Sailor Moon Gallery
Large compendium of images of all of the characters from the series.

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  • This is, without any doubt, the very best Sailor Moon Gallery on the web !! Sailor Moon and all characters are copyright © 1992 Naoko Takeuchi/Kodansha Those who have purchased rights include: TOEI Animation., DiC Entertainment, Kodansha, Bandai, and others

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    Actores de doblaje de Sailor Moon
    Los de actores de voz que hicieron posible el doblaje de Sailor Moon al español.

    Aliens of Sailor Moon
    Synopsis of the story arc, a couple of episode summaries, images of the aliens
    and their cardians,...

    The Midorikawa Hikaru Yahoo Group
    The Emotional Intricacy of Characters. Homepage for the mailing list. Focuses on
    character discussions,...

  • Please re-join!) A group for the discussion of any Midorikawa Hikaru characters: Mikagami Tokiya ( Flame of Recca ), Mikage Souji ( Shoujo Kakumei Utena ), Schuldich ( Weiss Kreuz ), Tamahome ( Fushigi Yugi ), Zelgadis ( Slayers ), Rail Claymore ( Lost Universe ), Ail & Fiore ( Sailor Moon ), Heero Yuy ( Gundam Wing ), Faust ( Saber Marionette J ), Arai Tougo ( Sotsugyou M ), etc


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  • The few sailors who manned my vessel dispersed right and left as soon as they were landed—each to his own favorite haunts of pleasure or dissipation—but I was in no humor to be easily amused
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    Sailor Moon
    Lista degli episodi delle varie serie, trama e schede dei personaggi.

    Memorie di un giovane cinefilo
    L'autore propone le sue recensioni cinematografiche, navigabili sia per data che
    per titolo.


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