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    A+ Math
    Interactive math help for K-12 students with flashcards, Math Wordfind, Homework
    Helper and worksheets.

  • Visit our and play exciting games like Matho and Hidden Picture...Test your math skills with our ! Try out the puzzle

  • Find out ! > Sponsored links Master & Other with the &reg Kids regard it as a "GameBoy , " but it is a little computer for practicing basic math facts is the proven environment for students in grades 2-8

  • is a stunning new video game just for

    Quiz Hub
    Online interactive learning games, puzzles, and quizzes. Some content is free,
    but most of it requires a fee to access. Flash player required. Free Games, Clip Art, On-line Puzzles, Music Videos ...
    Play games, get free email, watch movies, listen to music and stories, create a
    home page, visit others, send an ecard, or adopt a pet.

  • Free online games 3


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    Math Games and Activities for kids
    Offers games on counting, telling time, making change, measurement, and shapes.

  • Puzzles Shop A Fun Educational Website for Teachers and Kids August 10, 2006 Phone made just for kids ages 5 - 12! Free Elementary and Preschool Math Activities Educational and Interactive Online Kids Math Games and Lessons > Math Games Geometry Games - Geometric Shape Games Chinese Tangrams Create your own tangrams using drag and drop shapes - just like Grandfather Tang's story

  • The object of the game is to be the player to complete the most squares

  • Number Charts with Numbers Greater Than 100: Counting by 10's to 1000 Measurement Games Interactive measuring game Students measure teddy bears in one half unit increments

  • Scores are given as the game is played

  • Money Games Practice counting coins - quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies Choose from 3 helpers (levels of playing) to help you count a total amount on the table

  • Number Sense Games Finding Even Numbers Interactive math game that helps students find even numbers

  • Finding Odd Numbers Interactive math game that helps students find odd numbers

  • Dot to dot counting backwards A dot to dot interactive game to reinforce counting backwards from 20

    Cosmic Encounter Online - multiplayer online game
    The award-winning, classic Sci-Fi board game is now online. Play as one of eight
    different aliens, each with its own unique ability to break the rules.

    Free Online Math Games
    Has online math games for middle school kids. Worksheets and flashcards too.

  • Free Online Math Games An interactive web site that includes math flash cards, games and worksheets

  • These flash cards , games and worksheets are free for the general public

  • Leapster L-Max Learning Game System $99.99 The Leapster™ Learning Game System teaches in the way your child loves to play! With the Leapster library of software titles, your child can play action-packed educational games featuring characters that they know and love

  • The interactive touch screen and pen allow your child to write, draw, and paint, while vivid animation lets them learn essential school skills with story-based games! The full Leapster and Leapster L-Max library allow your child to play action-packed games while learning essential preschool through 4th grade skills! Learn on the Go! The Leapster L-Max handheld lets you play anywhere and learn everywhere! Plug it into your TV and grow! The TV expands the learning lessons! Dual screen learning advantage takes learning to the MAX! For example, you can learn to write letters on the L-Max handheld screen and the letters you write appear on the TV and star in an animated story!   © 2006

    Cool math 4 kids - math games, math puzzles, math lessons ...
    Math games, problems, calculators, puzzles, and fun and for all levels.

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    Photo by is a Fun, Interactive and Educational way for kids to ...
    Collection of fun educational games. Requires Macromedia Flash plug-in.

  • We offer fun, interactive, and educational games for kids

  • The graphics, games and site contents are created and maintained by Inc

    Products & Offerings - Riverdeep, Destination Success, Reading ...
    Reseller of popular software titles from Edmark. [Win- Mac] Educational software
    titles for Pre-K through grade 10 in various subject areas. - free lesson plans, free worksheets, free ...
    Interactive learning games, free printables, and software as well as an extensive
    library of theme resources available to paid subscribers.

  • Lots of online games for children and adults too

  • Choose a learning game Kids Page
    Includes an assortment of educational games suitable for kids from preschool to
    grade 6.

    Educational online games for kids preschool through sixth grade.

  • Here is a game that is easy to play, but makes you use your brain if you want the highest possible scores

  • Try this fast-paced counting game for free

  • All you need is a list of words, and this handy tool will do the rest! Members have access to our exciting new strategy game

  • We have a fun collection of free games and learning activities just for you! Choose your grade level, and then choose from fun games like Mr

  • Elephant's Matching Game and Math Mayhem! Membership gives parents and teachers a treasure chest of online learning resources

    Visual Math Learning: Free Online Math Tutorial
    Contains a pre-algebra tutorial offering games and puzzles.

  • --New-- Puzzle/Game Visual Math Learning Understanding Mathematics throughInsight, Concept, and Perception Do you consider yourself "mathematically challenged?" If you do, welcome to the majority of us, and welcome to this site

  • The tutorial includes games, puzzles, interactive diagrams, and computer animated virtual manipulatives that emphasize active learning concepts by visualization

    Shared Activities
    Games and quizzes for learning French. Over 10 types of activities to choose
    from, including matching games, flash cards, hangman, trivia games, and quizzes.

    Free Printable Math Worksheets
    Pages to teach younger children math and numbers.

  • [] [] [] [] [] [] [] KidZone Math Math Games on-line, timed (Good for any grade - improve basic skills) (Grade 3 and up) Free Printable Math Worksheets It's normal for children to be a grade below or above the suggested level, depending on how much practice they've had at the skill in the past and how the curriculum in your country is organized

    Math, English software, games, worksheets for grades K-8 - Dositey ...
    Interactive lessons and exercises, open-ended questions, printable worksheets,
    and challenging problems sorted by topic and grade range.

  • Fun games...exciting excercises...involving interactive lessons to boost a child's success in school

    Homeschool Math - free math worksheets, ebooks, lessons ...
    Free resources for teachers and homeschooling parents. Site has a worksheet
    generator, an electronic math textbook for grades 1-5, a math resources list that ...

  • | is a comprehensive math resource site for homeschooling parents and teachers: find free worksheets, math ebooks for elementary grades, extensive link list of games, interactive tutorials & quizzes, curriculum guide, and teaching tips articles

  • MATH HANGMAN Check your math vocabulary! ONLINE MATH RESOURCES The best sites with quizzes, games, interactive tutorials and activities for mathematics teaching - and some math software

  • Homework help, Tutoring : Math history, Problem solving, Test prep, gifted : Place value, Basic operations, Times tables, Factoring : Clock, Money, Measuring, Geometry : Fractions, Decimals, Percent, Integers : Geometry, Measuring, Coordinate plane : Algebra, Graphing, Calculus : Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics Websites with lots of interactive activities and games Web from $1.50 to $4.00

    Educational Games: Free Online Games at The Problem Site
    Solve math problems, brainteasers, word games and riddles. Featuring a selection
    of free puzzles to help develop problem solving and lateral thinking skills.

  • Educational Games - Free math problems, puzzles, word games, brainteasers, and mystery hunts

  • Online educational games designed by the creator of and

  • Educational Games, Puzzles, and Problem Solving Welcome to The Problem Site , a special problem solving site for both students and adults

  • Here you will find math problems, word games, word puzzles, mystery quests, and many other free educational resources

  • As you browse the educational games and resources on this site, you will quickly realize there is simply too much to take in all at one visit, so we encourage you to , so you can return to it again and again, discovering new games and resources each time you visit! Most of the games on The Problem Site were designed with children and teens in mind

  • Come back each day to test your wits! The Word Games section of this site includes a variety of English language vocabulary games and word games, including the popular Hangman, a Scrambled word game, and a challenging vocabulary quiz

  • The Math Games section of this includes an Order Of Operations game, two 'Secret Number' puzzles, and other fun ways to practice math facts and math principles

    FREE online math game -Arithmetic masters-
    Includes math games for addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

  • Fight a brave math battle against 5 opponents !! FREE online math game for all ages

  • Overview of 'the Arithmetic Masters' 'Arithmetic Masters (AM)' is an online learning game that allows you to improve the speed and accuracy of your mental math, which is the basis of arithmetic and mathematics, while enjoying yourself


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