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Offering CDs blended with mother's heartbeats, ocean waves, white noise and other
calming sounds to help infants and children relax and sleep.

  • We Ship Worldwide! Help your baby gently relax and fall asleep, or ease colic, naturally with..

  • Lullabies, Nursery Rhymes, Baby Sleep Music and White Noise Night Night Time CD Comfort your newborn baby with soothing lullabies and nursery rhymes set to the familiar womb-like sound of an actual mother's heartbeat

  • Baby by the Brook CD or Tape For relaxation and sleep, soothe your baby with our instrumental lullaby music mixed with calming babbling brook sounds and softly singing songbirds

  • Baby's Vacuum Cleaner CD Parents swear by the comforting combination of vacuum cleaner sound and white noise for easing colic and helping babies fall asleep

  • Baby's Electric Fan CD Discover how the steady, comforting hum of an electric fan remarkably soothes babies with colic, helping them relax and fall gently to sleep

  • Baby Sleep 4-Pack CDs Calm even the fussiest baby with this sleep pack

  • Looking to calm a fussy or crying newborn infant? Is colic keeping you and your baby awake? Would you like to create a tranquil, soothing mood to lovingly help your child gently relax and fall asleep at bedtime? Our collection of lullabies, nursery rhymes, baby sleep music and white noise sounds are carefully orchestrated and blended to ease colic as well as calm babies, so they can relax and gently fall asleep

    Sleeping Like a Baby
    Offers a forum and tips for dealing with sleep and sleep problems of children
    aged 0 to 3 years. A questionnaire offers instant feedback on child's sleep ...

  • Dear Visitor, This site is dedicated to sleep and sleep problems in early childhood (ages:0-3 years)

    Baby Centre Recipes for Babies
    Recipes for babies written by nutritionist. Also desserts and tips.

    Floridian: How grandparents can keep babies safe
    A look at the all-important issue of safe sleep for infants, and how the guidelines
    have changed since today's baby boomers were "just parents."

  • As a grandparent today, it is almost certain that, at some time, you will be taking care of your infant grandchild while he or she is sleeping

  • What a lot of grandparents do not know is that the guidelines for safe sleeping have changed since their children were babies

  • When you first see your grandchildren sleeping, they will be on their backs, not their stomachs

  • It is important to know why the rules have changed: Putting an infant to sleep on his or her back will greatly reduce the baby's risk of dying from the mysterious but tragic disease known as sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS

  • It is important that grandparents are comfortable with these new recommendations and support their grandchild's parents by placing the baby on his or her back to sleep! What is SIDS? SIDS stands for sudden infant death syndrome

  • It means that a baby dies in its sleep and the doctors cannot find any other cause of death

  • Some people refer to SIDS as 'crib death' since it happens to babies who are sleeping

  • Sleeping in a crib does not cause a baby to die of SIDS

  • In fact, a crib is the safest place for your grandchild to sleep

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  • The following bulletins are our updates on the world of co-sleeping: Arm's Reach is award winning!! Arm's Reach is the proud recipient of a number of awards: take a look below to see a small sampling of the accolades we've received

  • The ARM'S REACH(R), CO-SLEEPER(R), Mother & Child Logo and other trademarks used on this website, whether registered or not, are the exclusive property of Arm's Reach Concepts, Inc

  • The Arm's Reach® Co-Sleeper® family of products allow parents to sleep beside their infants, enhancing the bonding process and allowing for more comfortable caregiving, and is recommended by leading pediatricians and sleep research experts

  • To see what's new in co-sleeping, please browse the site and find out more about our products

  • The Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper® Bassinet is a unique creation that began with a mother and father's need for a safe sleeping environment for their child

  • They, like many parents, had rediscovered the benefits of co-sleeping with their infants - increased bonding, ease of feeding and a greater sense of closeness - yet were concerned modern beds weren't appropriate for a baby's space

    Child Safety Products & Baby Gear by My Precious Kid ® - Child Safety
    Offering identification products, sign language cards and DVD, sleep and travel,
    potty training and first aid.

  • We have NEW baby gear for your child such as baby sling, car seat cushion, sleep positioner, baby bottle holder, stroller cup holder, Booster Seat High Chair plus Baby Sign Language Products

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    Sounds in Silence | Music for Meditation, Baby Sleep, Baby's ...
    Offers the Baby Sleep System CD, along with Baby Smart, Adult Sleep and Silence System.

  • Babies fall asleep in minutes Recommended by pediatricians Stops Crying - Stops Colic Get your Baby to Sleep in minutes or your money back! Better than MOZART? For Babies, YES! introducing The Building Blocks of MOZART! Scientifically engineered for the stages of baby's development

  • A complete brain-building SYSTEM Better for babies than MOZART Simplified for baby’s development Features the breakthrough pitch/rhythm mapping™ Designed by top award-winning composers/educator A Revolutionary new ALL-NATURAL adult sleep aid using patent-pending audio technology

  • Helps relieve insomnia and other symptoms associated with sleep problems Tested and proven effective for nightly use Features advanced low-frequency technology Unlike ANY audio product on the market today The AdultSleep System works by combining scientifically manipulated ocean and wind samples with new patent- pending low frequency technology to induce a profound sense of “lightness” and calm, and then deep, sound sleep

    Colic Baby or Crying Newborn? Baby Go To Sleep Calms Your Child ...
    Tapes guaranteed to quiet crying babies, fussy newborns, children with colic, or
    premature infants, soothing them to sleep.

  •   Do You Have a Baby With Colic or a Fussy Newborn Infant? Baby Go To Sleep CD's Stops Crying GUARANTEED! FREE shipping and handling in the U.S.!       (We are unable to ship to any MILITARY ADDRESSES anymore, due to the time the post office requires us to stand and wait to fill out customs forms, sorry!) • Does your newborn baby need colic relief? • Are your infants days and nights mixed up? • Does your child keep you awake crying at night? • Need to help your baby learn to sleep in his or her own bed? • Do you have insomnia and can't get to sleep? TRY         Baby Go To Sleep CD's and tapes may well be the most loving gift you could give to yourself, your child, your family or your friends this year! Someone you know needs these calming music CD's and tapes right now! Baby Go To Sleep CD's and Tapes..

  • America's Number-One Selling Musical Therapy Sleep Tapes for Children (Famous remedy for babies with colic!)       For over 20 years, Baby-Go-To-Sleep has produced the number one best-selling music recordings

  • Clinically PROVEN to help children sleep and to calm infants and children with colic or special needs - Satisfaction Guaranteed! The One and Only Original Heartbeat Music Therapy CD...Don't settle for the imitations!      Statistics show that 40% of children under age 5 keep their parents up at night, and 1 out of 3 babies has colic

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    Baby sleep problems solved quickly with step-by-step instructions ...
    Diagnostic software for infants aged 0 to 4 years designed for home use by parents
    when sleeping problems are present.

  • B aby sleep problems solved quickly with ..

  • 15 minutes to a good night's sleep T he unique and innovative feature of Sleep Baby, Sleep is a comprising 45 multiple choice questions which takes around 15 minutes to complete

  • The results of the survey are used to present the parent with a comprehensive 'SleepReport' tailored to the individual child

  • The report identifies any apparent sleep problems and provides step by step instructions on how to correct them

  • Most sleep modification strategies take 1-2 weeks to implement

  • I n addition to the 'SleepReport' Sleep Baby, Sleep offers comprehensive with detailed strategies for correcting and preventing common sleep problems; baby settling techniques; and an online schedule for monitoring infants' sleep/wake patterns and to plot the progress of sleep modification strategies

  • Sleep Baby, Sleep has been developed for parents using the latest sleep research from all over the world

  • Don't have another sleepless night! &nbsp T he software runs on your PC in your home

  • The software has been designed for use by parents and in addition to the diagnostic survey provides comprehensive coverage of all sleep issues relevant to infants from birth to 4 years

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  • Personally recommended by Tizzie Hall, baby whisperer and baby sleep expert from Save Our Sleep

  • do laundry, prepare dinner) Ideal Gift Idea for New Baby, 1st Birthday or Christmas BESTSELLERS Developmental DVD for Infants, Babies & Toddlers Price: $19.95 Musical Entertainment DVD for Toddlers Price: $24.95 Qty Qty A parents' guide towards happy, sleeping babies from birth to 2 years Price: $33.00 Gently soothes baby to sleep, deeply relaxing for mother Price: $39.99 Qty Qty Colourful, Stimulates the Senses Price: $8.95 Colourful textured developmental soft toy Price: $49.95 Qty Qty SHOPPING CART Your cart is empty TESTIMONIALS 'I have told everyone of your superior service and once again let me thank you

  • I look forward to more dealings with you in the future.' - Michelle, Drummoyne HIGHLIGHTS | COPYRIGHT 2005 John Bye Productions Baby Classics Pty Ltd all rights reserved Recommended by Tizzie Hall, baby sleep expert Save Our Sleep

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    Welcoming a New Baby Into Your Family
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  • Also be sure to tell a parent if you're having trouble getting your homework done or you're not getting enough sleep

  • Where will the baby sleep? Who will take care of you while everyone is at the hospital? Some hospitals offer classes for kids who are about to be big sisters or big brothers

  • Expect your brother or sister to be small, red-faced, squirmy, and sleepy

  • But for now, babies mostly want to sleep, snuggle, and eat

  • Maybe the story will help the baby drift off to sleep


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  • With Banana Fish's Play Ball bedding set every little slugger will love its soft chenille fabric, it's sure to be a hit! The grobag baby sleeping bag is beautifully designed, safe, and helps give your baby a good nights sleep

    SleepHuggers Baby Sleeping Bags
    Offers a bag to replace traditional crib bedding.

  • Babies often kick off their covers while sleeping, causing them to become cold and wakeup

  • Sleep Huggers® baby sleeping bags ensure your little one remains safely covered and warm, regardless of how much they wiggle around, helping them (and you) to sleep better

  • COMFORT The innovative Sleep Huggers® design ensures even the wiggliest of babies remain covered and warm while sleeping

  • SAFETY A Sleep Huggers® baby sleeping bag replaces all loose sheets and blankets in your baby's crib

  • A proper fitting baby sleeping bag keeps your baby's head uncovered, lowering the risk factors of SIDS

  • ROUTINE A baby sleeping bag helps with the development of a bedtime routine

  • "I received one of your [Sleep Huggers] baby sleeping bags as a shower gift

  • of 2 times per night, my baby now sleeps through the night

  • (A full 8 hours!) This product is a heaven sent for any mother that is needing some uninterrupted sleep!" EASY TO USE Simply dress baby in appropriate sleep-wear, place them inside the baby sleeping bag and securely zip closed

  • Copyright © Sleep Huggers Inc

  • Sleep Huggers, Inc #200, 8435 McIntyre Road Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA T6E 6G3 Tel: (780) 462-2351 Fax: (780) 462-2051 email:

    Pregnancy & Parenting: For Today's Mom - iVillage
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    Attachment Parenting Blog :: nursing, breastfeeding, family bed ...
    Weblog about attachment parenting written by an attachment parenting couple with
    three kids. Lots of links to articles and resources.

  • We decided that we'd arrange it so that Linda and all three kids were squished into the three-seat row (with the baby on her lap to hopefully sleep) and I'd be in the row immediately ahead

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  • We bring you Organic clothing that is stylish and cultured, trendy and cool and shows you care: Organic natural babies and children's wear, separates, sleepwear, playwear and outdoor clothing, and organic hats and mitts

  • Drink only the best Organic wines and beers that provide you with that smooth, crisp feeling of relaxation and joy at the end of a hard day or with friends sharing special moments Still, Sparkling, Red, White or Rose Organic wines, Organic champagne, Organic beers and lagers and Organic spirits Organic home wares and eco-friendly natural paints that create a beautiful home in which you can breathe freely without the environmental and health cost We bring you luxurious Natural beds, and Certified Organic bedding and mattresses that carry you off into blissful, restful and safe sleep

  • We are proud to carry this colourful range of stylish organic baby clothing which uses natural dyes to produce organic babygrows, organic sleepsuits, organic ponchos, organic daysuits and organic top and trousers in shades of pastel blue, lilac, baby pink, coral and dusty pink

  • Grembo Organic Baby Sleeping Bags and Organic Children's Clothing At buyOrganics high quality workmanship and the use of the finest organic cottons is important to us pregnancy, baby, fertility, conceive, sleep ...
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  • Saturday August 26, 2006 | Many parents, confronted with sleep deprivation and outside pressures, seek a way to get their infants to sleep more quickly each night

    Baby Safety Products by SafeTSleep
    A wrap designed to keep baby sleeping in a comfortable position without the risks
    of head deformities of suffocation.

  • Along with your peace of mind, the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap will give your baby a better night’s sleep

  • A broken night’s sleep could well become a thing of the past for both baby and you

  • “We enjoy the full 8 hours uninterrupted sleep, content in the knowledge our son is safe and warm.” Adrienne Smith


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