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  • Last activity August 21, 2006 05:06 PDT Send This Page to a Friend Contact the Editors Game Details for Tony Hawk's Underground Playing Now Get Alerts Wishlist Collection Neither Edit List Details Published by: Developed by: Genre: Extreme Number of Players: 1-2 (8 online) Release Date: US: October 28, 2003 ESRB Content Descriptors: Mild Realistic Violence, Strong language, Blood and Gore Also Available On: , Features: 16:9 Support, Stereo Surround, Dolby Pro Logic II, Online, Memory Card, Keyboard Support, Dual Shock, Vibration Media Size: 1 DVD Contribute: Write a FAQ Submit a Cheat Click Here for More Game Info Rent this game today! Access content on your cell

    IGN: Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Review
    Reviewed by Douglass C. Perry [8.6/10]. Features screen shots, gameplay movies,
    cheat codes, FAQ,...

    Tony Hawk's Underground PS2 cheats
    Cheats and codes. (PlayStation 2)

  • Tony Hawk's Underground PS2 cheats - - Perfect Rail Balance: Go to the Options menu the Cheat Codes and put in letitslide for a code All Movies: Input "digivid" as a cheat under the options menu to get all of the movies unlocked Unlock The Offical T.H.U.G

  • Song: This code you can get if you play the motorcross demo and you have to win first but I got it enter at the cheat screen "holeshot" Perfect Manual: Enter "keepitsteady" on the cheat menu

  • The Game Is Easy So You Shouldn't Have Any Trouble Beating The Game Try Using The Perfect Rail Cheat (letitslide) Secret Character: Beat the game on normal to unlock Gene Simmons from the band kiss

    Tony Hawks Underground cheats and codes - Playstation 2 cheat codes
    Cheats and hints. (PlayStation 2)

  • Friday 11th of August 2006 11:41:07 AM Other Cheat Sites More Cheat Sites Tony Hawks Underground Cheats Search for cheats! More cheat codes, hints, walkthroughs and tricks for Tony Hawks Underground can be found at our

  • You can find other in our section.Or where you looking for other platforms: - The Tony Hawks Underground cheat codes Perfect Rail Balance : Select 'Cheat Codes' at the options menu, then enter letitslide as a code

  • Perfect Manuals : Select 'Cheat Codes' at the options menu, then enter keepitsteady as a code

  • All FMV Sequences : Select 'Cheat Codes' at the options menu, then enter digivid as a code

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    Tony Hawk Underground Cheats - Playstation 2
    Cheat codes. (PlayStation 2)

    PS2 Tony Hawk's Underground Cheats, Walkthrough And GameShark Codes
    Cheat codes and hints.

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  • PS2 Tony Hawk's Underground Cheats T Game Name: Tony Hawk's Underground Publisher: TITUS SOFTWARE CORP Rating: Teen (Suitable for persons age 13 or older) Unlock Inivins A Bal Skate board Cheat [Submitted by: Callum Park] go to opshns and typ in stuped to unlock the inivins a bal skate board

  • All FMV Sequences Select 'Cheat Codes' at the options menu, then enter 'digivid' as a code to unlock all FMV sequences

  • Perfect Skitch [Submitted by: David C] Select Cheats from the Options menu and type in 'rearrider' (case sensitive)

  • Cheat: Unlock All Movies Enter digivid in the Cheats Menu

  • Cheat: Unlock Everything Enter havethemall in the Cheats Menu

  • Cheat: Unlock Everything (Alternate) Enter THEKITCHENSINK in the Cheats Menu

  • Moon Gravity Code Select 'Cheat Codes' at the options menu, then enter 'getitup' as a code

  • Perfect Balance Enter 'letitslide' on the cheats menu

  • Perfect Manual Enter 'keepitsteady' on the cheat menu

  • Music Code Enter 'holeshot' on the cheats menu

    GameSpy: Tony Hawk's Underground Review
    Review, by Bryn Williams: "Neversoft continues to dominate the popular extreme
    sports genre with a...

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    Tony Hawk's Underground: THUG PS2/Xbox/GameCube Game Profile - CGN
    Preview, by Chris Grant: "In a slightly weird turn, you may actually get off your
    skateboard and control...

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