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The Greek Orthodox Church in Australia
Information about Orthodoxy, the Archbishop and bishops, the Ecumenical Patriarchate,
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The Greek Orthodox Church in Australia
Information about the church and links to the 5 Archdiocesan Districts of Australia.

  • The Church in Australia is administered as the five Archdiocesan Districts of General information Publication of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia Some contents of our website ? This website was created January 3rd, 1997 and is only occassionally being updated

    About the Orthodox Christian Faith
    Packed with resources on the Orthodox Christian faith and life; news on the
    Orthodox Church; Pastoral and ministry resources, links.


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    Welcome to ECCLESIA - The Web Site of the Church of Greece
    Lists bishops and archibishops of Athens, information about dioceses, monasteries,
    shrines, and press releases. [English/Greek]

    Welcome to ECCLESIA - The Web Site of the Church of Greece
    Daily updated, full reference to the Church of Greece and a commentary on world
    issues from the orthodox perspective.

    Home Page of the Greek Orthodox Church in Canada
    Information about parishes, programs, and the Orthodox faith.

    Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Cross
    Belmont, California. Includes an Orthodox chatroom and live on-line broadcast of
    Sunday services.


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    St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church
    Orange, CT. Information on the Orthodox faith and life, live video webcasts of
    services as well as parish information, news and events.

  • | Parish News and Events Parish PublicationS Our Parish your feedback Please email any feedback that you may have about the live services or the web site in general to: Live Church Services All services can be viewed live

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    Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
    Indianapolis, Indiana. Provides a forum of information about the parish, its
    families, culture, faith and Orthodox Christianity.

  • Welcome to the web site of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Christian Church

  • Founded on Pentecost in 33 AD, the Orthodox Christian Church is the one established by Christ and His Apostles - the very same worship, theology, Tradition, and Faith

    St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church - home
    Seattle, Washington. Includes annual festival, recipes, calendar and weekly
    bulletin, staff, Greek school and dance groups.

  • Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco Welcome to St Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church The mission of our web site is to provide an instant and accessible forum of information about our parish, its families, our culture and our faith, Orthodox Christianity

  • We welcome all resident and non-resident Orthodox and non-Orthodox faithful to our church and invite you to join us for altar services, educational programs and events

  • 2100 Boyer Avenue East - Seattle, Washington 98112 - Tel: 206-325-4347 If you have questions or comments about our website Please Church Service Times Orthros Sunday (8:15AM - 9:30AM) Divine Liturgy Sunday(9:30AM-11:30AM) Progress

    Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church, Lowell MA.
    Lowell, Massachusetts.

  • Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church, Lowell MA

  • W elcome to the Homepage for Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church, Lowell, MA

  • The purpose of this page is to share our Christian witness at Transfiguration Church along with the beliefs of Orthodox Church to the Internet community

  • Mark Your Calendars for the Annual Benefit Tea! Make plans now to join your Philoptochos sisters, friends and family for the 53rd Annual Benefit Tea on Sunday, October 22, 3:00 - 5:30 pm in the church hall

  • Visit the ticket table after church or contact reservations committee members Sandra Gulezian (978-649-3387), Helen Gaudet or Maria Tournas for more information


    Saint Paul's Greek Orthodox Church
    Irvine, California. Resources and links for Orthodox believers in the Los Angeles area.

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  • John Neumann Catholic Church next door

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  • We hope you'll join us as we study the Word of God in the Church

    St. Vasilios Greek Orthodox Church
    Peabody, Massachusetts. Parish news, events, ministries, information about Orthodox
    Christianity, an audio sermon gallery, monthly reflection articles, ...

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    CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Greek Orthodox Church in America
    The name Orthodox Church is generally used to distinguish those of the Greek Rite
    who are not in communion with the Holy See.

  • > > > Greek Orthodox Church in America Greek Orthodox Church in America The name Orthodox Church is generally used to distinguish those of the Greek Rite who are not in communion with the

  • It is a name common to the official designation of both Churches of the Greek Rite, but the schismatic or dissenting Churches lay great stress upon the word Orthodox , and its implied meaning of correctness of doctrine, while the Uniat Churches lay equal emphasis upon the word Catholic

  • Hence these divisions of the Greek Church are respectively called the 'Greek Orthodox' and the 'Greek Catholic' for convenience in designation

  • The Greek Orthodox Church is now well established in America, and nearly every city of considerable size has one or more churches of the various nationalities belonging to that communion

  • Seven nationalities have their churches here, using the Old Slavonic, the Greek, the Arabic, and the Rumanian as their liturgical languages and of these the Russian is the oldest and best established

  • RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH The Russian Church has been established upon American (formerly Russian) territory for over, a century

    Details the history and various divisions of the church.

  • > > > Greek Church Greek Church This subject will be treated under the following heads: I

  • The Greek Orthodox Church and Its Divisions; III

  • Greek Uniat Churches; IV

  • Greek-Church History, subdivided into: (1) The First Five Centuries; (2) Decay of the Greek Churches of the East and Rise of the Byzantine Hegemony (451-847); (a) Internal Organization of the Byzantine Churches; (b) The Emperor; Relations between East and West; Liturgy

  • (5) From 1453 to the Present Time -- Relations with the Catholic Church, the Protestants, etc

  • EXPLANATION OF TERMS In the East, when a Church is spoken of, four things must be kept distinct: the race to which the adherents of the Church belong; the speech used in their everyday life, and in their public devotions; the ecclesiastical rite used in their liturgy, and their actual belief, Catholic or non-Catholic

  • It is because these distinctions have not been, and are not, even now, always observed that a great confusion has arisen in the terminology of those who write or speak of the Eastern (Oriental) Churches and of the Greek Church

  • As a matter of fact, the usual signification attached to the words Eastern Churches extends to all those Churches with a liturgical rite differing from the Latin Rite

    Assumption Greek Orthodox Church
    Scottsdale, Arizona. Parish programs include an Orthodox Radio Outreach Ministry
    and a full youth program. Website features directions to the church and ...

  • Barakos Economos Church Office: 480-991-3009 Church Fax: 480-991-3717 Iconographer Athanasios (Tom) Clark This Month's Featured Article: The Real Mixed Marriage Problem by Fr

  • It's summertime, the season for American Orthodox Churches to convene conferences, convocations, and conventions

  • Annually or biannually, well-intentioned and earnest lay-leaders and clergy sacrifice some of their vacation time to address a broad array of weighty subjects affecting the National Church, dioceses, and the local parish

  • May the Holy Spirit guide their deliberations! , Assumption Greek Orthodox Church 8202 E

  • Barakos & Assumption Greek Orthodox Church, Ltd

    Saint-Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
    Corpus Christi, Texas. Describes Orthodoxy, and includes parish council directory,
    photo gallery, and directions.

  • Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church A model of the faith and the image of your life has shown you faith to your sheep-fold to be a master of temperance

    Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and all Africa
    Messages in Greek, English and French; chanting by students in Kenya; missionary
    dioceses; links to other sites.

    St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral
    Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Parish information, upcoming events and history.


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