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  • Amtrak AMTK Locale Continental, as well as routes to, and Dates of operation 1971 – present 4  8½  (1435 ) () Headquarters Acela Express in service with tilting trainsets in Amtrak train in downtown For other uses, see

  • The pinnacle of passenger rail travel — and with it, the Golden Age of the passenger train — was reached in, when 1.2 billion passengers were carried

  • As automobiles and buses took the place of passenger trains on short- and medium-haul trips, railroads lost the feeder services that had formerly brought throngs of passengers to their intercity services

  • Inspired by America's technological leadership in passenger train design, railroads in Europe and Japan launched new, high-speed streamlined services expressly modeled on American innovations

  • Although a few of the leading trains continued to generate modest profits through the 1950s and early 1960s, passengers disappeared in droves, and so did the trains

  • railroads operated more than 2, 500 intercity (non-commuter) passenger trains; by, there were fewer than 500

  • The 1960s also saw the end of revenues, which had helped some of the remaining trains break even despite the dearth of passengers

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    Summary of the city's demographics, location, industries, and major cultural

  • MAX buses connect to the ACE (Altamont Commuter Express) train station in Lathrop, the station in Pleasanton/Dublin, and the station in Modesto

  • In, the last trains ran down Ninth Street and now the railroad (owned by the since ) is severed through Modesto

    Diablo Cyclists
    Walnut Creek club that offers image gallery, newsletters, riding and racing
    schedule and results, and bulletin board.

  • We are focused on providing cyclists of all levels an opportunity to ride, train and socialize with other bicycle enthusiasts / 877-725-6967 Clown in Mishawaka ...
    Information on services provided in the Southern California area including, party
    clowns, rides, jumpers, ponies and costumed balloon deliveries.

  • CORPORATE EVENTS Games Coordinator Face painters Balloon art Picnic clowns Caricature artists Stilt Walkers Jugglers Unicyclists CLOWNS Birthday clowns Birthday bear Puppet Shows Circus skilled clowns Kids musical band BALLOONS Balloon deliveries Singing telegrams Balloon printing Balloons in a box Balloon twisting Balloon decorations ANIMAL PARTIES Pony rides & zoos Puppies / Reptiles INTERACTIVE Inflatable Jumpers Sumo wrestling Trains & rides Games booths Interactive games CONCESSIONS Popcorn Cotton candy Hot dogs Sno cones END OF PAGE 877-725-6967 | PERSONALIZED GIFTS FOR YOUR GUESTS Some distances are subject additional fee due to heavy traffic or mileage or travel fees


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    Western Railway Museum - Solano County - California
    Specializes in the history of electric railway transportation, particularly in
    the Western USA and California.

  • Take an electric train trip through the peaceful, picturesque Montezuma Hills over the original historic main line of the Sacramento Northern Railway

  • As a living history museum, the Western Railway Museum gives visitors the opportunity to ride authentic historic streetcars and interurban electric trains from all over California and the western United States

    Aaahwsome Railroad Videos for the Family and Kids
    Historic steam and diesel engine videos, action train videos for the kids.

  • Welcome to AAAhwsome!!! Video Train Station New low prices West Coast Steam & Diesel Videos for the Family We specialize in train & railroads videos for everyone! Our catalog lists exciting videos showing distinctive railroads, classic diesel locomotives, and modern giant locomotives

  • Spend an afternoon viewing the Southern Pacific trains while they climb the beautiful but tortuous Sacramento River between Redding and Dunsmuir, California

  • Click-ity-clack on one of the green train cars to brows the catalog pages

  • There you can read and view more on what we have to offer for the train buff and the entire family along with special videos for children

    Central California Rails
    Railroad and train images and pictures of the Stockton area, its terminals and
    other CA railroad museums. Offers links to "Haunted Rails", The Central CA Rail ...

  • Amtrak's San Joaquin also serve the town 10 times daily with four trains running between Sacramento and Bakersfield, and eight trains running between Oakland and Bakersfield

  • You are passenger # on this train ride since March 23, 1998! This page was last Updated on August 5, 2006 Any comments or questions about the contents of this website, or the region it covers E-Mail - jack trout's weblog: Jack Trout's Weblog
    Directory guide to county businesses, lodging, restaurants, and attractions.
    Visitor's guide, scenery pictures, and webcam available.

  • Head Mountain Ranger and local hero Matt Hill turned me onto this site, Wow!!! I can even predict space ships with this site A nostalgic train ride through spectacular scenery featuring elegant dining aboard restored vintage rail cars

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    Railroad Museum - Golden, Colorado - trains, railroad history
    Established in 1958 to preserve a tangible record of Colorado's flamboyant railroad
    era, particularly the state's pioneering narrow gauge mountain railroads.

  • We are in need of volunteers! We especially need volunteers for train operation, restoration, track work and the docent (tour host) programs

    The Bicycle Outfitter, Los Altos California
    Full service bike shop with free repair classes, shop rides, newsletter.

  • If a training session or competition exceeds one hour, a commercial fluid replacement beverage that contains carbohydrates and sodium is superior to plain water.' Northern CA/Nevada District Road Race Championship Congratulations from everyone at The Bicycle Outfitter to Bettina Hold of for winning the District Road Race Championships at Fort Ord

  • DRIVE TRAIN September 9 9 to 10 am Learn the ins and outs of maintaining your multi-geared drive train

  • They live the fitness lifestyle and love sharing with others what they have learned training and racing over the years

    Information on the two-foot gauge tourist railroad in Fortuna Humboldt County.
    Also, information about Orenstein and Koppel #5, Heisler, Fiji steamer and ...

  • Photos by author unless otherwise noted THE ALTON & PACIFIC RAILROAD Humboldt County, California New! 1970's Alton & Pacific Flyer, from Karl Symons New! More "Snug Harbor" Info, before and after its days at Alton Other North Coast train pages..

  • "Confusion Hill" Mountain Train, just over the Mendocino County line (if you want to see, hear and feel steel wheels on steel rails, you have to leave Humboldt County..

  • the "Balloon Track" and old depot area My Miscellaneous stuff page about the NWP New Address: The North Coast Railroad Authority's Website In September of 2000, Wolf Sterling rode and photographed the "Skunk Train" in Mendocino County

  • Wolf Sterling Photo Obviously it had been a tourist attraction, a little train ride in a forest setting

  • But when had it run, and who had built it? Had it used real train cars or miniatures? Steam locomotives, perhaps? So I put together a small webpage with some of the pictures below, and inquired of some railfans and groups, and a few long-time Humboldt residents, "Does anybody know anything about this place?" Well, within hours I found out that a LOT of people knew about it, and were willing...even anxious..

    Shanghai's Maglev - the world's fastest train
    The future is here, in Shanghai, where the world's first maglev is up and running,
    reports Ron Gluckman.

  • [top.htm] Is it a Bird? A Plane? Nope, only Shanghai's flashy new Maglev, the world's fastest train

  • My flight - that's what it was called - was aboard Shanghai's spanking-new Maglev (magnetic levitation) train, the world's fastest, most futuristic passenger line

  • Smiles abound inside the sleek train as, with a breathtaking whoosh, it rockets to 300 kilometers per hour in two minutes flat

  • True, the train has no wings, but no wheels or engine, either

  • First, powerful magnets lift the entire train about 10 millimeters above the special track, called a guideway, since it mainly directs the passage of the train

  • Other magnets provide propulsion, and braking, and the speeds - up to 500 kph in test runs; a good 60 percent faster than the renowned Bullet Trains - are attained largely due to the reduction of friction

  • And where this new train might take us, not simply San Francisco to Los Angeles, say, in less than two hours, but in a flash, from the mundane motion of nowadays to the hyper-speeds of Tomorrowland

  • That's the rush I feel stepping aboard Shanghai's sleekly-contoured train, a feeling of futuristic fervor mixed with nostalgia for all those comics and sci-fi novels from boyhood


    California Trolleys - A Few Pictures
    Picture gallery of historic trolley lines and equipment in California. Links to
    historical and current trolley related sites.

  • From time to time, I'll be posting an unidentified or "questionable" trolley (or train) picture, to see if someone can identify it for us

  • "Old P.E." car at San Gabriel Mission, circa 1905? PE Combo 607 at Huntington Beach Pier - great "windshield" setup! Layover? Training session? Bull Session? Photo Op? Postcard View of the Laurel Canyon Trackless Trolley Line, "America's First." This independently-operated line ran for a few years into the relatively sparcely-populated canyon area west of Hollywood, just prior to World War I

  • Transportation Page - Features LARy & PE Southern California Traction Club (mostly for modelers) Alpine Division Scale Models (formerly E Suydam & Co) Ferrocarril Gen

  • Railway #1318 - in Oregon Electric Railways of Los Angeles - by Ed Vandeventer Echo Mountain Echoes (Mt Lowe Railway) - Online & Print Subscriptions available "What Did We Give Up With the Big Red Cars?" L.A

    Salon Arts & Entertainment | Master of imperfection
    Critic Steve Burgess expresses the opinion that Hitchcock's films having disappointing
    endings, in particular with reference to whether the ending of Psycho was ...

  • By Stephanie Zacharek [08/13/99] Column Patricia Hitchcock O'Connell recalls working with her father, Alfred, on 'Strangers on a Train' and 'Psycho.' By Michael Sragow [08/13/99] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Hitchcock may have been a master of many things, but his goofy endings were like a dead cockroach found at the bottom of a near-perfect cinematic sundae

  • Also Today Patricia Hitchcock O'Connell recalls working with her father Alfred on 'Strangers on a Train' and 'Psycho.' Camille Paglia talks about why Hitchcock has more to do with Madonna than he does with pomo theorists

  • As I recognized the scene in question -- the rip-roaring climax of the 1951 film that revived Hitchcock's Hollywood fortunes, 'Strangers on a Train' -- I spoiled the reverent mood (in my own living room, at least) with a loud guffaw

  • Another Hitchcock masterpiece! I first saw 'Strangers on a Train' after spotting it on a late-night TV schedule, marked by those four glittering stars reserved only for filmdom's most sacred works

  • We're on a train again, watching Cotten struggle with the significantly smaller Wright, aiming to throw his niece out the door and into the path of yet another onrushing locomotive (it was 1943 -- family counseling was still in its infancy)

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    Writing and news about social media, ecommerce, community publishing, online
    dating, RSS/ Syndication, citizen journalism and life in the Bay area from a former ...

  • Needless to say, for me, opinionated, stubborn and working for a big company, the razzle-ride on the SV Bubble express train ain't happening.My interest in the new tech geniuses of the last 5 minutes is flagging, and the breathless noise makes me want to hold my breath (and scream loudly).Soooo..I am going to try a little experiment.No more TechMeme for 2 weeks

    San Jose/Bay Area Doggy Events from Stacy's Wag'N'Train
    San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area events for dogs and animal trainers.

  • Wag'N'Train is not responsible for any incomplete or incorrect information

  • The Canis Film Festival is designed to showcase innovative, highly communicative short videos on animal training that help educate pet owners and professionals who work with animals.Positive trainers everywhere are encouraged to capture their training expertise on film and enter to win prizes and/or a distribution contract in a variety of categories

  • To encourage the Parks Commission of County of Santa Cruz, California to establish open space, “off-leash” dog parks, trails and grass athletic fields that allow dog sports such as obedience training, agility, fly ball, canine Frisbee and other organized canine activities

  • Weekly ", " A podcast about dogs, dog training, rescue, shelters, adoption and more! Weekly podcast on dogs and training promoting positive reinforcement training

  • Learn easy tips to help your new member of the family acclimate to his/her new home! At this 90-minute session, we will cover the following topics and more: The correct way to crate train; Successful potty-training; How to manage digging, barking, chewing and other doggy habits; What to expect as your new furry pal and your family adjust to each other; Why early training and socialization are important for your dog

    Red River (1948)
    Detailed review, synopsis and discussion of thematic elements in the film.

  • Louis and joined a wagon train headed for California

  • The words fade into an opening majestic scene of a wagon train passing through a large prairied valley, heading west (from right to left across the screen) in 1851 to California

  • One of the wagons pulls out of the wagon train line

  • Dunson informs the wagonmaster Colonel (Lane Chandler) that he has decided to leave the pioneer wagon train (honorably), because he never signed an oath to finish the journey to the west coast

  • You'll remember I joined your train after you left St

  • In the middle of the sprawling prairie, in one of the film's great visuals, she watches and waves after them as they turn away and ride off from the rest of the wagon train

  • The second instance comes later in the film, when the cattle are herded across during the drive.] Hours after leaving the main wagon train, they turn and see clouds of black smoke rising into the sky on the distant horizon in about the same location as the wagon train they just left

  • He is the sole survivor of the wagon train massacre and mumbling crazily to himself: 'It was all burnin', only Indians around, just all burnin' and smokin', smellin'

    California Travel Guide for Fun Family Vacations in California
    Travel guide for family vacations in California provides links to zoos, national
    parks, amusement parks, museums and other attractions.

  • 500 Ninos Dr Santa Barbara , California 93103 Phone: (805) 962-6310 In addition to over 700 animals, the Zoo offers a carrousel and zoo train

  • In addition, the museum features a Toy Train Gallery with an interactive Lionel layout for children; a 3-Rail Hi Rail layout, numerous educational displays, and prototype artifacts, including a centralized tower control (CTC) machine, working semaphore, and crossing signal

    TRAINS Magazine - Railroad News, Web Cam, Railroading Video - All ...
    Compendium of facts and figures.

    Downtown Suisun City, California : UnSprawl Case Study :
    Article about the redevelopment of downtown Suisun City.

  • The city's approach was to utilize staff expertise, input from the citizens committee, and the Roma Design Group to revise the Specific Plan for downtown Suisun City which would concentrate on the redevelopment of six primary areas: the Civic Center (City Hall, at that time in trailers), the Crescent neighborhood, the Waterfront (and a new Town Plaza), Main Street and Old Town, and the Train Depot

  • Redevelopment Process: Constraints, Rules, Systems, and Policies I n 1991 the city issued $58 million in tax-increment bonds to provide for overall downtown design, purchase of dilapidated properties along the Waterfront, infrastructure including new water and sewer pipes and streetscaping, facade improvement programs, construction of Town Plaza, dredging and restoration of Suisun Channel and wetlands in the adjacent Suisun Marsh, and other activities

  • For example, state transportation funds were available to renovate the circa-1910 Train Depot, which now serves as a fully restored multi-modal transportation hub, providing both rail and bus service

  • The circa-1910 Train Depot hosts Salano County's only passenger rail stop between San Francisco/Oakland and Sacramento (Top)


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