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  • Vitex is one of the best herbs for balancing hormones, regulating menstrual cycles and relieving symptoms of PMS

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    Remedies for a variety of conditions. Also offers bulk herbs and teas.

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    Headline news, research reports, and other media items about fertility and infertility.

  • John's wort (hypericum perforatum) is one of the five best-selling herbs in the United States


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  • Inertility topics discussed include male infertility, female infertility, miscarriage symptoms, fertilty drugs, ovulation, miscarriage, infertility treatment, egg donation, herbs and fertility, ovulation prediction, donor insemination, ivf, infertility clinics, Endometriosis and Infertility (endo), clomid and their side effects on infertility, causes of male and female infertility and infertility depression,

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    Natural and homeopathic remedies to help in the treatment of a wide range of
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    Chart Your Basal Body Temperature For Pregnancy Achievement
    Fertility indicator and pregnancy tests. Information on the Fertility Awareness
    Method. Product, contact information and charts.

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    Chinese Medicine and Assisted Reproductive Technology for the ...
    Article by Roger C. Hirsh.

    Sexual Hormones and Reproductive Imbalances Materia Medica ...
    Article by Christopher Hobbs. Addresses some important herbs for both men and
    women regarding hormonal and reproductive health concerns. The list of herbs ...

    I Dream of Baby | Identify and treat infertility and get pregnant fast
    Offers information about male and female infertility, and charting. Includes tools
    and message boards.

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    News service of the Herbal Research Foundation in Boulder, Colorado.


    Infertility and Reproductive Health - Infertility Treatment
    Articles covering varying issues, plus IVF forum.

    Fertility Drugs: Help for Infertility - iVillage
    Discussion of which medications are most commonly used and what they are used for.

    Violet, Viola odorata, Sweet Violet, uses and pictures
    Information on the habitat, properties, medicinal uses, recipes and folklore
    regarding the violet.

  • Alternative Nature Online Herbal, Educating about Medicinal Herbs since 1997 Editor | s | Disclaimer at Bottom of Page Photo by Karen Bergeron Copyright 2000 Photo by Deb Jackson Copyright 2000 Violet Viola odorata Other Names : Ordinary violet, Common blue violet, Sweet violet, Garden violet Habitat Violets are European perennials

  • Article by Deb Jackson & Karen Bergeron Mountain Rose Organic Herbs Custom Made Herbal Extracts Owner : Alternative Nature Herbals PO Box 93 Erin TN 37061 Phone 931 289 1909 email Disclaimer The information on this web site is has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases

  • I am not a medical professional and I cannot prescribe what herbs are right for you

  • If you use herbs, do so responsibly

  • Herbs may be harmful if taken for the wrong conditions, used in excessive amounts, combined with prescription drugs or alcohol, or used by persons who don't know what they are doing

  • Just because an herbal remedy is natural, does not mean it is safe! There are herbs that are poisonous such as Poison Hemlock, Jimson weed, and many more

  • I will be happy to help you ID wild plants that you find, or help you locate herbs, plants or herb seeds and especially pictures

    Melatonin - Herbs & Supplements - Drug Library - DrugDigest
    Information on dosage, usage, side effects, interactions, and drug comparisons,
    including generics when available.

    Blessed Maine Herb Farm certified organic medicinal herb products ...
    Herbal products made with certified organic and wild-gathered herbs and flowers.
    Includes teas, tinctures in organic alcohol, salves, beauty care, and incense.

  • Welcome to Blessed Maine Herb Farm, where you'll find medicinal herb products of impeccable quality, made with MOFGA/USDA Certified Organic herbs and flowers, hand cultivated on our farm or respectfully wildgathered from the mountain meadows and woods around us

  • Now is a good time to register fo the one remaining four-week apprenticeship sessions held at the farm this summer - for more information go to For those of you who are interested in learning more about the uses of medicinal herbs while visiting us here, there are several informative articles written by Gail throughout our pages, as well as excerpts from her books, Opening Our Wild Hearts to the Healing Herbs and Traversing the Wild Terrain of Menopause; Herbal Allies for Midlife Women and Men

  • Our farm is located on a beautiful ridge-top in rural Maine and we grow over an acre of medicinal herbs, flowers and vegetables using natural farming methods

  • Many Good Blessings, Gail Edwards and the Blessed Maine Herb Farm Family Do you have a question or concern about growing or using medicinal herbs? Please ask

  • Certified Organic by MOFGA Our Certified Organic Herbal Tinctures are made with certified organic herbs in organic grape alcohol and are especially pure, fast acting and effective herbal remedies! OPENING OUR WILD HEARTS TO THE HEALING HERBS, By Gail Faith Edwards

    Infertility Message Boards, Chats, Forums, & Bulletin Boards
    Variety of medical and support forums.

  • Discussing herbs, acupuncture, aromatherapy, etc Moderated by Doctors Sira, and Support Forums It's a long wait sometimes and support while trying to conceive means a lot

    Growing, Harvesting, and Using Culinary Herbs in the Home Garden ...
    Ohio State University offers general herb information and lists several useful

  • Ohio State University Extension Factsheet Horticulture and Crop Science 2021 Coffey Road, Columbus, OH 43210-1086 Growing, Harvesting, and Using Culinary Herbs in the Home Garden HYG-1612-99 Gary Gao Extension Agent, Horticulture OSU Extension, Clermont County Brad Bergefurd Extension Agent, Horticulture OSU Extension, Enterprise Center for Economic Development What Are Herbs? Herbs are various kinds of herbaceous plants whose fresh or dried parts are used to season foods, provide fragrances, supply natural dyes, or make industrial or pharmaceutical products

  • Culinary herbs are ones which fresh or dried leaves are used in cooking

  • Some of the common culinary herbs are basil, French tarragon, rosemary, and thyme

  • Culinary herbs are different from spices

  • Generally, culinary herbs are fresh or dried leaves while spices are seeds, roots, fruits, flowers, and bark

  • Culinary herbs usually have a mild flavor while spices tend to have a stronger, pungent flavor

  • This fact sheet discusses primarily the common culinary herbs for home gardens and landscapes (Figure 1)

  • Herbs planted in raised beds in a formal herb garden

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