Naval Doctrine Publication 4 - Naval Logistics
Discusses the basis of operational naval logistics providing readiness and
sustainability for Naval forces.

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  • Regulation, O.S.H.A

    Natural Resources Conservation Small Installation Naval Submarine ...
    Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay, Georgia.

    AECMA Glossary of Common Abbreviations
    Terms used by the European Association of Aerospace Industries.

  • AFCMD Air Force Contract Management Division (USA) AFCS Automatic Flight Control System AFCS Air Flow Control System AFCV Air Flow Control Valve AFD Advanced Flight Deck AFD Air Force Department (MoD) AFDR Air Force Discrepancy Report AFDS Automatic Flight Director System AFE Abnormal Fluctuation in the Economy AFE Advanced Fighter Aircraft Engine AFESD Air Force Electronic Systems Division AFHP Aerodynamics, Flight Handling and Performance AFHPG Aerodynamics, FCS Handling and Performance Group AFHRL Air Forces Human Resources Laboratory (USAF) AFISC Air Force Inspection and Safety Centre (USA) AFIT Air Force Institute of Technology AFLC Air Force Logistics Command [USAF] AFLCM Air Force Logistics Command Manual AFLCR Air Force Logistics Command Regulation AFMC Air Force Materiel Command AFMPC Air Force Military Personnel Centre (USAF) AFMSS Air Force Mission Support System AFNOR Association Francaise de NORmalisation AFNORTHWEST Allied Forces Northwest Europe

  • AFOTEC Air force Operational Test and Evaluation Centre (USA) AFP Approval for Production AFPRO Air Force Plant Representative's Office AFQA Air Force Quality Assurance AFQT Armed Forces Qualifying Test (US) AFR Air Force Regulations [USAF] AFR Air Fuel Ratio AFRP Aramid Fibre Reinforced Plastic AFS Approved Firms Schedule AFS Automatic Flight System AFS Flight Standards Service (FAA) AFSATCOM Air Force SATellite COMmunications AFSC Air Force Special(i)ty Code AFSC Air Force Systems Command AFSCR Air Force Systems Command Regulation AFSD Air Force Supply Directive AFSOUTH Allied Forces Southern Europe


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    Police Jargon
    Glossary of police terms and acronyms from the North Yorkshire Police Department (UK).

  • Closure, Evaluation PFR Police Federation Regulations 1969 PID Project Initiation Document (Human Rights Audit 2000-2001) PII Public Interest Immunity PIMS Police Informant Management System PIN Personal Identification Number PIO Public Information Office or Principle Investigating Officer PIR Police Initial Recruitment or Passive Infra-Red PITO Police IT Organisation PM Post Mortem PMAS Police Mutual Assurance Society PMB Police Monitoring Board PMDU The Prime Minister's Delivery Unit - to strengthen the capacity of Whitehall to deliver the Government's key objectives the Prime Minister has established a Delivery Unit based in the Cabinet Office

    Naval Warfare in Ancient India
    Article in the Indian Historical Quarterly published 1930.

  • He was required to maintain the customs of commercial ports (panyapattna-caritra) and the regulation of the port superintendent (pattanadhyaksa nibandha); he was also enjoined to show 'fatherly consideration'to vessels in distress, and to allow to pass on half toll (sulka), or exempt altogether, merchandise damaged by water

  • The same regulation applied to ships and boats of an enemy's country when they crossed its territorial limit(1), and also to vessels which violated the _ 1 Dr

    Preparation of the US Navy intelligence officer
    A paper by Commander Richard L. Saunders asks whether US naval intelligence
    officers are fully prepared...

    Environmental Division
    Divisional information and links.

  • Guidance and authorization is also provided in various federal, state, and local laws and regulations

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    Consumer Law Page on Aviation
    Suggest new rules for visual flight. Stating; simple rules will decrease the
    workload on the private...

  • : : Protecting Government From Liability: The FAA's Approach to Flight Safety [Rulemaking After The Aircrash] For the past twenty years, the FAA has been passing regulations restricting where pilots can fly

  • The end result is an unnecessarily complex system that requires the most detailed working knowledge of airspace regulations from part-time private pilots

  • Private pilots, as a practical matter, have to immediately recall, and be able to instantly and correctly apply, far more FAA rules and regulations than their airline counterparts

  • It is a system that screams for simplicity to maximize safety, but the FAA's response has been to protect itself and continually increase the complexity of an already over-complex system of regulations

  • You must instantly apply the Federal Aviation Regulations, FAA Advisory Circulars, your airplane's FAA approved Pilot's Operating Handbook, the basic rules of flight learned in primary training and keep in mind the multiple sections of regulated airspace on the San Francisco Sectional Aeronautical Chart

  • It is complicated to read because, in addition to picturing hills and mountains, it is also a crazy-quilt diagram of Federal Aviation Regulations

    Internet Sword Collectors Association
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    Solar Solve Marine
    Manufacturers of heat and glare protection systems for navigation bridge windows
    including sun screens,...

  • Rule 5 of the International Collision Regulations entitled ‘Look-out’ reads, ‘every vessel shall at all times maintain a proper look-out by sight and hearing as well as by all means appropriate in the prevailing circumstances and conditions so as to make full appraisal of the situation and the risk of collision’

  • IMO Resolution MSC.31 (63) – Regulation 22 – Navigation Bridge Visibility Merchant Shipping (Navigation Bridge Visibility) Regulation 1998

    Deborah Lawson
    Online resources for writers of historical fiction.


    Privacy Digest
    Covers the items directly and indirectly impacting your privacy such as cryptography,
    wiretaps, free...

    No Dogs Allowed?
    Discusses federal policies relating to service animals; contains references to
    service animal organizatio...

  • Regulations implementing the Air Carrier Access Act of 1986 () and the Fair Housing Act of 1988 () clarify that anti-discrimination protections extend to people who use service animals

  • Regulations clarify that air carriers must permit 'dogs and other service animals used by handicapped people to accompany the people on a flight' ()

  • The ACAA regulations provide one of the most specific statements of Federal policy regarding accommodation of service animals

  • Service animals are also referenced in the act's regulations regarding seat assignments and clarifies that in the case that the service animal cannot be accommodated at the seat location of his/her human companion, the carrier must offer the passenger the opportunity to move with the animal to another seat as an alternative to requiring the animal to travel with checked baggage (14 CFR 382.37(c))

  • The implementing regulations restate the law with regard to the policy on reasonable accommodations, and contribute an illustration by example (): Example (1): A blind applicant for rental housing wants to live in a dwelling unit with a seeing eye dog

  • (42 USC 12112(b)(5)(A)) Regulations () clarify the types of reasonable accommodations for which an employer is responsible

    Pentagon source: Crew blames Chinese pilot for collision

    The Colorado Hemp Production Act of 1995
    by Thomas J. Ballanco. Published in: University of Colorado Law Review, Volume
    66, Issue 4 (1995).

  • Before passage of the 1937 Act, proponents of marijuana regulation had assured Congress that this language would not interfere with the legitimate commercial hemp industry

  • This clarification would allow for the strict regulation of narcotics, while preventing the D.E.A

  • Commission Regulation 1164/89 of 28 April 1989 Laying Down Detailed Rules Concerning the Aid for Fibre Flax and Hemp, Annex C, 1989 O.J

  • See Commission Regulation 1164/89, supra note 14, at 9-10 (detailing the method for quantitative determination of THC content)

  • These drugs are those which by law or regulation have been placed under control under existing law

    US State Department - Ecuador Consular Information Sheet
    Offers Background Notes and travel information including entry and exit requirements,
    safety and security...

  • Please refer to our to learn more about customs regulations

  • On the coast, drivers have a more liberal approach to vehicle maintenance and traffic regulations

  • regulations, and do not meet U.S

  • CUSTOMS REGULATIONS: Ecuadorian customs authorities may enforce strict regulations concerning temporary importation into or export from Ecuador of items such as forearms, religious materials, antiquities, medications, electronic equipment and currency

  • citizen is subject to that country's laws and regulations, which sometimes differ significantly from those in the United States and may not afford the protections available to the individual under U.S

    Special Investigations: Tobacco
    Committee on Government Reform Monority Office provides reports on the tobacco
    industry, smuggling,...

  • Waxman writes federal agencies that 'these gaping holes in regulation are strong arguments for increased federal oversight.' Thursday, April 17, 2003 Rep

  • Tuesday, September 17, 2002 As criticism of the tobacco industry has accelerated in recent years and calls for product regulation have grown, tobacco companies have defended themselves by saying they are now 'responsible' corporations that aim to communicate honestly about their products

    Wikipedia - United States
    Extensive encyclopedia article on history, geography, government, economy, people,
    transportation, culture, language and education.

  • After the Civil War, an unprecedented influx of, who helped to provide labor for American industry and create diverse communities in together with high tariff protections, national infrastructure building, and national banking regulations, hastened the country's rise to international power (although as WWI approached American politicians began embracing free trade)

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    Current student handbook for the Law School at Chicago.


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