The Straight Dope: Are gorillas using sign language really ...
Cecil Adams' research column on the divided scientific opinions about apes and

  • What is the straight dope? --Fabian Braithwaite Cecil replies: Don't be too hard on Koko, Fabian

  • --CECIL ADAMS [Comment on this answer ] Cecil Adams can deliver the Straight Dope on any topic

  • ANOTHER EPOCHAL PUBLISHING EVENT! Cecil's latest gift to mankind, Triumph of the Straight Dope , is in the bookstores now and can also be ordered on-line at the

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    The news and arts weekly of the Twin Cities.

  • by Dan Savage by Rob Brezsny (Horoscope) by Cecil Adams (Straight Dope) by Rob Nelson Brit movie brat takes the B horror movie where it belongs

    Fred Zinnemann Current Month TV Schedule
    Current month television schedule to view his films.

  • A lad gets the racing dope straight from the horse's mouth
    A foxy public librarian blogs about life in a large urban city by the bay.

  • One can always count on them to set oneself straight.From 'The Jilting of Granny Weatherall': She wasn’t too old yet for Lydia to be driving eighty miles for advice when one of the children jumped the track, and Jimmy still dropped in and talked things over: “Now, Mammy, you’ve a good business head, I want to know what you think of this?… A battleaxe makes a fine, reassuring role model for young women

  • Two steps behind him was a shirtless Asian man carrying two buckets on a yoke, like a coolie straight out of some time worm hole from the 19th century

  • It was was a scene straight out of Reno 911!, which I recently discovered and now consider the most brilliant and hilarious show on television, at least to me

  • After he finished vomiting the man wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and headed straight for the elevators, into which he disappeared


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    Honolulu based e-zine representing urban island music culture in Hawaii.
    Scene-information, interviews, reviews, and events listings.

    NOVA Online | Search for a Safe Cigarette | The Dope on Nicotine
    NOVA episode on nicotine, addiction, and tobacco products.

  • The skin and mucosal lining of the mouth absorb some nicotine, but the remainder flows straight down into the lungs, where it easily diffuses into the blood vessels lining the lung walls

    Straight Edge Life : Home
    An online journal of the ordinary life of a straight-edge man in America.
    Includes book, movie, software and music reviews. Fun quotes.

  • skip to: | Straight Edge Life - The Journal Of A Straight Edge Man In America | / September 14, 2006 Home Photos in Black and White A gallery of images to exercise my creative impulse

  • Especially the right to exist.' --Edward Abbey RSS Feed The 10 most recent entries on for syndication

  • Over time it became this focused and sort of obsessive blog about being straight edge

  • But since I don't have all that much free time at the moment I will indulge my desire to journal once again on straight edge life

  • You see, I started straight edge life in the middle of my divorce

  • The identity of Straight Edge helped me find enormous strength when I had very little of my own

  • Straight Edge is part of who I am, it will always be, I'm not about to start drinking, have no fear

  • Some come from the outside and push straight in

  • And then there are the ones that come from the outside and push straight through out on their way to something else

  • A very good friend of mine told me of a dream she had about a huge wave coming straight at her

  • So here's my take on going to parties with alcohol when you're straight edge

    Music and site reviews covering a wide variety of genres.

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    De x van straight edge
    Lees de meningen van jongeren over hun ervaringen en opvattingen.

    Descriptions and sound files of songs used for some of today's most popular hip
    hop tunes.

    Whiz Kid Technomagic
    Assembly language programming for Windows. Source code samples included.

    Muammar al-Gaddafi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Hyperlinked encyclopedia article about the leader of Libya.

  • The Straight Dope (1986)


    Is It GUE Tech or MIT? Dave Lebling Explains It...
    The author talks about locations in the game based on actual sites at Massachusetts
    Institute of Technology.

  • We thought we'd go straight to the source and ask Dave for the straight dope

    Cannabis News - marijuana, hemp, and cannabis news
    News about marijuana and drug policy. Fully searchable and updated daily.

    The Justice: Tommy Shaw - Damn Straight
    Annotated reprint of an article from the weekly student newspaper of Brandeis

  • Tommy Shaw - Damn Straight! by Originally appearing in The Justice (the weekly student newspaper of Brandeis University), in the October 20, 1992 issue This article is ã 1992, 1999 Allan Hirt and cannot be copied, altered, or reproduced without my permission

    The Capitol Steps Home Page
    Music and political satire by The Capitol Steps, the Washington-based troupe of
    Congressional staffers turned songwriters.

  • Lirty Dies: We give you the straight dope on the Bombs Away: Capitol Step recounts to the NY Times the bizarre of carrying props through airline security

    Watts Music : Home
    Importer and exporter of Underground Electronic, Dance and Hip Hop music,
    specializing in vinyl distribution.

    You too can have a web-based news aggregator
    An extension to Adam Simpson's RawDog (web based aggregator python script).
    DogWalker is a script that periodically runs RawDog on webmaster's home PC and ftps ...

  • The straight dope: You too can, open a site somewhere, and get such a page (tailor-made to your taste in news sources) in minutes

    CANNABIS.COM - Cannabis, Marijuana, and Hemp Information
    Features cannabis FAQs, message boards, live chat, pictures, e-zine, news, and links. -- Online Catalog: Learning Carbon
    Learn the fundamentals and key concepts of Carbon programming as you design and
    build a complete application under the book's guidance.

  • I felt I was getting the straight dope, but without too much extraneous info


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