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  • | • | • | • | Subscribe   News   /   /   / Features                   » Community             Site       Files       » Hosted Sites           GameSpy Services MMORPG Classic/Console Community / ! - !' Need Half-Life 2 files? Check out FilePlanet's HL2 section! Tuesday · August 8 · 2006     8/8/2006 18:14 PST | Half-Life 2 Mods | by , a creative multiplayer game for Half-Life 2 has released a group of tasty screenshots as well as some in-game video footage! Some of the shots are below: Don't forget to visit the for all of the screenshots as well as the videos!     8/8/2006 17:40 PST | Community | by Last week there were a lot of things going on in the mod community, but unfortunately we were not able to cover all of them for various reasons

  • , a Half-Life 2 modification that adds some of the best mods together into one package, released version 2.0 last Tuesday

  •     8/8/2006 17:21 PST | Half-Life 2 Mods | by The recently held their first 'official' playtest, and have just posted the largest media release to-date—with 40 images in total! Here is a quick taste: For the complete gallery of shots, be sure to visit the

    Half-Life 2.net
    Information on maps and modifications. Includes strategy guides.

  • It seems like they're gearing up for a release in the not-entirely-distant future, and the moment we get more news, you'll be the first to know! By @ 7:01pm Monday 7th August, 2006 | Mods | Pilotable Strider mod demonstrates portal functionality! The team of the Pilotable Strider Mod asked themselves a simple question: could they, independently, create portals in Source just like in Prey and Valve's upcoming stunner Portal ? The answer was yes, and this is the result: an MP mod the team are calling 'Exite' (exit/excite - geddit?) where each player can create two linked slipgates

  • By @ 3:34pm Monday 7th August, 2006 | Mods | SourceForts trailer on steam media Following the release of SourceForts v1.9.2 (which we sadly seem to have missed) a trailer is now available on Steam via the 'browse media' tab

  • By @ 3:25pm Monday 7th August, 2006 | Mods | Steam Store v3 - Beta A new rendition of has been released in beta form today

  • By @ 11:42pm Tuesday 1st August, 2006 | Mods | Dystopic new map revealed! I haven't played Dystopia in a long time

  • By @ 12:22pm Tuesday 1st August, 2006 | Mods | Zombie Panic Source Media 'Don't panic, ' a great man once wrote

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  • Enlaces de interés: Noticia originariamente redactada por en los [ 0 ] [ | ] Datos sobre los progresos de "Sven Co-Op v3.5" Julio 31 2006, 19:39 by CorvetteAddict Desde la de Sven Co-Op , uno de los MODs MP-Cooperativos más famoso y más jugado de Half-Life 1, nos llegan nuevos datos e informaciones sobre los progresos realizados en la creación de la nueva versión del MOD, Sven Co-Op v3.5 , y su funcionamiento bajo

  • [ 0 ] [ | ] Comienza la fase de Betatest en "Re Issues" Julio 30 2006, 04:16 by CorvetteAddict Nuevas y esperadas noticias nos llegan desde la web oficial de , MOD SP que continuará las aventuras SP y su secuela, dos MODs para Half-Life 1 en formato de pack con un buen número de mapas mono-jugador donde prima la calidad y sin conexión aparente entre ellos (almenos en Project Quantum Leap) aunque en Issues se le incorporó cierto argumento entre mapas

  • Y recordad: todo depende del Punto De Vista Noticia originariamente redactada por en los foros de HL2Spain.com [ 0 ] [ | ] Liberado el código de MechMod para uso y disfrute Julio 30 2006, 03:42 by CorvetteAddict , uno de los MODs MP para Half-Life 1 que más originalidad mostró en su lanzamiento, y que tuvo una efímera versión para Half-Life 2, la cual fue definitivamente cancelada, acaba de dar una sorprendente y buena noticia no solo para su comunidad fan seguidora, sino también para toda la comunidad mapper de Half-Life 1

    The Battle Grounds
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    GameSpy: Half-Life 2
    Includes cheats, interviews, videos and articles.

  • (05/01/06) - Steam-powered or otherwise, the Half-Life 2 mods keep rolling in

    Sven Co-op
    An online cooperative Half-Life modification where players fight against AI
    controlled enemies.

    Half-Life 2: Zprávy z City 17 - Novinky
    Obsahuje podrobné informace, novinky a diskuze o hře a jejích modech.


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    Forsaken - Post Viral Urban Warfare MOD for HL2 (Half-Life 2)
    A multi-player urban warfare mod for Half-Life 2 set in the year 2009; 3 years
    after a virus nearly erases human life on earth.

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