Unofficial Cookie FAQ
A list of frequently asked questions with answers. Covers cookie fundamentals,
cookie creation, cookie...

Cookie Recipe .com
Features a huge database of cookie recipes. Also allows users to share and request

Persistent Client State - HTTP Cookies
The original cookies specification. It describes the format of cookies and how
cookies work over HTTP....

Bad Cookie
Real web Chinese fortune cookie.


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How Stuff Works: Internet Cookies
Learn exactly how Internet cookies work, see an example, and understand what all
the media uproar is about.

Mimi's Christmas Cookie Archive
A large collection of cookie recipes for the holidays.

Cookie Pal
A complete internet cookie management program for Windows, by Kookaburra Software.

Big Pink Cookie
To make a short story long.

  • Posted in by Christine on the 13th day of July, 2006 When you watch Monster House, they do all the tear down and renovations and stuff over a week

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    Cookies By Design the original cookie bouquet company
    Fresh baked, hand decorated cookies in gift basket arrangements for all occasions.

    Cookie Cruncher
    Delete unwanted Internet cookies from Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Netscape
    Navigator, and America...

    A modified version of the Cookie Manager built into the Firefox/Mozilla browser.

    IMDb: Cookie's Fortune
    Cast/credits plus other information about the film.


    Cookies and Bars
    An index of cookie and bar recipes.

    Wikipedia: Cookie Monster
    Comprehensive encyclopedia article on the Sesame Street Muppet, including his
    roles on the show, appearan...

  • Cookie Monster (right) and his mother in a season 33 segment, 2002

  • Cookie Monster (alias S

  • The proto-Cookie Monster, from a 1967 training film

  • explains Cookie Monster's early life: 'In 1966, Henson drew three monsters that ate cookies and appeared in a General Foods commercial that featured three crunch snack foods:

  • Each snack was represented by a different monster

  • The Wheel-Stealer was a short, fuzzy monster with wonky eyes and sharply pointed teeth

  • The Crown-Grabber was a hulk of a monster with a Boris Karloff accent and teeth that resembled giant knitting needles

  • 'These monsters had insatiable appetites for the snack foods they were named after

  • One by one, the monsters sneak in and zoom away with the snacks

  • Frustrated and peckish, the narrator warns viewers that these pesky monsters could be disguised as someone in your own home, at which point the monsters briefly turn into people and then dissolve back to monsters again.' As it turns out, these commercials were never aired — but all three monsters had a future in the Muppet cast

  • The 'Flute-Snatcher' turned into, a background monster from and The Muppet Show

    The Cookie Garden
    Retail and online sales of cookie bouquets and gifts. Also has a virtual tour of
    the store.

    Fortune Cookie
    Online oracle where you read the fortune.

    Cookie Time
    Cookie manufacturer based in New Zealand. History, factory tour, social campaigns,
    photos and FAQ.

    Cookie Nest
    Java resource site of source code, tutorials, articles and forums.

    Pacific Cookie Company
    Baskets, boxes, tins or canisters filled with a customizable choice of flavors.

    How Web Servers' Cookies Threaten Your Privacy
    Cookies related information from a privacy perspective. By Junkbusters Corporation.


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