Noweta Gardens Gladiolus Flower Bulbs
Gladiolus flower bulbs with detailed planting instructions, zone map and range
of temperatures.

Eastern Michigan University (EMU) Astronomy Club: Light Pollution
Essays on the causes and effects of light pollution, as well as information about
local regulations to combat the problem.

Borghese Gardens
Seeds, seedlings and bulbs of rare and unusual trees, herbs, flowers, vegetables,
and house plants.

Growco Indoor Gardening
Hydroponic and intense lighting systems plus grow room supplies and nutrients.


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Lamp Recycling Services and Bulb Crushing System - Air Cycle ...
Provider for lamp, bulb, battery and ballast recycling in the United States.

Thomas Edison
All of Thomas Edison's major inventions and a collection of biographies on this
prolific inventor.

  • In 1878, Thomas Edison established the Edison Speaking Phonograph Company to sell the new machine

  • • The Edison Company had been fully devoted to the cylinder phonograph, however, concerned with the rising popularity of discs, Edison associates began developing their own disc player and discs in secret

  • Despite the use of Edison in the company title however, he never controlled this company

  • When Edison General Electric merged with its leading competitor Thompson-Houston in 1892, Edison was dropped from the name, and the company became simply General Electric

  • Eventually, the Edison Company developed its own projector, known as the Projectoscope, and stopped marketing the Vitascope

  • • The Edison Company developed its own projector known as the Projectoscope or Projecting Kinetoscope in November 1896, and abandoned marketing the Vitascope

    Thomas Edison Depot Museum
    Exhibits are housed in an old train depot building. A restored baggage car on a
    spur of railroad track displays young Edison's mobile chemistry lab and printing ...

  • Also the 2004 event, through the help of members of the Steam Railroading Institute of Owosso, Michigan, and the Huckleberry Railroad of Flint, Michigan, the 0-4-0 steam locomotive Flagg Coal Company #75, owned by the of father and son team of John & Barney Grambling, made demonstration runs in front of the depot, courtesy of Canadian National North America

    The Land of Anne
    Librarian, knitter, and punk band guitarist/singer shares material of interest
    and results of various personal surveys.

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    Theobroma cacao
    Images and cultivation.

    A View From the Lighter Side of Parkinson's
    Parkinsaw is an imaginary community in Michigan's Upper Peninsula for people with
    Parkinson's Disease. John Bjork, a member of the Parkinson's Information ...

    Michigan Curriculum Framework
    Specific content area standards provided by MDE to help schools design, implement,
    and assess their core content area curricula. Large pdf document.

    Cooling Towers: Design and Operation Considerations
    An article about the types, design, and operation of cooling towers, by Christopher
    MA Haslego.

  • Figure 7 represents a typical graph supplied by a manufacturer to the purchasing company


    Red River Valley Garden Club
    Provides information about events and issues for gardeners in the Northern plains.

    Modified Newtonian Dynamics
    Overview of a controversial theory which is not generally accepted by the
    astrophysical community.

    Poison Control Center
    Children's Hospital of Michigan provides advice on help for a poisoned pet, and
    prevention methods specific to summer and winter.


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