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  • You remember him right? The Coolest muppet of them all! The Swedish Chef! Well on this page you can meet the chef, see his pictures, listen to his sounds, watch his movies and learn to speak his language! And if you don't think he's funny, You don't have any Humor!! If you can read this when using your browser, you don't have frames.

    De Swedish Chef Online
    De gekke kok uit de Muppets is terug, nu op het internet. Bekijk grappige plaatjes,
    luister naar liedjes of kijk naar filmpjes.

  • toch? De gaafste muppet aller tijden: De Zweedse Kok! Op deze pagina kan je de Swedish Chef ontmoeten, plaatjes bekijken, luisteren naar geluiden en muziek

    Translates text input to Pig Latin, Swedish Chef, Jive or ValSpeak dialects.
    Source code available for download.

  • This page provides form input to the Encheferizer (Swedish Chef), Jive, ValSpeak, and Pig programs

  • Swedish Chef is the default

  • Enter the text to be transformed in the window: Now select a text type: Swedish Chef Jive Valley Girl Pig Latin All of 'em! By popular request, the 'C'/'Lex' sources for the translator programs are now available for download as a

    The Dialectizer
    Browse the web or read text in any of several comic English dialects, including
    Pig Latin.

  • The Swedish Chef dialect was written by John Hagerman

  • info: CHEF SWEDISH

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    Swedish Chef - Chocolate Moose
    Transcript of an episode in which the Chef makes a chocolate moose instead of a
    chocolate mousse.

    Listing restaurants and cafés in Stockholm.

  • part of the | : : Stockholm (92; 40 reviews, 5 links ) Online Guides - In Swedish only! - Search for restaurants in Stockholm and get daily updated information about lunch, dinner and more

  • - In Swedish only! - In Stockholm, you have more than 700 restaurants to choose from

    Jim Henson (I)
    Filmography with links containing biographical details, trivia, and related links.

  • Kermit the Frog, Swedish Chef, Waldorf ..

  • Teeth/Waldorf/Swedish Chef/Link Hogthrob (1989) TV Series (voice) ...

  • Teeth/Swedish Chef/Waldorf/Ernie/Guy Smiley/Link Hogthrob/The Newsman/Himself - (1987) TV Episode ...

  • Teeth, Rowlf, Link Hogthrob, The Newsman, The Swedish Chef, Waldorf, Mahna Mahna, Himself (1986) (TV) (voice) ...

  • Kermit The Frog/Rowlf/Waldorf/The newsman/The Swedish Chef/Nigel/Mahna Mahna/Lenny The Lizard (1985) (V) (voice) ...

  • Kermit The Frog/The Swedish Chef/Waldorf/Link Hogthrob/Rowlf/Dr

  • Kermit The Frog/Rowlf/waldorf/The Swedish Chef/Dr

  • Teeth/Waldorf/Swedish Chef/Ernie/Newsman/Horse carriage driver (uncredited) (voice) ...

  • Teeth/Swedish Chef/Waldorf/The Muppet Newsman/Man having Snapshot in Restaurant (uncredited) (1981) (TV) (voice) ...

  • Kermit the Frog, Rowlf, The Swedish Chef, Waldorf, Link Hogthrob (voice) ...

  • Kermit the Frog (1976-1981)/Mahna Mahna (1976)/Waldorf (1976-1981)/Flower Eating Monster (1976)/Rowlf (1976-1981)/Swedish Chef (performer) (1976-1981)/Dr

  • Kermit the Frog/Waldorf/Rowlf/Swedish Chef/The Newsman/Link Hogthrob - (1980) TV Episode (voice) ...

    Frank Oz
    Filmography, television, and trivia.

  • Miss Piggy/Fozzie Bear/Animal/Sam the Eagle/Swedish Chef (hands) (1999) (voice) ...

  • Fozzie Bear, Animal, Miss Piggy, Swedish Chef (Hands), Bert, Grover, Cookie Monster, Sam the Eagle, Marvin Suggs (1986) ...

  • Fozzie Bear/Mis Piggy/Animal/Sam The Eagle/The Swedish Chef (hands) (1985) (V) (voice) ...

  • Miss Piggy/Fozzie/Animal/Sam the Eagle/Swedish Chef (hands)/Bert (uncredited)/Cookie Monster (uncredited)/Ocean Breeze Soap board member (uncredited) (1983) ...

  • Miss Piggy/Fozzie Bear/Animal/Sam the Eagle/Gramps/Swedish Chef (hands) (uncredited)/Extra (uncredited) (1981) (TV) (voice) ...

  • Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear/Animal/Snowths/Mildred/George/Stole/Female Whatnot's, Bert, Swedish Chef, Gorgon Heap, Villian, Gloat, Banana, Sam the Eagle, Boppity, Janice, Jugband Member, Animal's Dancing Partner, Marvin Suggs, Frank, Borcellino, Male Koozbanian, Dancer's, Pig's, Baskerville, Patiant, Hugga Wugga, House, Mary Louise, Coldhopper, Two-Nosed Whatnot, Fozzie's Cousin, Scraggly Whatnot, Lead Gingerbread Man, Crocodile, Big Mary Louise, Tree, Fazoob, Zucchini Brother, Merdlidop, Doglion, Rooster, Swedish Pig, Additional Muppets - (1977) TV Episode (voice) ...

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    Super Chef Blog
    Juliette Rossant writes about chefs most well-known in the United States.

    Introduction to Swedish - home
    A language course that presents a brief outline of Swedish grammar, with the
    emphasis on the spoken, everyday language, and includes 186 speech samples (Wave ...

    SULF - Välkommen till SULF
    Organiserar lärare, forskare, forskarstuderande och jämförlig personal vid
    universitet, högskolor och forskningsinstitut.

    Apron Design, Chef apron design Design and Hgh Quality made fore ...
    Handmade chef aprons in linen fabric with Swedish designs, by Lars Hansson.

  • Handmade Aprons Directly From The Designer Apron In High Swedish Quality And Design Hi, my name is Lars Hansson, swedish designer! Apron in half linen

  • Free Potholder!! Welcome to a unique giftshopping experience! Aprons by Swedish design! We proudly present a wonderful selection of beautiful and unique handcrafted Swedish aprons

  • Swedish and Danish kings succeeded each other on the throne and several rebellions took place

  • km:                       10 Main Industry                                Forest and wood processing Provincial Animal:                          Eagle-owl Provincial Flower:                          Spreading bellflower Many of the things that people consider as truly Swedish, in and outside the country, have their origin and home in the province of Dalarna


    Talboks- och punktskriftsbiblioteket - Startsida
    Lånecentral för talböcker. Punktskriftsböcker kan lånas direkt (via telefon) och
    e-böcker lånas direkt från TPB:s Högskoleservice av studerande eller ...

    Startsida | Lantmäteriet
    På Lantmäteriets marknadsplats finner du information om kartor, digitala kartor,
    historiska kartor, fastigheter och mycket mer. Köp kartor i Kartbutiken Online.

    Välkommen - FAS
    FAS främjar och stöder betydelsefull grundforskning och tillämpad forskning inom
    socialvetenskap, socialpolitik och folkhälsovetenskap.

    DN - Nyheter
    Tidningens webbsida med nyheter.


    Cuisine and Swedish 247 Recipes | Recipezaar
    More than a 100 recipes such as hönökakor (a traditional bread) to Swedish
    meatballs, and varieties of pickled herring.

    Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, Washington DC
    Works to create business opportunities for members through events and networking.
    Features membership information, calendar and young professional's ...

  • Our website is a good way to access information about not only the Swedish-American business community but also Swedish-American relations in a broader prospect

  • As a member of SACC Washington DC, you are also a member of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce of the United States with its even larger network of 20 chambers around the country

  • Sven-Olof Hökborg Chairman SACC Washington DC EVENTS 2006 We have moved! Our new contact information is: Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce Washington, DC House of Sweden 2900 K Street, NW Washington, DC 20007 Temporary numbers: (202) 467-2653/(202) 467-2648 SACC DC's Annual Crayfish Bash Thursday, September 28, 2006

  • Swedish Embassy Open 2006 Thursday October 12, 2006 at the Whiskey Creek Golf Club

  • For the first time, a “House of Sweden” is being built abroad, with the Swedish Embassy, organizations and companies with a Swedish-American focus - all under one roof

  • The building will become a new Swedish venue in the United States

  • Gunilla Ekberg, General Manager By clicking you can read more about the House of Sweden project on the Swedish National Property Board website

    Internationalswede Mötesplats för utlandssvenskar i New York! - Home
    Designed to improve communication between Swedish expatriates and other foreign
    born Swedes. Offers live chat, forums, photo gallery and event calendar.


    Home @CallCenter