A multi-protocol IM client for OS X; supports the six most popular instant
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  • It supports the seven most popular Instant Messaging services: AIM® ICQ® irc Jabber® (including Google® Talk and Apple® iChat Server) MSN® Yahoo! Messenger® Apple Bonjour® (aka Rendezvous) Now a Universal Binary supporting both Intel and PowerPC Macs

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  • Rated 5 Stars Wednesday, August 9, 2006 Do you YIM? With Windows Live chatting options, PC-to-PC calling, free avatars, and drag-and-drop photo sharing, Yahoo Instant Messenger defends its throne as king of all IM clients

  • Supporting AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, and IRC, this free chat client might be the only one you need
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  • | Windows Live Messenger - you can chat online via text, voice or even..

  • 6, 900 downloads | Rating 0.00/5 33) | Universal Vista Inspirat Brico Pack - Vista look and feel for Windows XP 6, 880 downloads | Rating 4.47/5 34) | Azureus is a free Java based BitTorrent client 6, 817 downloads | Rating 4.46/5 35) | Microsoft ActiveSync - Latest synchronization software for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs and Smartphones 6, 709 downloads | Rating 4.12/5 36) | Buddy Spy - keep track of what your Yahoo Messenger buddies are doing, even if they are in Invisible Mode 6, 001 downloads | Rating 4.32/5 37) | DVDFab Express is simply the easiest way to copy a DVD movie 5, 930 downloads | Rating 4.58/5 38) | Winamp is a flexible and sophisticated application for playing and managing your music 5, 916 downloads | Rating 4.21/5 39) | Now you can use any theme for Windows XP with SP2 Build 2180 5, 916 downloads | Rating 4.23/5 40) | BitTorrent is the p2p client with brain 5, 787 downloads | Rating 4.32/5 Welcome! Hello, Guest if you have a account


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  • [1] Posted Jun 29th 2006 12:20AM by While visiting the Yahoo! Messenger with Voice landing page, I noticed a plugin being promoted that I saw real value in using

  • What could this mean? So I backed out and using Y! Search looked for 'messenger plugin gamechannel.' Near the top I see a link to the

  • It is equipped to be interoperable with Microsoft Live (MSN) Messenger when it and Y! Messenger open the gates (no pun intended)

  • I recently found myself with a Mac with OS X on my desk and have been using both Y! Messenger and

  • The older Mac Y! Messenger was really crippled compared to what I was accustomed to on my machines

  • He hungrily downloaded and installed the new Y! Messenger for Mac

  • I pointed out that all these features have been available in the Y! Messenger for Windows for some time

  • Sluggish to get into mail and I have been unable to log in to Messenger at all this morning

  • Can a Yahoo! from the login/registration group or elsewhere shed some light on this for the benefit of the whole? UPDATE: 8:30 Pacific Time I've chatted with several folks (using Messenger, yeah) from various areas in Yahoo! who were surprised to hear that anything beyond Yahoo! running sluggish was happening

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  • No more viruses, Trojans, Internet worms and other malicious applications : BitDefender for Yahoo! and MSN Messenger, ICQ, NetMeeting, mIRC, Linux, MS-DOS IMS Desktop AV P2P PC : BitDefender Anti-Virus Products

  • Programm Download frei : BitDefender für Windows, LINUX, MS-DOS, ICQ Yahoo! und MSN Messenger, NetMeeting, mIRC..

  • Freeware Anti-Virus Program BitDefender Free Edition for : The world leading security solution for the Yahoo! Messenger file transfer - Freeware AntiVirus Software

  • Free Download BitDefender Free Edition for : security solution for the MSN Messenger file transfer

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  • AOL (Including AOL 9.0 Optimized!) ICQ - Both Lite and Pro versions AOL Instant Messenger Yahoo Messenger (Including 7.0) MSN Messenger 7.5 Trillian Messenger 2.0 and 3.0 DeadAIM - Record and save all e-mail messages sent and received from the PC you are monitoring

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  • So pleaase, before you send me a note asking me why it doesn't work, check the version of Yahoo Messenger you have

  • Add in also the fact that the constant updates to the Yahoo Messenger require continuous updates tothe skins, and I just do not have the time and energy to keep making them any longer

  • Go back to an old version and New Skin! - Tuesday, February 8, 2005 You can now go back to version 5.6 of Yahoo Messenger so that you can use all the older versions of skins on most sites! All you need to do is go to the and follow the instructions there (you have to uninstall the new version before installing the old one)

  • Coming from a Steelers fan who would have liked to see a cross-state or "Turnpike" Super Bowl! Here's to hoping for next year! New Messenger Version Warning!!! - Sunday, May 30, 2004 Yahoo has released a new version and have switched to the same type of interface as WinAmp and a lot of other software

  • Messenger News - Friday, June 06, 2003 While I prefer Yahoo Messenger due to all the additional modification it allows you to make in your skin, or theme, MSN Messenger has a larger user base

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  • The Microsoft endcap, a floor display located at the end of an aisle, presents best-of-breed VoIP solutions for enhancing the use of Windows Live Messenger with the Plantronics Audio™ 350 headset, Uniden dual-mode phones and Microsoft ® LifeCams

  • While providing a terrific opportunity for centralized product placement at leading retailers for a number of device manufacturers, the endcaps will also reduce the confusion consumers can feel when they wander the aisles in a retail space trying to locate products to expand their Windows Live Messenger experiences

  • Windows Live Messenger — the world’s largest instant messaging network, with 240 million users worldwide 1 — has opened the door for more meaningful and versatile communications via the PC with innovative audio and visual capabilities

  • “Through this initiative, Microsoft Hardware is also showing how a first-party play can add value to our legacy third-party partners: At the end of the day, we have a stronger hardware ecosystem that brings more business opportunities and innovation to our hardware partners, our retailer partners and our 500 million Windows Live users.” To better serve the increased demand for high-quality video and audio calls, Microsoft Hardware recently launched LifeCams, a line of webcams that includes the LifeCam VX-6000 and LifeCam VX-3000, which are designed to enrich the Windows Live Messenger calling experience


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  • video Yahoo Messenger with Voice 8 offers paid outbound and inbound telephone calls in addition to free voice and video chat, free avatars, creative third-party plug-ins, and the ability to chat with Windows Live users

    ZDNet News: Napster Cracks Down on Pig Latin
    File-sharing firm Aimster has removed a Pig Latin-based program from its website
    that enabled Napster users to get around court-ordered restrictions on the ...

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    A firewall configuration utility for Linux. It is aimed at novice to intermediate
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  • Added support for Novell Netware 5/6 NCP File system protocols, 'Time' protocol, FreeDB, Elster, Yahoo games, Legato NetWorker backups, eDonkey2000, EverQuest, ICP, Privoxy, AIM, Fasttrack, Kazaa, iMesh, Grokster, Blubster, Direct Connect, WinMX and Yahoo! Messenger, AH, ESP, Jabber and EsounD protocols

  • Some more bug fixes, and support for CDDB, MSN Messenger, VNC and PPTP has been added

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  • I have ICQ, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, etc., so if you would like to get to know me, let me know

  • I'm available certain hours / days of the week: Current Projects Stay tuned! Contact Information Email address: Download icq! Chat/send files/email via me at UIN# 1746581 Download AOL Instant Messenger and add me to your buddy list as SuaveDoG (or you can chat with me on AOL too!) Yahoo Messenger to chat and webcam with me! Msn Messenger to chat / webcam with me! Links Norton Utilities, Pcanywhere, and Norton Antivirus Updates and Tech Bulletins See what your motherboard and chip can do! Get latest codecs and drivers

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  • Spell it backwards and see what you get!) Posted in | July 18th, 2006 Microsoft Messenger is a well-known and popular instant messaging program

  • Thus there is 'Alvaro's Messenger clone - aMSN'

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