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  • * Tanks * Jeeps *Trucks * Equipment *Spares * For sale * Imported * Exported * Exchanged * Bought * Hired Soviet Czech Polish Military Vehicle specialists Tel England 0044 (0)1772 601214 Fax 0044 (0)1772 600432 Site updated! NEW vehicles and pictures- JULY 2004 BMP1 - AS NEW! in the UK Action vehicle hire White Scout Car project Praga V3s -Very Low KM Field Kitchens NEW! Ex Military Vehicles for sale Film Hire & Special event Advertising promotion Surplus Military Vehicles wanted/bought Buying an Military vehicle on the Internet and Import/Export FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS My Military Vehicle Links Tanksforsale is a joint Czech English company We supply surplus de-activated oldtimer military vehicles to Collectors, Army Surplus Dealers, Museums and the Film Industry

  • Vehicles from jeeps to trucks to tanks to artillery pieces are available for sale or exchange or hire

  • We Import, Export, Action vehicle hire, deal, sell, for sale, buy, also for homeland security, personal protection, also Hire for:Film props, movies, TV, the following: Ex Army vehicles, oldtimers, Ex Military, Military Vehicles, Surplus vehicles, Jeeps, Tanks, Trucks, Armoured cars, wehrmacht, off road, 4X4, militaria, arms, museums, panzer, auto bazaar, auto retro, eastern Europe, Soviet, warsaw pact, milweb, olive drab, MVT, salvage, restoration, vintage, historical, collectors, autos

    The Royal Australian Armoured Corps Tank Museum - Puckapunyal Victoria
    Armoured vehicles on display plus historic archival material from the early days
    of the Australian...

  • Over 70 armoured vehicles on display plus 2 halls of historic archival material from the early days of the Australian LightHorse Brigades through to Australia's more recent armed conflicts in Vietnam and East Timor The Royal Australian Armoured Corps Tank Museum - Puckapunyal Victoria Australia

  • Tanks we have here: Centurion, Matilda, Vickers, Sentinel, Crusader, Covenanter, Cromwell, Churchill, Crocodile, Frog, Grant, Sherman, Bren carrier, T72, mounted rifles, leopard, m113, scout cars, dingo, ferret, saracen, stuart, chaffee, walker bulldog, buffalo, alligator, white, staghound, lynx, te-ke, chi-ha, T59, T34, bofors, pounder, pak 36, pak 38, flak 36, US tanks, japanese tanks, german tanks, british tanks, uk tanks, Russian tanks, chinese tanks, czech tanks, canadian tanks, commonwealth tanks, new zealand tanks, RAAC museum, tank museum, military museum, AFV museum, tank museums, military museums, AFV museums, RAAC, RAC WW2, tank, tanks, panzer, panzers, museum, AFV, armoured cars, APC, anti-tank, howitzer, artillery, light horse, armoured, cavalry, tankers, dozer, flamethrower, bridgelayer, army, Puckapunyal, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, lancer, hopkins barracks

    Jeeps, tanks, military vehicles,afv, willys, sumb, 4x4, 6x6 from ...
    Supplier of Jeeps, tanks and collectors military vehicles. Opening hours, contact
    information and...

    Army Technology - M1A1 / M1A2 Abrams - Main Battle Tank
    Project profile of General Dynamics Land Systems' Abrams MBT including information
    on its development...

  • > > > M1A1 / M1A2 Abrams M1A1 / M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank, USA The M1A1/2 Abrams main battle tank is manufactured by General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS)

  • The first M1 tank was produced in 1978, the M1A1 in 1985 and the M1A2 in 1986

  • 3, 273 M1 tanks were produced for the US Army

  • 4, 796 M1A1 tanks were built for the US Army, 221 for the US Marines and 555 co-produced with Egypt

  • Egypt has ordered a further 200 M1A1 tanks with production to continue to 2005

  • 77 M1A2 tanks have been built for the US Army, 315 for Saudi Arabia and 218 for Kuwait

  • For the M1A2 Upgrade Program, over 600 M1 Abrams tanks are being upgraded to M1A2 configuration

  • In March 2004, the Australian Army announced the purchase of 59 US Army M1A1 tanks to enter service from 2007

  • M1A2 SYSTEM ENHANCEMENT PACKAGE (SEP) In February 2001, GDLS were contracted to supply 240 M1A2 tanks with a system enhancement package (SEP) by 2004

  • The US Army decided to cancel future production of the M1A2 SEP from FY2004, but in June 2005 ordered the upgraded of a further 60 M1A2 tanks to SEP configuration

  • Under the Firepower Enhancement Package (FEP), DRS Techologies has also been awarded a contract for the GEN II TIS to upgrade US Marine Corps M1A1 tanks


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    Current Military Projects
    Articles on current projects and weapons systems and links to contractors and
    subcontractors for those...

  • > Industry Projects Industry Projects Air Defence Missile Systems Anti-Armour Missiles Armoured Fighting Vehicles Artillery Systems Attack Helicopters Main Battle Tanks Soldier Systems Support Helicopters Unmanned Aerial Vehicles | 2006 SPG Media Limited a subsidiary of SPG Media Group PLC

    Tank Museum
    Features German, Soviet, Japan armored vehicles and equipment. Includes photo
    galleries and details...

    Danish Army Vehicles Homepage
    Nuværende og historiske danske militære køretøjer. Fotos og data om hvert.

  • Learn more about Danish armour on our other websites: : - WWII tank destroyers, AFV museums etc

    Military Vehicles Magazine Back Issues for military vehicle ...
    Back issues of Military Vehicles Magazine not available from publisher.

  • Military Vehicles MagazineBack Issues Military Vehicles Magazine, tanks, Army trucks, AFV, jeeps, weapons, WWII, Willys MB jeep, Ford GPW jeep, Ford GPA, Dodge WC, Ford GTB, Chevy G7107 truck, M3 Half-Track, M8 armored car, M20 armored car, CCKW Deuce-and-a-Half, DUKW, Harley WLA, M4 Sherman Tank, Korea, Willys M38 Jeep, M38A1 jeep, Dodge M37 truck, M561 Gama Goat, M135, M211 deuce, Russian GAZ, M29 Weasel, M274 Mule, land warfare, heavy weapons, Vietnam, M151 jeep, M151A1, M151A2, M422 Mighty Mite, M35 duece, M35A2, M54, M880 truck, M715, machine guns, HMMWV, Humvee, armour..

  • #30-MARCH 1992: DUKW History & Use; Restoring Korean War M46 Tanks; M274 Mule Specs & Description

  • Walker's Fatal Jeep Accident; Restoring M-Series Wiring; New Standard Grease Fitting (1943); M41 Walker Bulldog Light Tank Specs & Illus; Tech Q&A

  • #35-JANUARY 1993: Camp Pendleton 50th Anniv.(Part 1); NY Tank Museum; Updating the MB/GPW Engine While Rebuilding; Classification of Ordnance Materiel

  • #45-SEPTEMBER 1994: Saving and Restoring a 10-ton truck; Complete List of 80 Ford MV Contracts of WWII; Ft Hood Museums; Tanks for Reefs; Leftover MVs in Europe in 1994

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    Army units get Persian Gulf deployment orders

    Wolfowitz defiant after hotel rocket strike

    Article: Wired 1.01:
    War Is Virtual Hell.

  • The young tankers wore green- and-brown forest camouflage fatigues, black combat boots, and forage caps

  • Their command-post canvas tent was pitched inside the giant CATTC barn, right in the midst of silent rows of plastic tank simulators

  • The NTC's Mojave was a very harsh terrain, a hell of a place to lose a cow or to throw a tank track, and today it was worse yet, because it was swarming with the Opposing Forces

  • Their assault force was four times larger than the beleaguered Americans, and they were blitzkrieging headlong in Soviet T-72 heavy tanks and mechanized transports

  • From the outside, a SIMNET M1 Abrams tank simulator is clearly not a tank

  • Its interior, however, is designed to psycho-logically replicate the basic tank experience, and it does

  • Inside, the simulator is the proper shape and size for a tank's crew chamber

  • It has the instruments of a tank, though many of those controls are nonfunctional and only painted-on

  • A real M1 Abrams battle tank is a nightmarish vehicle

  • The M1 tank can climb obstacles three feet high with no trouble, cross ditches eight feet wide with ease, and roar down roads at 42 mph

    Coleman's Military Surplus, Army Surplus Store with Government ...
    Offers US and European items including camping, hunting, and survival gear.

  • Your one stop Army Navy Surplus Store for hunting gear, camping gear, emergency and survival products With our vast supply of government surplus, if you're looking for a particular aircraft part, military vehicle part, army surplus tank part, navy ship part etc., let us help you


    WW1 Tanks and Cars
    The history of the development of the tank, other armored vehicles, and their
    impact with images.

  • Give thanks for the invention of the tank - it saved countless lives..

  • Without question, the tank is the most powerful, versitile, and dominate land battlefield weapons platform ever invented by man

  • Fuller and King Edward at a tank "dog and pony show"

  • Lets hope the photographer got away in time! Captured German guns Early tank communications --------- Sturmpanzerwagen A7V - Germany Hurriedly designed following the appearance fo the British tanks in 1916

  • Only one source (from Germany) states that A7V tanks were transferred to France and France then gave some to Poland

  • This is repeated over and over in western books on tanks

  • Specifications Crew 5 Weight 11, 440 lbs Length 16' Width 6' 4.75" Height 7' 10.5" Range 125 miles Armor 8mm Armament 2 x MG Engine 50hp Performance 31 mph ------ General Pershing and Captain George Patton --- American Tanks ------ Germany never stood a chance! ------ American Armored Cars American tank training in France 1918

  • Some historians suggest that it was submitted to the army for testing as a 1 man tank

  • In a affirmation of my opinion, I received the following letter 11/12/02: "The small tank that is shown in your picture of Benjamin Holt and Ernest Swinton was a wooden mock-up powered by a motorcycle engine and was especially made for the visit of Gen

    Watervliet Arsenal
    Founded in 1813, the arsenal is best known for manufacturing cannon. Official site
    provides information...

  • Army's Tank-automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) under The U

    Barre Army Navy Store
    Selection of hunting, camping, and travel supplies, as well as surplus clothing
    and gear.

  • Our ACU uniform online includes --, Molle System Gear including ACU Ammunition Pouch, ACU pouch, Hydration systems, Molle equipment, Molle pouch, Molle pack • Flight Suits including nomex flight suits and military flight suits Flight Jackets, Field Jackets, Pea Coats & Military Sweaters , including M 65 Field Jackets, Army Field Jackets, Camo Field Jackets, M-65 Field Jackets and field jacket liners, --military flight jackets including nylon and Nomex flight jackets, • Camo tents, Sleeping pad, etc camo tents for the backwoods or backyard and sleeping pad for camping BDU Shirts, Tank tops etc

    The Wireless Set No. 19
    For collectors and users of this World War II vintage military radio, still in
    use by many amateur...

    AAF Tank Museum
    Mattituck, New York. One of the finest collections of tanks, armoured vehicles,
    ordnance, uniforms,...

    Osprey Publishing - Military History Books
    Publisher of military history.

    Invented Usage
    Writing about literature, linguistics, culture, and media.

    Defense Industry Daily
    News briefing for defense procurement and defense contracting executives.


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