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Texaco Gas Stations
Article on Texaco stations of the past.

  • TEXACO GAS STATIONS The old-style Texaco gas stations, the ones thatwere painted white with forest-green streamline stripes and afree-standing post bearing the red Texaco star logo on a white disk, weredesigned by Walter Dorwin Teague (also known for designing the Kodak Brownie camera and a host of other streamlined artifacts)

  • In his book 'DesignThis Day'(1940) Teague shows his original work for Texaco, the exhibition hallhe designed for them at the Texas Centennial fair in 1935, plusphotos of the small gas stations which were builtcookie-cutter-like all over America

  • Studyingthe text and looking at the pictures, i became convinced thatTeague's two basic Texaco gas station plans, small and large, had beenbased on the root-5 rectangle, the same basis used for thePartheon's proportions, and that he did this to show off to bestadvantage the Texaco logo -- a 5-pointed star -- because thatform of star is subtly keyed to the root-5 rectangle

  • Despite my certainty, Teague's written allusions to the geometricrelationship between the star, the root-5 rectangle, theParthenon, and his own gas station designs were so slight thatuntil the late 1970s, i thought i might be mistaken - the global homepage of the Shell Group
    A primary resin supplier to the CIPP pipe rehabilitation industry.

    CITGO Home Page
    Tulsa based global energy company.


    Photo by - Find Low Gas Prices in the USA and Canada
    Local, real-time gasoline prices. Canada and USA only.

  • Gasoline prices change frequently and may vary by as much as 20 percent within only a few blocks it is important to be able locate the service station with the lowest priced fuel

    Fuel Me Up: Find gas station prices cheapest lowest best
    Allows consumers to input, update and share information on gas prices and gas
    stations. Wireless-enabled to assist travelers in finding gas stations and prices.

  • All we ask is that you update one gas price at one gas station everytime you fuel up

  • We hope that by updating gas prices frequently, we can stabilize or even lower gas prices through increased competition among the gas stations

  • We now have a mapping feature that will help you locate the gas station once you have found the lowest gas prices

    Speedway SuperAmerica: Home Page
    Gasoline and convenience store chain with locations throughout the Midwest and

    Phillips 66, Conoco and 76 Brands
    Current and historical information including product information, annual report,
    stock quotes, news releases and community environmental educational programs.

  • Benefits

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    Tracks gasoline prices at local stations from reports provided by consumers.

    US Department of Energy: Alternative Fuel News
    Provides information on alternative vehicle fuels and transportation technologies
    and related legislation. The center also distributes the newsletter "Biofuels ... - Gasoline hikes fuel Bush, Kerry campaigns - Mar 31, 2004

  • "These aren't Exxon prices; those are Halliburton prices, " Kerry said at a filling station where gasoline topped $2.15 a gallon

    Uncle Mark's Alternative Fueling Station
    Alternative motor vehicle fuel FAQs, detailed background information on the
    subject, and reports on developments in the alternative-transportation marketplace.

  • Home - Welcome to Uncle Mark's Alternative Fueling Station! as of 16 February 2005 What are Alternative Fuels? You've heard the expression, 'Don't put all your eggs in one basket.' Sound advice, right? But in the vital area of transportation, America (and most of the rest of the world) has ignored this bit of wisdom: the vast majority of transportation for people or goods is powered by petroleum products, i.e


    Consumer Gas Price Query
    Monthly gas prices, and averages by zip code and town, in Westchester County, New York.

  • Find the Trend of Gasoline Pricing in Westchester's Gas Stations Westchester County's Department of Consumer Protection has obtained gas pricing and other information to help consumers view the trend of gasoline pricing in their community

  • Gasoline pricing and other pertinent information about the station such as "Wacky Wednesday" gas price specials are also listed

  • Select her to find such as "Wacky Wednesday" Find Gas Station Gasoline Pricing (by Zip Code): Select a Zip Code from the list below to locate area gas stations, gas pricing and other consumer information: Find Gas Station Gasoline Pricing (by City, Town, or Village): Select a City, Town, or Village from the list below to locate area gas stations, gas pricing and other consumer information: There are over 400 stations in Westchester County

  • The Department of Consumer Protection is diligently working to maintain a monthly listing of gasoline prices in various gas stations in Westchester County

  • Gas Stations listed for the area selected is sorted by their lowest to the highest Regular Gas price

  • In some cases, we have indicated any special offers running at individual stations

    ARK Petroleum Equipment Gas Station Equipment
    Resource for gas station, car wash and convenience store equipment, parts, service
    and information.

  • Your comprehensive resource for gasoline service station equipment Serving the world from the heart of the South Visit our secure online store for your gas station parts Search This Site For: In: Match: Any word All words Exact phrase Sound-alike matching Dated: Shop for: - - - Home | About Us | Our Catalog | Classifieds | Tech Support Forum Frequently Asked Questions | Oil & Gas News | Link Directory | Employment Opportunities ARK Petroleum Equipment, Inc

    Petrol (Gasoline) and Oil Road Maps from Europe - Ian Byrne
    Information for map collectors from Ian Byrne.

    Need a loan for your gas station or convenience store? Contact ...
    Specializes in gas stations and convenience store financing.

  • Jumpin Jack Flash….it’s a Gas Gas Gas Station!! PLEASE tell me SOMEBODY can finance it!! So you’re looking to buy, refinance or build a gas station, convenience store or truck stop and now you’re looking for financing.  Better go find yourself a bottle of aspirin

  • they're probably not going to do your deal!) Banks in general do not like to finance gas stations and convenience stores for the following reasons: Petroleum retail is a “cash business” and verifying cash flow is more difficult than other commercial income producing properties such as apartment buildings and office buildings

  • Gas stations and convenience stores pose a larger problem for lenders if properties are ever foreclosed on.  In the case of many income producing properties, at a minimum the lending institution can inspect the rent roll and continue collecting rents until a suitable buyer is found.  Banks do not step in and run a gas stations and convenience stores in the case of default

  • (Only after many of these banks have sold the loan to another party and have earned a premium on that too!)   Such a deal! In 2004, the federal government subsidized a whopping (NOT) 450 SBA loans for gas stations and convenience stores, which were done by 180 lending institutions.  Let’s do the math here

    Marshall and Sons Fuel Oil Plumbing & Heating Auto Service Oil Tanks
    Description of automobile service station, gasoline services, home heating oil,
    plumbing services, oil tanks, weather link and contact information.

  • Marshall and Sons Serving Montauk, Amagansett, and East Hampton Town <title For over 70 years, Marshall and Sons has been Montauk's hometown oil company and service station

  • As our business has grown, and Montauk has changed, we've modernized our business and concentrated on three major segments where our expertise is unsurpassed: Service Station and Auto Repairs Marshall and Sons offices are located in central Montauk, NY at 701 Montauk Highway(Route 27), at the Corner of Embassy Street

  • At this location can be found our Exxon service station and convenience store, a busy auto service shop with licensed mechanics on duty, a secure long-term auto storage facility, and our fuel oil office

  • & EXXON Gas Station Exxon Service Station, Licensed Repair Shop and authorized Auto Inspection Station

  • You can read more about it by ) <title>Marshall and Sons Fuel Oil Plumbing & Heating Auto Service Oil Tanks Air Conditioning EXXON Gas StationDiesel Kerosene</title> <meta name='description' content='Complete information and links related to the Marshall & Sons Companies, including MER Service Corporation, Prado Brothers Plumbing & Heating, and Marshall & Sons Fuel Oil.'> <meta name='keywords' content=l Oil, Heating oil, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, Montauk, NY, Plumbing and Heating, Gas station, Inspection Station, Oil tanks, East Hampton, Amagansett, East End of Long Island, Hamptons, Towing, Auto Repairs, Long-term car storage, The Hamptons, Amagansett, East Hampton, Bridgehampton, Springs, Sag Harbor, Napeague, '> | Copyright © 2005

    Al Weisel - Death of GG Allin
    Account of his death, from Spin Magazine, by Al Weisel.

  • 89 The Gas Station was probably not the smartest place to hold a GG Allin show

  • A converted service station in the heart of New York's East Village, its small, dank garage, which still reeks of oil and gasoline, is now a performance space, while the fenced-in yard serves as an artist's studio, studded with jagged metal sculptures and surrounded by junked cars, rusty scrap iron, and towers of welded machine parts

  • The Gas Station show was the culmination of Allin's first tour after being released from prison in Michigan, where he had been serving a three-year sentence for cutting a woman with a knife in concert

    Getty Petroleum Marketing Inc.
    Marketers and distributors of petroleum products via retail outlets throughout the US.

  • TODAY'S GETTY: Over 2 billion gallons of annual gasoline sales Over 2, 000 retail sites in the Northeastern United States Strong brand recognition Significant market share in core urban areas OUR PLANS: With our Company's retail network of gas stations in the US market and the completion of Phase I of Lukoil's Vysotsk terminal (Leningrad region) on June 16, 2004, the terminal plans to more efficiently use its export facilities

  • REGIONS: Three Marketing Regions with offices in RI, NY & PA Over 600 employees Stations controlled and franchised Exclusively a downstream marketer, no refining OPERATING PHILOSOPHY : Independent marketer culture Low overhead Flexibility with dealers Rent or own properties Maximize volume Presence in 13 northeastern and mid-Atlantic states 1, 317 branded locations 6 active petroleum terminals 170 delivery vehicles Market share - 4% in region, up to 9% in core urban areas

    Mass Gas Bash gas station collectible swap meet
    The largest gas and oil memorabilia event in New England. Held annually in
    September in Eastern Massachusetts. Lots of great images of petroliana collectibles.


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