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  • Satinwood vinyl window shutters are made in any custom size in just 2 weeks

  • You'll see why high quality, real wood plantation shutters are the single most impressive window covering available

  • Wood Blinds Whether they are richly stained or painted, wood blinds are one of the top selling window coverings on the market today

    Describes its wood, PVC or fabric product range with detailed specifications,
    colour charts and sizing information.

    Castle Glossary
    A full glossary from Castles of Britain.

  • A small stone house with provisions for cattle on the ground floor, and living quarters above with small protected windows

  • cusp: projecting point usually in the upper portion of a tracery window and often seen in ogee-headed windows

  • dormer: a window partly in the wall and partly in the roof

  • Used to outline angles, windows, and doors

  • fenestration: arrangement of windows in a structure

  • J jamb: vertical side of a doorway, window, archway, or fireplace

  • light: compartment of a window

  • lintel: horizontal beam or stone placed over the head of a door or window and suporting the wall above

  • mullion: vertical member dividing a window

  • ogee: double curve, partly concave partly convex, usually a window or door

  • oriel: large projecting window supported on corbels

  • rere-arch: arch on the inside face of a window embrasure

  • sill: lowest horizontal member of a window frame or partition

  • T transom: horizontal bar of stone or wood in a window to divide the lights

    steel buildings, aircraft hangars, industrial, grandstands, sports ...
    Designers, manufacturers and constructors of multi-purpose structural steel
    buildings and bridges. Provides details of the range of their products and services.

  • REIDsteel industrial buildings can have mezzanines, canopies, stairs, doors, windows, ventilation and are used for factories, warehouses, workshops as well as barracks, hospitals, schools, homes


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    [ Bernard Tschumi Architects ]
    Based in New York and Paris. Includes several texts by the architect, who is an
    academic and theorist, winner of several international awards and responsible ... - arts & style - Japanese architect pursues vision through ...

    Janis Cortese: Marfan Syndrome
    Personal site by which describes the pathology and gives a bit of advice.

    Citizen Kane
    Screenplay by Herman J. Mankiewicz and Orson Welles.

  • XANADU - FAINT DAWN - 1940 (MINIATURE) Window, very small in the distance, illuminated

  • Now, as the camera moves slowly towards the window which is almost a postage stamp in the frame, other forms appear; barbed wire, cyclone fencing, and now, looming up against an early morning sky, enormous iron grille work

  • Through this and beyond we see the fairy-tale mountaintop of Xanadu, the great castle a sillhouette as its summit, the little window a distant accent in the darkness


  • Reflected in the muddy water - the lighted window

  • An old newspaper floats on the surface of the water - a copy of the New York Enquirer.' As it moves across the frame, it discloses again the reflection of the window in the castle, closer than before

  • As we move by, we see that their doors and windows are boarded up and locked, with heavy bars as further protection and sealing

  • As the camera makes its way through it, towards the lighted window of the castle, there are revealed rare and exotic blooms of all kinds

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    Child and Adolescent Bipolar Disorder: Review of the Past 10 Years
    Abstract covering topics such as: developmental considerations, clinical
    characteristics, naturalistic course, neurobiology, psychopharmacological and ...

  • In children it manifests as grandiose delusions that they can fly out the window because they believe that they have that ability or in exaggerations of usual childhood hopping around on trees or between roof tops, based on beliefs that they are above the possibility of danger

    Eczema and Dermatitis. Information that makes sense.
    Aims to help readers understand eczema better and to develop a birds-eye-view of
    the subject. The website will keep readers up-to-date about significant new ...

  • Close the doors and windows until the dust-sensitive person is ready to use the room

  • Clean floors, furniture, tops of doors, window frames and sills, etc., with a damp cloth or oil mop

  • Use only plain, lightweight curtains on the windows

    Looking at Buildings: from the Pevsner Architectural Guides. An ...
    An illustrated dictionary of architectural terms from the Pevsner Architectural
    Guides to the buildings of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

  • The elevation above the screen remains in its original form with the large central window already described, and steep lean-to fronts with rows of slender climbing arches crowned by raking

  • The battlements continue horizontally above the window

  • Above and behind is the steep-pitched nave roof, the space over the nave lit by a window of spherical-triangular shape, with , and with a niche crowning the ...To its S is a massive of exceptional width, decorated with battlements and sunk, one of which bends round an angle, a trick found on the early C13 W front of Wells

    Article explaining the principles and history of the theory and process, identifying
    the steps and inventive parameters, with examples and illustrations.


    ecological design center |
    Projects, newsletter and resources.

    The Green Line
    Fact sheet from the University of Illinois Extension, and a recipe for Jiffy
    Peach Cobbler.

    Bathroom Taps UK, Designer Bathroom Showers & Kitchen Taps UK
    Offers a range of original bathroom furniture both old and new.

    The Sandman
    A translation by John Oxenford. Includes an illustrated version.

  • Although you have often, in your childish teasing mood, charged me with having such a quiet, womanish, steady disposition, that, even if the house were about to fall in, I should smooth down a wrong fold in the window curtain in a most ladylike manner before I ran away, I can hardly tell you how your letter shocked me

    Shelley Jackson
    Online novel describes how Pinocchio succeeded at last in becoming a puppet.

  • Square in front is a big window without curtain or shades, facing south-east

  • In the right-hand wall a doorway without a door leads to the kitchen, which has one small square window high above the sink

  • Opposite the window, a door leads to a narrow hall cluttered with coats and boots, at the end of which are two other doors, one leading to the bathroom, one out to the landing

  • But it is morning, the sun has not yet entered the window, and seven heads huddle over a whatsis on the floor

    Michael Caine Biography
    Biography and filmography.

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  • Afterwards, fancying the pants off one Amy Hood, he stood staring through a door window at her and the bevy of beauties attending the same class

    At the Edge: Peakland spooklights
    An article detailing the folklore and history of the spooklights observed in
    Derbyshire, England.

  • Teacher and musician Sean Wood lives in an isolated grey stone building whose lounge window fronts directly onto the carriageway of the busy trans-Pennine Woodhead pass high up in the Dark Peak of north Derbyshire

  • ‘It was about 9.30 on a November evening, when I walked into one of the front rooms at Bleak House to chastise someone for shining a torch through our window, ’ Sean explained

  • But one year later, more than a dozen people staying at Crowden Youth Hostel including the warden, Joyce Buckley, were dazzled by the same or a similar brilliant light which shined in through the windows

    Weidlinger: Blast-Resistant Structures
    List of some blast resistant buildings by Weidlinger Associates.

  • Special glazing design for glass window blocks

    Images Of Cumbria - Photo Index
    Many photographs of Cumbria, mainly churches, by Steve Bulman.

  • In the left-hand window, in the interior of the chancel, there are some faint carvings underneath the window lintel

  • Note the tiny slit windows in the


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