Glassmaking in Antiquity
Susan Hampton describes the origins of glass making and its development in the
Roman world. Includes...

  • Glass was at one point in history a very valuable commodity available only in small sizes and to the extremely wealthy

  • A ship belonging to traders in soda once called here, so the story goes, and they spread out along the shore to make a meal

  • Unfortunately the history of many surviving glass artifacts has been lost because they were kept in private collections and then later given to museums

  • It would take enough wood to build a two story house to heat the furnace for just one run of glass

  • By melting together some very abundant, and usually extremely accessible materials like sand, ashes (alkali)- usually made by burning seaweed or other organic substances, and lime, from crushed stone, an amazing product was formed that changed the course of technological history

  • A History of Technological Invention

  • A Concise History of Glass

  • A Short History of Glass

    Rockstar Games
    Official Site. Contains screenshots and game information.

  • Highlighting the action in the days before the story in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas begins, The Introduction is told from various characters' viewpoints, which are intertwined together to reveal the network of organized crime forces operating throughout the state of San Andreas

  • The game promises just about everything and somehow manages to deliver even more than you expected.' CHIGAGO TRIBUNE: 'San Andreas moves toward the next generation of consoles and the kinds of evolving human tales waiting to unfold.' TIME MAGAZINE: 'An extraordinary experiment in interactive storytelling..

  • Each disc of the box set will feature a style of music available in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' many in-game radio stations - from Willie Nelson to Public Enemy, Rick James to Humble Pie, Soundgarden to James Brown, En Vogue to Black Uhuru - making this one of the most diverse and powerful collections in music history

  • Slick Rick - Children's Story 5

  • ‘The Introduction' tells the full story of the events leading up to CJs return to San Andreas

  • Slick Rick - Children's Story 11

    Guts, but little glory: Marines do grueling mop-up

    'President Bush sends his regards'


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    Flying Glory and the Hounds of Glory
    Adventures of two generations of female superheroes.

  • CURRENT STORY: Page 24 of Issue 6, 'Off-Key Duet' >Last Updated September 10th, 2006< THE AUTHORS RECOMMEND THIS WEBCOMIC TO READERS AGES 16+ ONLY

  • WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF FLYING GLORY! An 151 page Graphic Novel, featuring 11 additional pages of original story material and a collation of all material on the web through Issue #4, is now available for interested publishers to consider

  • Not only, as Shannon points out, that this is a very important and serious story to tell, but also as an artist I have seen a great improvement in my art to match the story

  • It wasn't an intentional thought, but as the story grew and we knew more about him, the worse he became and I drew him based on how I felt about him

  • Then I had a story, and Shannon ran with it to become so much more

  • A year ago, as much as this felt like the 'right' story to do, I very much feared doing it

  • To tell a story on this subject matter, and visually to boot, fell far outside my comfort zone

  • I hoped that this worked for many who saw the story all the way through to the end

  • We already know generally speaking how the story ends; our adventure is in getting you there alongside us

    Daily Helmsman
    Campus newspaper of the University of Memphis.

    The Glass Furnace
    Campus in Istanbul, Turkey, providing training in glassblowing.

    Golf Cape Cod
    A directory of golf courses and golf events. Includes links to lodgings and

  • Benefits

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    John Barnes
    Susan Stepney maintains a bibliography of Barnes's output.

    Harris, Alan - Lessons Out of School
    Ten anecdotes from childhood.

  • Every time Dad and I would stop in (and we seldom really needed any hardware), Wayne would banter with us and tell us a new story

    Internet Movie Database: Cherry 2000
    Synopsis, cast and crew listing, awards, film recommendations, technical
    specifications, promotional...

  • | to personalize   | Showing page 1 of 26 main details newsgroup reviews trivia soundtrack listing crazy credits alternate versions box office & business laserdisc details literature listings news articles trailers photo gallery on tv, schedule links showtimes photographs sound clip(s) video clip(s) You need to be a user of the IMDb to rate a movie - I have seen this movie and would like to Cherry 2000 () Directed by Writing credits (story) Genre: / Tagline: She's Blond, Beautiful and Forever Young

    Grand Canyon Orphan Mine
    Brings to life the story of this little known uranium mine located on the very
    rim of the Canyon.

  • Hear the story behind the construction of the Orphan Headframe and what happened when the ore bin collapsed, or the mystery of the Glory Hole, and what the Ancients told of cave spirits revealed by a Hopi Chief

  • Maurice Castagne P.E., former Orphan Mine Superintendent during the 1950s and 1960s, takes you back into history and tells the untold story of this unique Mine, which operated on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

  • Inspired to write the Grand Canyon Orphan Mine book before its history is lost forever in the annals of time, this book, of original data and photos, relates to the history, geology, underground mining operations, events and stories of the Grand Canyon Orphan Mine


    List of 2000 English cliches with some statistical and literary notes on their use.

  • The syllable count is not therefore the full story insofar as the prosody of the cliched language patterns is concerned, there is timing and emphasis to be considered

    Neologism Cliche Aphorism and Novel Language Pattern
    Extensive list of new sayings, cliches, aphorisms, and neologisms. Has additional
    pages on related...

    Hero Festival
    HERO Gay & Lesbian Festival held every February in Auckland.

  • Inspired by the story material, Capote and his partner, Harper Lee, travel to the town to do research for an article

    Rock star Michael Hutchence of INXS
    Includes full transcript of coroner's report.

  • The whole sad story

    Peace Hill Press
    Peace Hill Press is a small press located in rural Virginia that concentrates on
    classical education...

  • Don't just read about history — experience it! Build a model of the Crystal Palace, make Ned Kelly's armor, and color and construct a timeline of the Modern Age

  • This comprehensive activity book and curriculum guide contains all you need to make history come alive for your child

  • Along with the accompanying book The Story of the World, Volume 4: The Modern Age , this Activity Book provides a complete history program

  • $39.95 Qty by Susan Wise Bauer Ancient Times (5000 BC to 400 AD) - History is a story; Isn't it time you read it that way? This engaging guide presents world history in a narrative format

  • $16.95 by Susan Wise Bauer The Modern Age (1850 to Present) - Bring history to life with the newest volume of this read-aloud series

  • Where was the Crystal Palace? Who was the Sick Man of Europe? And how did cow fat start a revolution? Introduce your child to this engaging, read-aloud history! $16.95 by Susan Wise Bauer read by Jim Weiss Includes 11 CDs, featuring 12 hours of content, in an unabridged reading of Volume 4: The Modern Age

  • What would she, the Empress Theodora, urge him to do? Discover the intriguing story of Empress Theodora in this junior-level biography from Peace Hill Press

    Post Operative Aural Medicine: Nurse with Wound
    Article by Paul Condon covering the band's early releases and influences.

  • Again, the urge for more direct expression (even if that’s not quite a true story about Mr Schwarzkogler)

    Red Fern Glass
    Contemporary blown glass chandeliers by Ed Pennebaker.

  • In 1990 Newt bought the old Stamps Historical Store, a three story native stone building built in 1901

    Grandpa Tucker's Rhymes and Tales
    Lots of silly poems, stories, and songs from Bob Tucker.

  • ~ ~ Mini-Index More Holiday pages: Sammy Snake thought history cool, It was his favorite class in school

  • One special story thrilled him so

  • Be sure to visit the for drawings inspired by this story! Willie Worm and his family lived in an apple tree

  • Well, you read the story and find out! Sammy Snake had always thought That he could be an astronaut


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