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Are Cigarette Makers Trying to Conceal Secondhand Smoke?
Article in medical journal examines the evidence that the tobacco industry is
putting chemical additives...

  • For instance, Philip Morris's strategic plan for the years 1993 to 1997 proposed reducing secondhand smoke visibility and odor through the use of cigarette paper additives, such as magnesite and calcium carbonate

  • REDUCING EMISSIONS Cigarette paper modifications have been the main focus of efforts to decrease ETS emissions

  • These solutions reduced the permeability of cigarette paper, allowing less secondhand smoke to escape during smoldering

  • Other emission-reducing tactics include adding sodium magnesium carbonate to cigarette paper (also to decrease permeability) and making the paper out of a multilayer cellulose material, which inhibits emissions by making the cigarette burn more slowly

    Tobacco Explained: The Truth About The Tobacco Industry In Its Own ...
    ASH UK paper based on a review of thousands of internal tobacco industry documents
    that "reveal the...

  • It is vitally important that the basic modus operandi of the tobacco industry is understood in Parliament while it considers the Government’s White Paper on tobacco policy

  • The documents show that tobacco is uniquely hazardous and that tough policies should be advanced in the forthcoming White Paper and supported internationally through a WHO convention

    Tobacco and Crime
    Murder stories in which tobacco plays a major role.

  • It was hand rolled from partly used tobacco, and an underturn of the paper was used in the rolling

  • At his trial, an expert from the Imperial Tobacco Company gave evidence that the tobacco, the paper and the method of rolling of the stub found on the body were identical to the cigarette stubs found in Richardson's possession

  • Richardson's wife and brother, however, had collected cigarette ends from neighbours and from the sweepings of a factory floor, and given them to an expert from the Rizla Cigarette Papers Company, who gave evidence that the method of rolling was common to many people

  • The fireplace of the dining room was filled with ashes, and it was clear that books and papers had been burned there, while the dining room floor was littered with wood shavings


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    ABC DayOne: Smoke Screen
    Now-famous segment on nicotine manipulation in cigarettes.

  • To many smokers cigarettes are simply leaves rolled in white paper

    A Public Health Analysis of the Proposed Resolution of [the 1997 ...
    UCSF policy analysis paper examines the proposed tobacco settlement agreement.

  • This report seeks to provide policy makers and advocates with a context and analysis of the most important aspects of the deal through a series of briefing papers, which can be read independently or collectively

  • Each paper addresses one aspect of the deal

  • The papers are organized according to general topics: political issues related to the deal, financial and tax aspects of the deal, regulatory implications of the deal, and civil liability controls in the deal

  • Paper US1998

    Manipulation: The Story of Imperial Tobacco and its Cigarettes
    A history of Canadian tobacco giant Imperial Tobacco; incorporates information
    from recently released...

  • The documents cited in this paper are but a teaspoonful of this flood, drawn from the tea-cup’s worth of material accessed to date

  • Information for this paper is drawn principally from documents selected by Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada from the Guildford depository in March 1999

  • BAT has not made the 7 million pages of documents at Guildford available electronically, but most of the approximately 10 000 pages selected in March from the depository are now available on the World Wide Web, including all of the Guildford documents referred to in this paper

  • These tobacco company websites are also a valuable source of information for this paper

  • Some of these will also be referred to in this paper

  • While they are not a major subject of this paper, they are a valuable source of supplementary information, and most are available in electronic form on the World Wide Web

  • Most of the tobacco industry documents referred to in this paper are internal letters, memos and other documents that were never intended for publication

  • Readers of the World Wide Web version of this paper will simply be able to click on a key word or phrase in the citation of a particular document, which will take them directly to the document in question

    The Cigarette Pack As Image: New Evidence From Tobacco Industry ...
    Tobacco industry internal memos and reports reveal the industry used a highly
    sophisticated research...

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    Failed Promises of the Cigarette Industry and its Effect on ...
    Research reviews the public statements made by the tobacco industry and private
    statements inside...

    "Crack" Nicotine in Cigarettes Varies Widely
    New research measures amount of free-base nicotine in "the modern cigarette, a
    highly engineered nicotine...

  • 'What is clear is that the modern cigarette is a highly engineered nicotine delivery device and it's not just a matter of tobacco rolled-up in a piece of paper, ' Pankow says

    Tobacco Facts - Spit and Chew Tobacco
    Factsheet on spit tobacco product, what's in it, and what it does to its customers,
    featuring the...

  • With or without the paper wrapping and the fancy logo, it’s still deadly

    Court TV Tobacco Litigation Documents: Statements of Former Philip ...
    CourtTV provides statements of Ian Uydess, William Farone, and Jerome Rivers.
    Covers nicotine manipulati...


    News Target: Consumption of soft drinks and high-fructose corn ...
    An article about high fructose corn syrup's link to obesity and diabetes.
    Discusses the Corn Refiners...

  • Why don't we legalize hemp and let these farmers grow hemp for making paper, creating textiles for clothing, making healthy hemp seed oils which offer outstanding nutritional benefits, and for other hemp-based products like car bumpers? (Yes, that's right

    Documents Reveal the Tobacco Industry's Spin Control
    Knight-Ridder article examines what tobacco industry documents show about industry
    PR and litigation.

  • 'In summary, this is a serious paper which cannot be easily dismissed

    Cigar Smoking and Cancer
    Information from the American Cancer Society on cigar trends, constituents of
    cigar smoke, cancer...

  • How are Cigars Different from Cigarettes? A cigar is defined, for tax purposes, as 'any roll of tobacco wrapped in leaf tobacco or in any substance containing tobacco, ' while a cigarette is 'any roll of tobacco wrapped in paper or any substance not containing tobacco.' Most cigars are made up of a single air-cured or dried burley tobacco

  • These differences are due to the long aging and fermentation process used for cigar tobacco and to the fact that the cigar wrapper is not as porous as cigarette paper

  • Also, because the cigar wrapper is less porous than cigarette paper, the tobacco doesn't burn as completely

    AN Daly's Guide to Tobacco
    AN Daly's Expert guide and tips on tobacco cultivation, harvesting and processing.

  • This was done by placing a few seeds into a glass jar that has a piece of wet paper in the bottom and a few seeds dropped onto it followed by the lid being tightened and the jar then being placed in a warm dark location

  • There are some outlets that are charging $3.00 for just a couple of sheets of paper with very little information, there is nothing at the moment covering as much as my booklet does

  • Remember the cigarette paper comes in a very long roll which is gradually wrapped around the continuous supply of tobacco, once full and gummed it is then chopped into required lengths and filters added in 3 different stages

  • At the halfway stop position the paper is inserted and the edge moistened, then you continue drawing the roller and turning it until the cycle is complete and the cigarette drops into the open draw

    Big Tobacco's Worst Nightmare
    Profile of Cheryl Perry, an epidemiology professor at the University of Minnesota,
    who become an expert...

  • Drain on papertowel

    Risk Perception and Communication: Environmental Tobacco Smoke and ...
    Tobacco use and ETS issues present a significant challenge to conventional notions
    of risk communication....

  • A paper prepared for the WHO International Consultation on Science and Strategies (Geneva, Switzerland, 11-15 January 1999) William Leiss, Ph.D

  • This paper contends that, if the tobacco case teaches us one thing about communication, it is that we must broaden considerably our notion of what constitutes effective risk communication practice

  • This leaves only the private domestic sphere as the major setting for ETS exposure, and the paper concludes with some suggestions as to how this too might be addressed

    Minnesota vs. Tobacco February 4, 1998
    Trial transcript of testimony from expert witness Dr. Channing Robertson covers
    R&D and engineering...

  • And that tobacco column is then wrapped with a cigarette wrapper paper in order to contain it and hold it in place

  • The cigarette wrapper paper itself has certain characteristics that are involved in the operation of the cigarette, primarily certain additives that are put in the paper, and the paper porosity, how porous it is in terms of its ability to allow gases to exchange across its surface

  • The filter plug, or the cellulose acetate material, has been itself contained in what's called the tipping paper, which is yet another kind of paper that surrounds it and holds it in place, and also to help hold the filter material together, these fibrous strands, there is a plasticizer generally that's added to the filter material as well

  • Now the filter has to be joined to the tobacco column and cigarette wrapper, and that's done by using what's called a -- a tipping paper, and the tipping paper is typically the brown or cork-like paper that you see on the end of a cigarette, and it covers not only the filter plug and its plug wrap, but it overlaps the tobacco column and cigarette paper a small distance so that it can be glued on

    Statement on Nicotine-Containing Cigarettes by David A. Kessler, MD
    Provides information on industry manipulation and control of nicotine in cigarettes.

  • You can find nicotine's addictive properties described in numerous scientific papers

  • The public thinks of cigarettes as simply blended tobacco rolled in paper


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