Anthony Weir, author of "Images of Lust", discusses and displays photographs of
exhibitionist carvings, both male and female, on mediæval churches.

Association GroinGroin : information sur le cochon nain ...
Cette association d'information, de protection du cochon nain et centre d'adoption
présente les caractéristiques physiques, les races et des conseils en terme ...

TTV Rees-Groin
Der Tisch-Tennis-Verein informiert über Mannschaften, Spielergebnisse und Termine.
Neben Chronik, Gästebuch und Fotogalerie finden sich Kontaktinformationen ...

CNN - Groin hernia surgery: Quicker and easier than ever ...

  • Groin hernia surgery: Quicker and easier than ever September 23, 1999 Web posted at: 9:46 AM EDT (1346 GMT) By Daniel Hayes, MD (WebMD) -- Abdominal hernias are a sensitive topic that few will discuss voluntarily, even though more than five million Americans, mostly men, have this painful condition, according to the National Center for Health Statistics

  • Hernia symptoms range from simple lump to acute pain and fever What signals an inguinal hernia? A lump in the region of the groin, sometimes associated with pain or tenderness, can be a sign of an inguinal hernia

  • If strangulation has occurred, pain, nausea, vomiting and fever may signal a life-threatening condition and need for surgery

  • info: GROIN PAIN

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    Running Strong Professional Coaching
    Avoiding and recovering from injuries, gait analysis, professional coaching,
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    DermAtlas: Online Dermatology Image Library dermatology image ...
    Offers a Dynamic Hidradenitis Suppurativa image collection.

  • © 2001-2006, Image Name: Hidradenitis_Supurativa_1_050926 File Type: jpg Diagnosis: / Category: Body Site: Age: 32 years Contributor: Description: red papules, nodules, and plaques some with central crusts Comments: This 32-year-old woman had recurrent painful pustules, cysts, and draining sinuses on her left breast

  • Related Images: © 2001-2006, Image Name: Hidradenitis_Supurativa_2_050926 File Type: jpg Diagnosis: Category: / / / Body Site: Age: 32 years Contributor: Description: red papules, nodules, and plaques some with central crusts Comments: This 32-year-old woman had recurrent painful pustules, cysts, and draining sinuses on her left breast

  • Related Images: © 2001-2006, Image Name: hidradenitis_suppurativa_1_050808 File Type: jpg Diagnosis: / Category: / Body Site: / Age: 40 years Contributor: Description: symmetric intertriginous cysts, nodules, and draining sinus tracts Comments: this 40-year-old woman developed painful recurrent cysts with draining sinus tracts in both axillae, chest wall and breasts

  • © 2001-2006, Image Name: hidradenitis_suppurativa_2_041107 File Type: jpg Diagnosis: / / Category: / Body Site: / Age: 43 years Contributor: Description: symmetric intertriginous violaceous nodules, cysts, sinus tracts, and scars Comments: This 43-year-old woman had a history of recurrent painful nodules and cysts with draining sinuses in the axillae and groin for over 20 years before the lesions were successfully excised

    Jock Itch - Information About Jock Itch
    Disease and organism information.

  • The skin cracks and breaks down in lines called, which can be very painful

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    Pediatric Oncall- Undescended testis in children
    Find out more about undescended testis in children and its treatment.

    Corey Schwab (1995-present)
    Profile, quotes, transactions, accolades, injuries, records, and game directory.

    Tom Barrasso (1984-2003)
    Biography, transactions, accolades, injuries, records, game directory, and quotes
    about the goaltender.

  • Since 1988-89 Barrasso has battled painful shoulder ailments that would not allow him to lift weights

    Hernia Center of Southern California
    Patients information, testimonials, application of specific surgical techniques.


    Testicular Cancer: Questions and Answers - National Cancer Institute
    This fact sheet provides information about the treatment, detection, risk factors,
    and prevention of testicular cancer.

  • include a lump, swelling, or enlargement in the testicle; pain or discomfort in a testicle or in the ; and/or an ache in the lower, back, or (see )

  • Men should see a doctor if they notice any of the following symptoms: a painless lump or swelling in a testicle pain or discomfort in a testicle or in the scrotum any enlargement of a testicle or change in the way it feels a feeling of heaviness in the scrotum a dull ache in the lower abdomen, back, or groin a sudden collection of in the scrotum These symptoms can be caused by cancer or by other conditions

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    A martial arts suppliers of uniforms and equipment located in the UK.

    Patient view of a method of treatment for liver tumors.

    Testicular Cancer: Survival High with Early Treatment
    Overview information from the US Food and Drug Administration.

  • "The usual presentation is of an enlarged, painless lump, " says Malkowicz

  • "Occasionally there can be pain." The lump typically is pea-sized, but sometimes it might be as big as a marble or even an egg

  • Malkowicz calls this method "a painless, noninvasive way to check for a mass." But the only positive way to identify a tumor is for a pathologist to examine a tissue sample under a microscope

    Hotel Restaurant Pointe du Grouin Cancale Bretagne France
    Hôtel restaurant deux étoiles avec vue sur mer. Propose aussi un gîte et des
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    Anterior Hip Pain - October 15, 1999 - American Academy of Family ...
    Full text article from the American Family Physician.

  • Advanced Search > > > > Anterior Hip Pain JOHN W

  • University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, Washington Anterior hip pain is a common complaint with many possible causes

  • Surgical intervention may allow resumption of pain-free athletic activity

  • (Am Fam Physician 1999;60: 1687-96.) A nterior hip pain is a common problem that is frequently difficult to diagnose and treat

  • 1 Determining the exact cause of hip pain can be difficult for several reasons

  • The multiple structures in the hip have the potential to produce similar pain syndromes; in addition, pain in the hip region may come from deep structures that are not palpable

  • This article reviews many of the hip problems in adolescents and adults that present with anterior pain ( Table 1 )

  • Conditions of the lumbar spine that radiate pain to the anterior hip are not discussed

  • A brief review of hip pain in adolescents is included

  • Tendonitis Overuse; delayed onset, pain localized and worsening with activity Local swelling and tenderness, crepitus "snapping, " weakness MRI or ultrasonography Clinical findings with imaging if needed Same as for strains Femoral neck stress fracture Impaired bone metabolism; overuse; worsening hip and thigh pain; progressive limitation of activity Pain on internal rotation and with hopping; regional muscle guarding Radiographs: often normal Bone scans: highly sensitive MRI: better specificity than bone scans Confirmed with imaging Nonweight-bearing; urgent orthopedic referral for displaced fracture Sports hernia (Occult hernia or tear of oblique aponeurosis) Chronic groin pain (i.e., particularly common in soccer, rugby and ice hockey); pain worse with "cutting" and sprinting Tenderness at superficial inguinal ring Herniography may identify occult hernia
    Offering an abdominal support band designed by a Canadian nurse to ease pregnancy


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