Watch - A Watchdog Organization for Consumers
    Former employees of Household Retail Services give insight into how customer
    accounts were handled.

  • Household International Watch - News Release, Best Buy Watch, DamageControls, HSBC Watch, and Household Watch is a watchdog and consumer activist coalition

    CorpWatch : Index
    An organization that counters corporate-led globalization through education,
    network-building and activism. Works to foster democratic control over corporations ... - Table of Contents page
    Minneapolis-based site, offers media criticism and alternative takes on the
    stories of the day.

  • Benefits

    Photo by

    Keeshond - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The Wikipedia entry about the Keeshond.

  • Despite being a loud and alert watchdog, Keeshonden are not aggressive towards visitors

  • As with other watchdogs, Keeshonden have a distinct territory that they want to guard

    Industry News | The Associated Press
    Developments in the news industry over the past week.

    GAP - Government Accountability Project
    The Government Accountability Project’s mission is to protect the public interest
    by promoting government and corporate accountability through advancing ...

    National Parks Conservation Association Homepage
    Site provides information on US national parks and campaigns to protect these
    natural, historic and cultural treasures.

  • For more than 80 years, NPCA has been a watchdog for the national parks


    James Dobson: Focusing on Himself - By Brian McKinley
    "How James Dobson, leader of Focus on the Family, sets himself up as the moral
    authority of the nation--taken from his own words and from other media reports."

    Depression News
    News on depression collected from diverse sources on the web.

    Yahoo! Video Games - Video Game Demos, Cheats, Reviews, Previews ...
    Provides previews and reviews.

    Keeshond Rescue of the Central States
    Includes photos of dogs up for adoption, rescue news, description of some breed
    characteristics, volunteer needs, contact information, and an article on why ...

  • Since the Keeshond was bred as a watchdog for the canal barges in Holland, it will want to warn you when unfamiliar folks approach

    Mad Cow Disease: Hundreds of Articles on Mad Cow Disease ...
    Information from the Organic Consumers' Association related to mad cow/deer/pig/elk
    disease in the USA.

    Dog Owner's Guide: Livestock guard dogs
    From, about Livestock Guard Dogs. They pursue ancient work as
    shepherds' aides.

  • Originally used to guard sheep and cattle from large predators, the Tchouvatch today is also a watchdog and companion

    The Radical Religious Right
    Critical look at the religious right in the United States of America.

    Basset Hounds, AKC Registered Puppies, Breeder, Roy's Bassets
    Basset Hounds bred with gentle, playful dispositions. AKC registered dogs for
    pets and hunting.

  • They are not an aggressive watchdog but will give a deep bark as a warning


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