Jesse James: Riding Hell-Bent for Leather into Legend
In-depth article about the legendary outlaw and gunman.

  • You are in: GANGSTERS & OUTLAWS/ OUTLAWS & THIEVES JESSE JAMES: RIDING HELL-BENT FOR LEATHER INTO LEGEND By Jesse Woodson James "Out of the frontier West the American character was formed..." -- Dee Brown Every century brings its heroes and its villains

  • To many of his peers, he would appear a folklore hero who took vengeance in their name upon an industrial society that was grinding the old agrarian lifestyle to ashes

  • And there lieth that often-too-unbelievable twist of fate that makes legends – in rampaging a society he didn't like, a society of America's second century, he became its folk hero

  • Probably, say the social scholars, because much of that society needed an old-fashioned hero to represent its own pioneer yearning kept harnessed by a supposedly more docile, less-demanding democracy

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    Hell Comes to Frogtown (1987)
    Cast list, summary, and general information.

  • Plot Summary: 'Hell' is the name of the hero of the story

    Damnation Alley (1977)
    Synopsis, cast and crew, user ratings and comments, trivia, distribution details,
    and links.

  • Oops, forgot to mention the ugly kid (Jackie Earle Haley) that got picked up by our heroes along the way

  • info: HELL IS FOR HERO

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    JoBlo reviews the movie "Battlefield Earth"
    Critiques the movie, rates it 7/10, features interview with John Travolta.

  • The hero, the villain, the setting, the time, hell, even the set itself you've seen before! Now, if the movie's nostalgic feel was actually fun to watch, maybe, just maybe, it would be decent (as a parody), but the film takes itself way too seriously to even consider a decent viewing

  • This would all be saved if there was a decent enough hero

  • But, honestly, how many films are there where the hero is more interesting than the villain? Everyone knows when you are making a "fight against good-and-evil flick" that the villain has to be very well written and very enjoyable for the audience

  • What's really bad is that the hero of the film, Johnny Goodboy Tyler, played by Barry Pepper, is probably the lamest concoction of a hero you will ever meet

  • One thing, WHO THE HELL NAMES THEIR HERO JOHNNY GOODBOY?! Unless they are selling Mr

    Film & TV: A World Without Heroes (Nashville Scene . 08-11-97)
    "The light fantastic" - third review on the page.

  • A World Without Heroes From hell it came--and to hell it can go By Noel Murray, Donna Bowman, and Jim Ridley AUGUST 11, 1997: A couple of weeks ago, in reviewing Batman and Robin , I wrote that the prejudices of Hollywood prevented good 'comic book movies' from being made

  • Filmmakers have done the genre of superheroes right from time to time, usually when they're not trying

  • Some good 'real' superhero flicks have been made as well--including two in the summer of 1991, The Rocketeer and Darkman

  • The zippy adventure yarn and the heroic tragedy--the MPAA rated one film PG and the other R, but they could just as easily have labeled them DC and Marvel

  • DC and Marvel, of course, are the two comic-book companies that have dominated the market since the '60s--the former with clean-cut heroes like and Wonder Woman, the latter with conflicted, haunted heroes like Spider-Man and The Hulk

  • Dipp and starring Michael Jai White as the titular hero

  • The story is ridiculous, even by superhero standards

  • The emphasis is on gritted teeth, big punches, and heroes with a murderous streak

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  • Rather than being a national hero, Oliver North is a war criminal

  • It's a tragedy that local organizers and *corporate sponsors* could not have selected a more appropriate representative to honor our real heroes

    Drunken Hero
    Explores the not-so-fascinating world of the everyday musician.

  • Benefits

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    Audie Leon Murphy, 32°, KCCH, From WWII Hero To Hollywood Movie Star
    Contains a biography, and photos.

  • Tribe, 32° Brother Murphy’s fame as a military hero and film star is memorialized in Oklahoma City’s National Cowboy Hall of Fame

  • Audie Leon Murphy, 32°, K.C.C.H., as he appeared in the 1954 film version of his autobiography, To Hell and Back A poor lad from a Texas sharecropper family, grade school dropout, orphaned at 16, goes off to war, becomes an acclaimed military hero, and then goes on to win fame and fortune in Hollywood

  • Audie Murphy’s wartime heroics landed his photo on the cover of the July 16, 1945 issue of Life

  • However, the public seemed to prefer their hero either in westerns or war movies (or a combination of both)

  • Audie Murphy’s movie career continued to move forward in the later fifties as the older B pictures had faded into the past and 'adult westerns' dominated television screens; the former war hero ranked among the few remaining cowboy film stars

  • In 1969 the one-time war hero tried his hand at producing a picture titled A Time for Dying

  • Like Sergeant Alvin York from World War I, Audie Leon Murphy has become the personification of the heroic citizen soldier

    Mutant Reviewers from Hell do "Adventures In Babysitting"
    Synopsis, several reviews, ratings of the film's cult appeal, and trivia.

  • Summary Capsule Our intrepid heroine is forced to babysit two typical teenage boys and a girl with a superhero complex

  • Speaking of luck, our heroes have the craziest time in the city ever

  • They have a flat tire, get involved with a car thief, steal a VIP (very important Playboy), sing blues in a club (one of my all time favorite scenes in fluffy movies), stop/participate in a gang fight, go to a frat party, meet a super hero, beat up a scummy boyfriend, slide down the face of a skyscraper and make it home in time to fool the 'rents into thinking they were safe in their beds the whole time

  • Sarah: Thor's my hero

    Mutant Reviewers from Hell do "Batman Begins"
    Batman Begins is a success.

  • against those who prey on the fearful.' 2005 PG-13 / Superhero Action Directed by: Christopher Nolan Starring: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Katie Holmes Tagline No tagline Summary Capsule After the murder of his parents and experiencing the injustice of Gotham City, Bruce Wayne travels the world to find the skills to become a symbol of justice and returns to serve the city as a terrifying guardian Mutant Meter Movie Store [proceeds go toward monthly MRFH upkeep] Kyle's Rating: Now here’s a midnight show I can get excited about! Kyle's Review: In the weeks prior to the release of Batman Begins , I joked that to me, this new Batman film was like The Passion of the Christ to others

  • But we can try to do our best at what we can, and live up to his example and the examples of other real-life heroes, and do what is good

  • Then he is forced to choose his destiny, and as we know he is our hero he chooses the most righteous path, which of course leads him back to Gotham City, back to his home, back to the cave beneath Wayne Manor

  • He was great reluctantly becoming a hero in, but he strikes a perfect chord as an unrepentant and self-amused villain here

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  • Local Download: (31.74MB) (27.69MB) (13.58MB) (11.85MB) Related Game: - - 02/09/06 22:24 Category: General | It seems that a single-player demo for Company of Heroes will be released on Tuesday, including a Skirmish mode between the Axis and Allied forces, so when the time comes, you'll be able to download it from us as usual

  • Company of Heroes is scheduled to be in stores for Windows PC on September 14, 2006

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    An Anti-Hero for the Fin De Siècle
    Discusses the accuracy of the image of serial killers portrayed in popular culture.

  • The Serial Killer ; An Anti-hero for the fin de siècle version of a talk given at the colloquium on 'Word and Identity' at the University of Besançon, 1996

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  • Years of super-hero comic-style drawings followed

    Stories, Listed by Author
    Record of the author's various works. Includes short fiction as well as novels.

  • [] What to do when the Devil Comes Round to Tea, (ss) The World Idiot, (ss) Worming the Harpy, (ss) (1900-1976) Gertrude’s Child, (ss) Don’t Blame Me and Other Stories , Harper’s 1940 Locomotive, (ss) Hue and Cry Sum 1925 She Caught Hold of the Toe, (vi) 1925 (1949- ) Dragon Meat, (ss) The Dragon Apr 1987 * Life Support (with ), (nv) * The Myrtle Fairy (with ), (ss) * Warm Red Shadows (with ), (ss) * Wooden Eyes (with ), (nv) Bless This House, (ar) Busy Blood (with ), (ss) Clock’s Runnin, Mister, (ss) Editorial, (ed), Flames, (vi) Home Run Hero, (ss) In His Own Way, (vi) Pay Back Time, (vi) The Sin-Eater, (ss) Sweet Laura, (ss) ; [i.e., Edward James Hughes] (1930-1998) The Dancers, (ss) The Guardian, (ss) Guardian Angels , ed

    The History of Rock Music. Jim Steinman: biography, discography ...
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  • Nel frattempo Meat Loaf si metteva in luce nel cult-movie 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' (nella parte del teppista motociclista che epitomizza il 'rock hero')


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