American Red Cross
Community services through blood drives and collections.

  • English | Fundraising Reports Find the Red Cross Nearest You Enter Current ZIP Code: As summer vacations come to an end, students across the country are readying themselves for the start of a new school year

  • The American Red Cross encourages parents to take time to talk with their children about safety before school starts

  • The American Red Cross is assisting residents from the El Paso, Texas, area after heavy rains deluged and flooded the desert city

  • Real Heroes awards honor local everyday people whose actions exemplify the true spirit of the American Red Cross

  • The Red Cross is advising everyone to remain alert for signs of a medical emergency

  • The Red Cross has opened shelters, is beginning mobile feeding operations and is providing clean up kits

  • “Boogie to the way other end of the airport, ” is what Baltimore Sun reporter Chris Yakaitis reported hearing Red Cross volunteer Pat Ash say as she pointed down the terminal for two new arrivals

  • Fifteen years ago, I watched in a hospital room as a single unit of Red Cross blood gave my dying father the strength to go home and the time for his six children to be with him there for his final days

    The Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital Shrine
    A "cyberspace shrine" for the abandoned Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital,
    Maidenhead, England.

    Welcome to the Northern BC and Yukon Region- Canadian Red Cross
    Provides emergency and disaster response services. Includes local news.

    The International Committee of the Red Cross in Sri Lanka
    Describes its activities in the war-torn country. News, newsletter and annual report.

  • The ICRC, in coordination with the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society, is distributing shelter material and other emergency relief items to the newly displaced, improving water and sanitation facilities and providing support for medical services

  • (The ICRC worldwideAsia and the PacificSri Lanka) 29-8-2006 Stories from the field Includes Photo Since the signing of a the ceasefire agreement in 2002, the ICRC has been playing an important role in monitoring traffic crossing between government and rebel-held areas of north-eastern Sri Lanka

  • (The ICRC worldwideAsia and the PacificSri Lanka) 29-6-2006 Stories from the field Includes Photo With the deteriorating security situation in northern Sri Lanka, the ICRC and the Sri Lankan Red Cross are working to help the civilian population worst affected by the renewed violence

  • He also underlined the human cost of the hostilities (The ICRC worldwideAsia and the PacificSri Lanka) 1-9-2006 Press briefing Maps 1-1-2006 News 6-9-2006 ICRC News 2-9-2006 TV news footage 30-8-2006 ICRC News 28-8-2006 Press Release Photo Collection 31-12-2004 Multimedia 30-6-2005 ICRC film 18-4-2005 Audio Collection 4-1-2005 Audio Collection Annual Report 1-6-2006 © 2006 International Committee of the Red Cross 15-09-2006


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    Maple Leaf Forever
    Explains the red ensign and maple leaf in detail.

  • That is symbolized by the cross within the Union Jack

  • The Cross of St

  • The Cross of St

  • George (red cross on white background) is an ancient English banner

  • Patrick's cross of Ireland

    Thames Valley District School Board: Tsunami Relief
    Describes the different projects undertaken by schools throughout this part of
    England, with photographs...

  • Thursday, March 10, 2005 - $301, 238! Thames Valley Donates $247, 399 to Red Cross Tsunami Relief Effort January 11, 2005 During a special ceremony at tonight’s Committee of the Whole meeting, student representatives from the Thames Valley District School Board presented a cheque for $247, 399 to the Canadian Red Cross Tsunami Relief Effort

  • To raise this much money in only a week is an absolutely extraordinary accomplishment." The money will be used by the Red Cross to provide necessities of life to victims of the tsunamis

  • It was formally donated by students from Beal SS, Lord Dorchester SS, Westmount PS, Algonquin PS, and Southwold PS on behalf of schools across the District

  • They wanted to help and they have made an outstanding contribution to the relief effort." Red Cross District Branch Manager Angie Woodcock called Thames Valley’s donation a phenomenal display of generosity

  • This has come right from their hearts, which I think is a promising demonstration of what the future holds for the global community." For more information about the Red Cross Tsunami Relief Effort, visit the Canadian Red Cross website at

    Red Cross halts Baghdad operations

  • GENEVA, Switzerland (CNN) -- The International Committee of the Red Cross said it was temporarily halting its work in Baghdad because of the 'chaos' in the Iraqi capital

  • It also announced that a Canadian Red Cross staffer had been killed in crossfire

  • She confirmed that he died when the car he was in was caught in crossfire Tuesday

  • Red Cross convoys that were 'clearly identified' were being caught in battle crossfire, he said

  • Arslanian had been working for the ICRC for more than three years, the group said, mostly on loan from the Canadian Red Cross

    Cross Canadian Ragweed
    Official site for the Texas alt-country band with biography, tour dates, video
    and pictures.

  • Benefits

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    Academy Canada Career College
    Offers diploma and certificate programs. Includes upcoming events, related links
    and staff profiles.

  • Authorized Provider of Canadian Red Cross First Aid Training For more information please

  • Visit the Canadian Red Cross website at: | Designed by

    Alert First-Aid alert first-aid authorized provider canadian red ...
    Provides First Aid Training in Victoria BC. Offering Canadian Red Cross Standard,
    Emergency, Childsafe,...

  • Offering Canadian Red Cross and WCB first-aid courses to Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland

    Admissions for non-Canadian Students
    Information for international students studying at UBC, including how to transfer
    universities, move...

  • Strong interpersonal and cross-cultural communication skills

    Canadian Rose Society Winter Hardy Roses
    Links to images and descriptions of the Explorer and Parkland series of hardy
    and disease-resistant...

  • This variety, introduced in 1995, was named in honour of the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Red Cross

    Canadian-based news, analysis and comment from progressive perspective.

  • August 30, 2006 The Red Cross has just announced a new disaster-response partnership with Wal-Mart

    ReliefWeb: Who's Working
    Directory of governments and agencies that are working on relief with links to
    and news reports from each. Virtual Resource Centre
    Resources to assist volunteer organizations operate more efficiently.

    Kaldor, Connie
    Fan site for Canadian singer. Lyrics, biography, discography, interviews, message
    board, and links.

  • During October, Michelle and Davy will be attending writer's festivals across western Canada to perform public readings and perform songs from the book and album

  • THE VICTIMS OF THE TSUNAMI AND HURRICANE DEVASTATION Professional, trained volunteers from the Red Cross and other organizations are on the scene of the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Gulfport, Biloxi, Mobile and everywhere in-between

  • Please make a contributuion to the Red Cross through these web links and telephone numbers: -- 1-800-HELPNOW -- 1-800-418-1111 Of course, manpower is really what's needed most half way around the world as well for the tsunami relief effort

    Nursing Sister Helen L. Fowlds
    Biography, diary, letters and pictures of Nursing Sister Helen Fowlds of the
    Canadian Army Medical Corps.

    Japanese-Canadian Internment
    Bibliography by UW Libraries: general materials, roots of racism, internment and
    redress, related sites.

  • There the living conditions were so poor that the citizens of wartime Japan even sent supplemental food shipments through the Red Cross
    Fighting off information overload by writing about Canada and the surrounding
    world news.

  • Dust my Broom August 9th, 2006 by Darcey How much power does the Ayatolla Ali Khameni have? Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ordered on Tuesday Muslims across the world to support the Lebanese militia Hezbollah in its ongoing battle against Israel

  • HT: Crossposted at Posted in, August 7th, 2006 by Darcey Obviously the is not over: The ongoing peace process between residents of Caledonia, Ont

  • ( h/t ) Caledonia Wake Up calls reports that a and some of the projectile throwing : Tonight we had Natives up to our property lines shining headlights and spot lights at the back of our homes, and throwing rocks, bolts, anything they can get their hands on at our backyard with lacrosse sticks

  • All across Canada.” : Alan, there is nothing even remotely 'fringe-ish' about Hezbollah in..

    CJAD 800 AM
    Montreal's top talk radio station. Live Internet broadcast.

  • News Daily Polls Multimedia In the City Contests Charts Sign Up! Search About Us Local News - 2 Montreal real estate agents accused of re-selling pot houses - Daredevil could face charges for base jumping off a Hydro-Quebec tower on Ile Charron- The Farine Five Roses sign will light up again- The SQ's anti-terrorism squad investigates a fire bombing of a car in the North Shore suburb of Lorraine - The Canadian Red Cross is asking for donations for its Lebanese relief effort >> National News OTTAWA (CP) - The vice-president of B'nai Brith Canada says his organization wants police forces and the federal government to crack down on pro-Hezbollah demonstrations


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