School Science Fairs
Designed to help students find age-appropriate ideas for science projects.

  • A project of the Eastern Newfoundland Science Fairs Council, this homepage is designed to aid students in the most difficult aspect of their science fair experience; getting an idea

  • We have included the listing of many science project ideas and hope to include more in the future

  • Looking for Regional Science Fair Info including rules and regulations? Send any comments, suggestions, ideas or contributions to

    Science Fair Ideas
    Includes a worksheet that poses fill-in-the-blank questions with suggested topics.

  • ISD77: CyberFair - Science Fair Ideas IDEA GENERATION See the steps involved in doing a project'> Ways to find a science fair project idea Look at lists of science categories and pick one that you are interested in, then narrow that down to a project

  • Good magazines for ideas are: National Geographic, Discover, Omni, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Mother Earth News, High Technology, Prevention, and Garbage

  • Does that anti-perspirant really stop wetness better than other ones? What are the real differences between Barbie and imitation Barbie dolls? Can kids tell the difference between coke and pepsi if they don't know which they are drinking? Add to Others Ideas: Look at sample projects, look at this list, look at projects in books or projects from last years science fair - then add your own question, your own idea to them

  • Don't just use these ideas

  • Take these ideas and add something of your own

    The Ultimate Science Fair Project Resource
    Includes ideas for projects, step-by-step project instructions, links to other
    resources, and a board where students can exchange ideas.

  • Solve ALL your science fair project problems here! The best science project ideas, science project downloads, and complete science fair projects on the Web! Find great SCIENCE PROJECT TIPS on every page! MORE SUPER SCIENCE PROJECT RESOURCES..

  • YOU make the discoveries! YOU get the credit! Find science project ideas that rock! Looking For Inspiration? Browse Thousands of Science Project Ideas We have thousands of FREE science project ideas just for you

  • Shawn's Short-List ofs Get winning science project ideas from other students at our Student

  • And get a special FREE gift 1, 500 Science Fair Project Ideas! Students: Do you like science experiments? Parents: Would you like to encourage your youngster's interest in science? Teachers: Do you want cool science demonstrations for your classroom? Then join LABRats-Online --Dr

  • Plus ideas for science projects you can do at home, discounts on supplies for science experiments, plus lots of nifty secrets that real scientists use every day to make the discoveries that change our world

  • ...our amazing list of 1, 500 Science Project Ideas

  • Shawn's for a complete science project instructions that can be carried out in just one day! Or, better, have a complete sent directly to your home for professional science experiment results fast! And, of course, you'll find plenty of science project ideas at Dr

    Science Fair and Project Ideas
    A collection of close to 2000 ideas for science projects. Also available in PDF
    format for printing and in .lit format for e-book readers.


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    Science Fair Central offers ideas for science fair projects and ...
    Separate science fair guides for students, teachers, and parents. In the Science
    Fair Studio, there is a handbook for kids to help with the project, ...

    IPL Kidspace: Science Fair Project Resource Guide
    Internet Public Library guides students through the steps necessary to create a
    successful science fair presentation.

  • Here you will find a variety of websites some of which ask questions to give you ideas for your project

  • What Makes A Good Project A website from USC that gives a lot of good tips and ideas to think about regarding what makes a good science fair project

    Science Fair Projects Online
    Purchase and download science fair projects with step by step blueprints.

    Math Forum: Math Ideas for Science Fair Projects
    Individual project ideas and collections of suggestions for students planning to
    participate in a math or science fair, with links to pages featuring math fairs ...

  • Math Ideas for Science Fair Projects || || Project Ideas Collections of Suggestions - Pat Daley Data-sharing projects, spreadsheets, and other sources of data on the Web

  • Bogomolny Simpson's paradox Bear cubs problem Misuse/Misconception of Statistics May we include your project? Submit Your Math Project Idea HERE - - Explore mathematics in all dimensions by investigating the contributions of eleven individuals who use mathematics in various dimensions in their work

  • A collection of ideas sorted by math topic, from the Canadian Mathematical Society

  • A collection of links to pages with ideas for science fair projects including some in math

  • Benefits

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    Science Fair Project Ideas
    A list of questions at varying levels that one might ask in designing a science
    fair project.

    Science Project Ideas, information and support for Science Fair ...
    Science projects and kits for all ages. Membership required to view most projects.

  • Members Login User id: Password: Welcome to the world's largest web site for Science Project ideas, information and support

  • Everyone can access this web site for ideas, but only members can get support and access the members section for more project details

  • | New Page 1 Best Science Project ideas recommended for 2005-2006 school year A group of project advisors at identified the 10 best science projects for the school year 2005-2006

  • You may expand the starch test topic to many new project ideas

  • is the world’s largest website for science fair project ideas, information and support

  • is where you can find science kits and material for all of your projects or just get an idea for a science fair project

  • This page contains about 600 project idea that can be used by students of all ages

    Science Fair Project on the Web
    Steps of a Science Fair Project/ The Scientific Method/ Science Defined/ Judging
    Sheet Examples.

  • We don't just sell science stuff, we also enjoy exchanging ideas and information with our customers

    Energy and Science Projects
    Contains several activities that deal with energy.

  • - Science Fair Project Ideas and Water Topics

  • - (great for ideas!) Fun Science Experiments & Ideas


    Agricultural Ideas for Science Fair Projects
    Includes some topics you might choose to integrate into a science fair project.

    Agricultural Ideas for Science Fair Projects
    List of questions to investigate, along with educational background links.

  • Agricultural Ideas for Science Fair Projects Agriculture doesn't have its own category in science fairs, but it is a part of many of the 'official' categories

  • Here, we've put together a few basic ideas of agricultural science projects you can do

  • Use these ideas as a jumping-off place for coming up with your own project

  • More ideas! Chemistry How do different conditions affect the speed at which fruit and vegetables ripen? Temperature, light, placement in sealed bags, exposure to other ripe fruit--all have different effects on different fruits

  • More agriculture science project ideas: Ways to boss a plant around from the ARS Coastal Plains Soil, Water, and Plant Research Center Back to: TOP |

    Science Fair Projects, Science Fair Project Center -
    Includes project ideas by subject, reference resources, helpful tips and tools,
    and sample projects.

  • - A laboratory of ideas

    Science Fair Project Ideas
    A listing of science fair projects for middle and high school students; includes

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  • The following science fair project ideas provide numerous questions and links to information which you may use to develop into a science fair project

  • New ideas are added often to the science fair project index so check back or give us a bookmark

    Science Fair Projects - School Science Project Ideas - Kid Science ...
    Science project ideas and lesson plan resources for teachers, educators, students
    to learn about horticulture, botany, natural science and related subjects.

  • Last Minute - Science Fair Projects! (When you're running out of time...) Download a from Ergonica Think you Are YOU a ? For Special Events, Helping People in Need and Seasonal Gift Ideas, see the Quick ◄ Online Downloads ► NO SHIPPING DELAY OR COST! 5 Quick and Easy Science Projects (MOST POPULAR CHOICE!) 47 Science Projects for Elementary School 101 Easy Science Projects 500 Project Ideas and Plans Super Science Fair Projects eBook for Students & Parents With a little imagination , your own weeds could be the basis for a science fair project or a lesson plan on a number of subjects

  • In addition to project ideas about weeds, we also present many interesting gardening science projects and other natural science project ideas

  • Are you a poet and don't know it? Check out the to win a free WEED TWISTER ! In addition to our own weed-related science project ideas below, we have researched and listed a number of web sites with useful suggestions and many with specific details about science projects for kids

  • Can you think of painless methods of fishing? If so, we would like to present your ideas on this web site

    Science Fair Projects: Topics, Ideas and Resources
    List of ideas for projects.

  • Scientific American Likes Our Site Science Fair Projects and Experiments Topics, Ideas, Resources and Sample Projects Web Comments and inquiries could be addressed to: Last updated: January 2006 Copyright © 2003-2006 Julian Rubin

    Science Museums Science Fair Project Ideas Science Education
    Features virtual field trips, virtual experiments and other interactive activities
    supplied by science centers around the world.

    Science Project Ideas, How-To Guide, and More Science Project ...
    Contains science fair project ideas, and a step by step guide on how to do a
    science fair project.

  • Your Science Project Other Science Project Resources Doing a science project? Help finding a science project idea: To help you find a topic that can hold your interest, Science Buddies has developed the

  • If you already know the area of science you want to focus on, look at science project ideas and background information in


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