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  • Mark Antony leaves his mistress Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, to improve Imperial relations in Rome

  • Nicholas Jones’ Antony is no match for Barber’s Cleopatra

  • Dromgoole makes the interesting decision to portray Antony’s suicide as humorous with physical gags involving swords and a surprised ‘Ow!’ delivered to the audience

    An Annotated Gay Bibliography
    Listings include fiction including drama and poetry, and informative non-fiction.

    Edward Woodward
    Filmography at IMDb.

    Pinoy Atheist: A journey of an atheist in Manila.
    Blog of a "Pinoy Atheist", with much information on different theological and
    philosophical postions.


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    Dick York of Bewitched: A Farewell Interview
    Video clips of interviews during his final days and an article where he discusses
    his life, career,...

    List of Famous Suicides
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Barridoff Galleries
    Specialize in fine works of art in all price ranges, from private families,
    collections, estates and...

    The Guardian: Secrets of the Yellow Pages
    Lengthy profile of the author by Nicholas Wroe.


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    Cold Case
    Offers sound clips from the series organized by episode.

    Writers Free Reference
    A list of free reference sites useful to writers and anyone looking for free

  • Petersburg .....Spelling compound words with or without hyphens from Stephen Wilbers .....Synonyms lookup, look up synonym -- a word having the same or nearly the same meaning as another word .....Antonyms lookup, look up antonym -- a word that is opposite in meaning to another word .....A Virtual Library of useful URLs arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification ....

    Union Corruption: Why It Happens, How to Combat It
    Why are so many unions so corrupt? Because laws grant them a monopoly on people's

    Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine
    Dedicated to developing nonviolent approaches to conflicts. News and calendar of

  • Immigration — and the Curse of the Black Legend By TONY HORWITZ Op-Ed Contributor July 9, 2006 COURSING through the immigration debate is the unexamined faith that American history rests on English bedrock, or Plymouth Rock to be specific

  • SLOANE SOLDIER TONY ? Violent Comedy
    The director and some of the cast discuss the film's message.

    Allen L Roland's Radio Weblog
    His ongoing theme is always the truth, as he sees it, and the exposure of lies,
    deception and manipulatio...

    Portville Surname Index
    A list of surnames and brief biographies transcripted from Historical Gazetteer
    and Biographical Memoir...

    World in Revolt Newspage
    News of civil unrest and protest.

    Articles on Nagorno-Karabakh
    Listings and summaries of articles, mostly from US periodicals, alphabetized by
    author and title.

    Cyndi's List - Cemeteries & Funeral Homes
    Category Index: Cemeteries & Funeral Homes, How To, Mailing Lists, Newsgroups &
    Chat, Publication...

    By Abraham Verghese. [New York Times] A review of "The Diagnosis."

    Traditional Irish Names
    Provides a list of Irish male and female names and their respective descriptions.


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