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The Valley Observed: San Fernando Valley history and sense of place
Photographs and adapted content from Kevin Roderick's book about the history,
lore and literature of the San Fernando Valley. Also provides Valley-related links ...

  • As a youngster I rode to Calabasas, Canoga Park, and Chatsworth on dirt roads....Cowboy actor Monty Montana used to go to local elementary schools to show off his rope tricks and horses

  • You could ride to In-N-Out and buy a Double-Double with cheese, stop at Moby Disc for a new cassette, head north on Sepulveda to Castle Golf and challenge the chain-smoking, mustachioed high school dropouts to a game of Galaga or Centipede

  • The Angels' Garrett Anderson played for Kennedy, which has won the Los Angeles city championship seven times since the school opened in 1971

  • On a semi-related note, Dodger Thoughts blogger Jon Weisman dredges up his of Saticoy Elementary School in North Hollywood and Collier Street Elementary in Woodland Hills

  • His dad had run a nightclub and he had some formal schooling, but Vega was basically a gutsy kid who lived in Burbank, gambling that people would enjoy the food he ate at home

    Saratoga High School Class of '82 Page
    Class of 1982 reunion and information site.

    Sells in Pleasanton and Tri-Valley area.


    Ducksnorts : Blogging the San Diego Padres baseball club ...
    Weblog that offers webmaster commentary as well as related links and photographs.

    Located in San Diego County. Includes club and team information, tryouts and Surf
    Cup tournament information.

    Chess Notes by Edward Winter
    Contains past games and letters.

    Salvador Dalí - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    An extensive Salvador Dali resource. Includes a biography, a chronology of notable
    works, images, and a discussion on Dali's political views.


    Karen Olsen Bruhns, Curriculum Vitae
    Curriculum vitae of this San Francisco State University Professor. Research interests
    include the archaeology of Mesoamerica.

  • K A R E N · O L S E N · B R U H N S C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E Department of Anthropology San Francisco State University 1600 Holloway Avenue San Francisco, CA 94132 415.338.1435, 415.338.2046 Fax: 415.338.0530 E-mail: kbruhns@sfsu.edu EDUCATION El Dorado Union High School, Placerville, California, 1955-1959 University of California, Berkeley, 1959-1963 Major: Anthropology, Degree: B.A

    St. Louis Sports Online
    Online source for local sports, with articles, columns, audio interviews, and
    photos of important stories and personalities in the city.

    News From Babylon | Better to die on your feet than live on your knees
    Radical news site specializing in conspiracy, nuclear, biological and chemical
    weapons, civil and human rights, racism, military, big brother, police misconduct ...

    Isadora Duncan's Web Links
    The collection of the web links of the biography, quotations, dance companies,
    pictures, videos of the Mother of Modern Dance Isadora Duncan.

  • (In "Education and the Dance, " "The Art of the Dance, " Isadora says, "When I found my first school in 1905, I was only twenty-two years old (P88)."@Augustin testified that Isadora was born on May 27, 1878

  • Isadora enters a public school, Cole Elementary School

  • 1888 11 Isadora leaves her elementary school to earn more money

  • 1899 22 Elizabeth's school moves from the Carnegie Hall studio to Windsor Hotel

  • Isadora opens her first dance school in Grunewald, Germany, on Dec

  • Their school becomes known as "Forest School." Isadora meets a British scenic designer, Edward Gordon Craig in Berlin in Dec; they fall in love (According to "My Life, " they first met in 1905

  • Twenty pupils, including Anna Denzler (1894-1980) from Zurich, Maria-Theresa Kruger (1895-1987) from Dresden, Irma Dorette Ehrich-Grimme (1897-1977) from Schleswig-Holstein near Hamburg, Elizabeth (Lisa) Milker (1898-1976) from Dresden, Margot (Gretel) Jehle(1900-1925) from Berlin, and Erica Lohman (1901-1984) from Hamburg, join Isadora's school

  • Isadora's school in Grunewald closes in April, and her pupils move to La Verriere, France, in May


    Ordinary Christians in the World
    What is Opus Dei? By Russell Shaw.

  • In this country, these apostolic works have primarily been of an educational nature, such as high schools in Chicago, Washington DC, and Boston, and supplementary education centers in many inner cities, including in Chicago, Washington DC, Boston and in the South Bronx of New York

  • PHOTO CAPTION: Midtown Center, an after-school program located in the heart of Chicago's inner city, has helped thousands of economically disadvantaged young men since 1965 to achieve academic and professional success

  • Although these institutions - universities, schools, study centers, student residences, conference centers, and professional or vocational training institutes of various kinds - have an apostolic purpose, they are not officially 'Catholic' since members of Opus Dei conduct them on their own and in collaboration with others who are not only not members of Opus Dei but, in many cases, not even Catholics

  • PHOTO CAPTION: Students at Strathmore School in Nairobi, Kenya

  • Began in 1961, Strathmore was among the first schools in Africa to enroll students regardless of race, tribe, or religion

  • PHOTO CAPTION: The Heights School in Potomac, Maryland

    Izzle! Izzle pfaff!
    Life of a stage actor.

  • Yes, it's a bit of a mouthful, but nothing is going to shut up a schoolyard bully when that kid is picking up his teeth and shrieking through a bloody mouth like the phrase, 'My namesake disproved the concept of the phlogiston, you fucking beef experiment!' This will leave bullies reeling, especially when the tyke uncorks the devastating followup, 'I WAS BEHEADED!' But if that seems too daring, they can always go for the more succinct and more contemporary Mike Post, an homage to the Emmy- and Grammy-winning composer of TV theme songs

  • Little Mike can regale his fellow kindergarteners with jauntily whistled renditions of things like the themes to 'The Rockford FIles, ' 'Hardcastle & McCormick, ' 'Baa Baa Black Sheep, ' and, most awesomely, 'Law & Order.' He'll be the most popular kid in school, particularly when he secretly whispers to his first girlfriend, while clumsily fingering her under the bleachers, 'Unlike the first Mike Post, may his Casio live forever, I was not originally named Leland Michael Postil.' Hot! Now my friends obviously have some Baroque tastes, judging by some of their initial picks

    American Renaissance
    A conservative monthly publication. Promotes a variety of white racial positions.

  • , Salt Lake Tribune As non-whites become the majority in SLC’s public schools, whites look for alternatives

    Information handbook on the Opus Dei Prelature
    Contains a summary of the nature, history and organisation of Opus Dei.

    Homeschooling: Back to the Future?
    An analysis of factors contributing to the growing popularity and products of
    schooling at home. Includes history and FAQ.

  • 294 January 7, 1998 Homeschooling: Back to the Future? by Isabel Lyman Isabel Lyman is codirector of Harkness Road High School in Amherst, Massachusetts, and a long-time homeschooling parent

  • Executive Summary The victory of homeschooled 13-year-old Rebecca Sealfon in the 1997 National Spelling Bee brought new attention to the growing phenomenon of homeschooling

  • Dissatisfied with the performance of government-run schools, more and more American families have begun teaching their children at home

  • Estimates of the number of homeschooled children vary widely; the best estimate is 500, 000 to 750, 000, but some estimates range up to 1.23 million

  • There are two historical strains of homeschooling, a religious-right thread inspired by author Raymond Moore and a countercultural-left thread inspired by John Holt

  • Their differences illustrate the various concerns that cause people to choose homeschooling: some want religious values in education, some worry about the crime and lack of discipline in the government schools, some object to the conformity and bureaucracy in the schools, others are concerned with the declining quality of education, and still others just feel that children are best educated by their parents

    Handbook of Texas Online:
    Current and historical information about Hildago County.

  • Closner's reign ended in 1918, when an audit revealed that as county treasurer he had misappropriated $150, 000 from the county, drainage districts, and the school district

  • Inexperienced teachers were assigned to teach at the Mexican schools, which were usually overcrowded and ill equipped

  • There were no Mexican high schools because Hispanics were not expected to advance beyond elementary school

  • This deprivation led to self-perpetuating poverty as uneducated (and therefore poor) parents removed their children from school so that they could help support the family

  • In Donna, migrant farmworkers' children were sent to a separate school until the late 1970s

    Handbook of Texas Online:
    Current and historical information about Maverick County.

  • In 1942 the Army Air Force built a single-engine advanced flying school twelve miles north of Eagle Pass

  • Joseph's Academy, a private school for girls, opened in 1883 and was perhaps the first school established in the county

  • In 1900 there were four rural community schools in the county: at Upson, Quemado, Coal Mines, and Towns

  • In 1950 only 5 percent of all adults in the county had completed a high school education; in 1960 the percentage had risen to 9 percent and by 1980 more substantially to 32.2 percent

  • In 1982 the county consisted of one school district with eight elementary schools, one middle school, one high school, and one special-education facility

  • Private schools that year consisted of three elementary schools and one high school with 554 students

    Santa Teresa Citizen Action Group
    A community action group serving the Santa Teresa area of San Jose. Offers information
    on volunteering and events.

  • Posted March 2, 2004 Metcalf Energy Center Delayed Again: Summer 2005 At the last Metcalf Advisory Committee meeting held on October 15, 2003 at Martin Murphy Middle School, Calpine announced the Metcalf Energy Center has been delayed until the Summer 2005 timeframe

  • By local impact, I refer to the areas immediately surrounding the site, including our residential neighborhoods, elementary schools, and the Coyote Creek Park chain

  • Again, let me remind you that "local" means impacts on residents and an elementary school less than a mile away from a 600-megawatt power plant


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