Torino 2006: The Games on Television
Links to many of the official broadcasters of the games.

  • In the Competitions and Schedules section of the Website it is possible to, to look up the events calendar and read the latest news

    2004 Summer Olympics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Extensive encyclopedia article with updates as the games progress.

  • [] Venue construction crisis Inside the Athens 2004 Main Olympic Stadium By late, some Olympic projects were still behind schedule, and Greek authorities announced that a roof would no longer be constructed over the main venue

    Wikipedia: 1994 Winter Olympics
    Description of the Games of the XVII Winter Olympiad, including the 1994 Winter
    Paralympics. Highlights,...

  • In 1986 the IOC voted to change the schedule of the Olympic Games so that the summer and winter games would be arranged in alternating even-numbered years - Olympics
    Olympic news from a Canadian perspective.


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    The Sports Network
    Canada's national sports channel. The Olympics
    Coverage of the games from the Canadian television network.

    Hockey Night In Canada
    Watch the controversial Coaches Corner online or read hockey news, scores, stats,
    or the TV schedule...

    WHRU 88.7 FM Radio Hofstra University
    Independent student-operated station broadcasting sports, music, and events.
    Includes station program...

  • > > WRHU Program Schedule : WRHU News Wins Major Awards! Once again WRHU News wins major awards from prestigious organizations

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    NOC Afghanistan
    Includes profile of the Olympic ambassador, photos, organization activities, and news.
    Official site, features athletic and journalism biography, gallery and general
    information on the sport.

    The Museum of Broadcast Communications - Dick Clark
    Biography, a photograph, filmography, and a list of recommended reading.

  • In 1957, the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) picked up the program for its daytime schedule, changing the name to American Bandstand - Olympic Bid News and Information Website
    A comprehensive review of the Olympic bid business. Contains news, information,
    glossary and an active...

    Tulsa Drillers.
    Official site of the Utes with stories, scores, and game summaries.

    Minnesota Biathlon
    Trains athletes and coaches in the sport of biathlon, the olympic sport combining
    cross-country skiing...

  • | Fifth Annual Mountain Bike Biathlon Race Saturday, August 26, 2006 Where: Mount Itasca - Coleraine Registration: 8:30 - 9:45 Experts biathletes 8:30-11:00 Novices Schedule: 9:30 -10:15 Zero for expert biathletes 10:30 Start for Experts athletes (mass start) 11:30 Instruction and practice for novices 11:50 Start for novices Distances: Expert biathletes men 12 k Youth and women 7.5k Novices: 15 years and older 7.5k 10-14 years old 3k 7 - 9 years old 1k 0 – 6 years old 200m with help Cost: $ 15 for biathletes and novices 10 years old and older $ 5 for novices 9 years old and younger Directions to Mt

  • What is on schedule: Focus of this camp will be on general development in physical training and shooting skills as well

  • The National Championships at Ethan Allen Firing Range scheduled for next week have been cancelled

  • With no optimistic forecast, the Nationals will be re-located & rescheduled for later in March

    Pieter van den Hoogenband
    Official site of Dutch swimmer Pieter van den Hoogenband, in blog format.
    Includes links and historical...

  • Eventhough the entire complex will not be fully completed until September 8th and the official opening is scheduled for early 2007, the training pool is up and running.The new swim stadium will be one of the most advanced, if not the most advanced, facilities of Europe

  • VDH is swimming 3/4 of the race below the world record schedule! He only loses it in the final lap.- Interview with Dutch television immediately after the race.- Medal ceremony.The video lasts approx

    Wisconsin Swimming
    Governing body for competitive swimming in Wisconsin. Includes news, forms, time
    standards, teams,...

  • 2006-07 Fall/Winter Meet Schedule August 8, 2006 -- The Official 2006-07 Meet Schedule is now available

  • Summer 2006 Meet Schedule Here is the Spring/Summer 2006 Meet Schedule approved at the LSC meeting in January

  • Wisconsin 2006 Meet Schedule - Meet Info available for: July 28-30 - 12&U State - - - Aug

    SiteSeer Online Olympics Web sites

  • Each Olympic sport is featured, with schedules, technical details and the rules and regulations for the competition

  • If you're watching the games on CBS and want to know when and if your favorite events will be broadcast, go to for television schedules

  • For its schedule go to
    Open and All Comer Track and Field, Cross Country and Racewalk events, including
    Youth and Masters,...

  • Sometimes this is due to my crazy work schedule

  • Broadcast networks, like NBC do not always match their schedule on the east coast

  • These are primarily Southern California schedules, other areas are less dependable especially due to the way Track and Field is ignored by the media

  • Schedules change from TV market to TV market, some shows are not available in all areas, especially ones on FOX sports affiliates and on local channels

  • The FOX Sports Networks have the most chaotic and difficult to track programming schedule

  • As you might have read earlier, I have been searching for information to post the European Track television schedule

  • When I gleaned the schedule off the telecast, I have got to comment the font they used was the smallest, hardest to read possible (and I did make subsequently discovered mistakes because of it)

  • While looking for the European Track Schedule I noticed there was a heavily eidted three minute package of highlights of the Bislett Games on Gillette World Sports that shows irregularly on the Fox Sports Networks

  • In other words, our program is the sacrificial (ratings loser) get them back on schedule

    The Kurt Files
    Fan site includes news, articles, photographs, reviews, competitive record,
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  • I've posted the schedule above, and on the


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