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  • Welcome to BIGWHEELS , the most versatile custom wheel website on the Internet

  • Our website offers a wide variety of custom wheels and tires and an application specific database which displays only wheels and tires that fit your vehicle

  • We offer wheels from many manufacturers including: ADR, Akuza, Alessio, ALT, American Racing, ASA, Avenue, Bazo, BBS, Boss, BZO, Carre, Colour Racing, Devino, Driv, DUB, Eagle, Euromax, Foose, Giovanna, GRacing, Kaotik, Kyowa, MHT, MKW, Motegi, Motto, Neeper, Niche, Nitro, Oasis, OEM Replicas, OZ, Panther, Primax, Prodrive, Raceline, Sportmax, TIS, TSW, Zenetti and Zinik

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    Tires & Wheels - the absolute tire and wheel authority
    Information on how to purchase, maintain and understand automotive tires and
    wheels, with links to discussion forums.

  • New Header2_LOGIN Got a digital picture of your car? Want to see custom aftermarket rims on that car? With our Custom Car Wizard, you can view any of our custom wheels on your car in 4 easy steps

    American Racing Wheels, Eagle Alloys, Vintage Rims
    Brands offered include American Racing, Eagle Wheels and Boss Motorsport.

  • Wheelsforless 800-810-4512 9:00am-5:30pm Monday-Friday Central Standard Time "Wheel Save You Money!" Wheels Tires Accessories officially kicked off their 50th Anniversary celebration at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nov

  • Whether street, track, off-road or show, American Racing, and the wheels they produce, are all about performance

  • Being one of the leading producers of high performance aftermarket wheels, American Racing takes this commitment to performance very seriously, and know they would not be where they are today if it was not for their passion and loyal customers who have put American Racing on the map

  • Their development of new product lines, cutting-edge styles and sponsorship of some of the best talents in the industry, are what drive them in 2006 American Racing Wheels Eagle Wheels, Ion Wheels, Nitto Tires Free shipping on qualified orders of American Racing and selected Eagle, Boss, & Ion Wheels

  • We're celebrating American Racing's 50th anniversary by offering free shipping on all American Racing custom wheels! Custom Wheels for less

  • Wheelsforless offers major brand wheels at discounted prices

    Motorsport World - Performance Car Parts
    Performance parts and car sales in the UK.

  • Ace Wheels at discount prices from Motorsport World

  • Ace Alloy Wheels at discount prices from Motorsport World

  • AEZ Wheels at discount prices from Motorsport World

  • AEZ Alloy Wheels at discount prices from Motorsport World

  • Affinity Wheels at discount prices from Motorsport World

  • Affinity Alloy Wheels at discount prices from Motorsport World

  • Alba Wheels at discount prices from Motorsport World

  • Alba Alloy Wheels at discount prices from Motorsport World

  • Alessio Wheels at discount prices from Motorsport World

  • Alessio Alloy Wheels at discount prices from Motorsport World

  • Antera Wheels at discount prices from Motorsport World

  • Antera Alloy Wheels at discount prices from Motorsport World

  • Asia Tec Wheels at discount prices from Motorsport World

  • Asia Tec Alloy Wheels at discount prices from Motorsport World

  • Audi Wheels at discount prices from Motorsport World

  • Audi Alloy Wheels at discount prices from Motorsport World

  • Axe Wheels at discount prices from Motorsport World

  • Axe Alloy Wheels at discount prices from Motorsport World

  • info: BOSS WHEELS

    Photo by Online Music Superstore 1-800-878-8882
    On-line musical supply superstore. Huge selection of recording, pro audio,
    keyboards/midi, and guitars.

    Kilns, potters wheels, bisqueware, Mayco Glaze & more!
    A wide selection of pottery supplies including kilns, potters wheels, slab rollers,
    extruders, ceramics, airbrushes, and clay.

    Creative Industries Pottery Wheels and Ceramic Arts Accessories
    Manufacturers of potter wheels and accessories for the ceramics community.

    Absolutely Lottery Software Store
    Home of Lottery Boss Pro and other lottery and lotto software packages for Windows
    since 1984.

  • It's Here! Home ZM Premier Samplers Zer0 Miss Wheels Lotto Databases Daily Databases Upgrades Available Testimonials Official Lottery Links Download Catalog Sign Guest Book Walter Computer Services (since 1984), home of Lottery Boss Pro 32, builds world class Lottery software, Lotto software, Daily Number software, Wheeling software and systems for Windows

  • Our titles include: Lottery Boss Pro 32, Lotto Pool Pro 32, Best Bet Professional 32, Wheel Wright 32, Zer0 Miss Hot Wheels 32, and Big Wheel Pick 5 Professional

  • These Include: Best Bet Professional 32, Wheel Wright 32, Lotto Pool Pro 32, Zer0 Miss Hot Wheels 32, Zer0 Miss multi-level/multi-prize wheeling systems, Big Wheel Pick 5 Professional, up to date Lotto and Daily Databases, Zer0 Miss Samplers, Testimonials, Comments, Guru's, Reviews, Tips, Tactics and Strategy

  • Having said that: Welcome to those that qualify, enjoy yourselves and may your numbers come due! [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ Zer0 Miss Premier Wheel Samplers ] [ Zer0 Miss Wheels ] [ Lotto Databases ] [ Daily Databases ] [ Upgrades Available ] [ Testimonials ] [ ] [ Our Links Page ] [ ] [ Download Our Catalog ] [ ] [ ] If you would like to order off line or have questions - call (717) 299-4646 12pm-8pm EST Visitors to our site Email contact: copyright ©1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 by M.T.Walter - all rights reserved

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    Welcome to
    BMX bicycle information and history.

    JD WHEELS Custom alloy wheels and performance tires
    Distributor of ROH wheels from Australia.

  • / 740-657-1802 Distributor of ROH, Mondera, Eagle (American Eagle), Boss, MSR, Konig, Maxxim, Privat, Zinik, DeZenyo, and American Racing wheels

  • Wheels are limited to stock on hand and bolt patterns

  • Your passengers will love you for it! Konig Rewind At last! 4x4.5 +0 in stock!!! Silver and Graphite!! New ROH Mantis New ROH Conquest New ROH Shift R New ROH Blackhawk New ROH Nemesis New ROH Blackhawk 6 If you bought your wheels from JD Wheels and you would like to have your car shown on our site, please e-mail or mail a picture to us

  • Copyright © 2000 JD Wheels Last modified: August 14, 2006

    Boss Hoss of Virginia
    Information on motorcycles for sale and services.

  • You don't even have to own a BOSS HOSS to dream of what it's like to ride on 2 wheels with the power of the incredible Chevy V8 at your fingertips

  • Whether riding on 2 or 3 wheels, Boss Hoss will have you begging for more

    ::Rimtronics:: Rims: Avus, Davin, GfG. Car Audio: Alpine, Boss ...
    Includes brand names such as Alpine, Boss, Clarion, JVC, Kenwood, Pioneer, and Sony.
    Also offers custom rims.

  • DON'T SEE THE RIMS OR ELECTRONICS YOU NEED ON OUR SITE?? CONTACT US AND WE CAN GET IT FOR YOU AT A COMPETITIVE PRICE!! WHEEL AND TIRE PACKAGES ARE AVAILABLE!! ·  ·   ·   ·   ·   ·   ·   ·  Rim Specials Davin Forte Enkei SenDel Zenetti OE Replicas CUSTOM WHEELS AND CAR AUDIO At our superstore, we specialize in offering the latest car audio technology and custom rims for your vehicle at the lowest prices possible

  • Our Custom Rims inventory includes brand names such as Auto Couture, Avus, Collectizone, Davin, Dbl G, Detata, Donz, D'Vinci, Enkei, Etx, Everhart, Evo, Forte, Foxx, G-racing, Gfg, Gianelle, Giovanna, Kaizer, Limited, Lowenhart, Mizati, Nitza, NS Racing, OE Concepts, OE Replicas, RSS Wheels, Sendel, Sequence, Street Spin, WTD, Zenetti and much more

  • We have chrome, black and custom color wheels to fit any car or truck

  • Custom wheel brand names that we carry but are not yet on the site are ADR, Akuza, Albe, Alcoa, Alpina, American Eagle, Antera, ATS, Axis, BBS, Billet Specialties, Blitz, Barbet, Boyd Coddington, Breyton, Carlsson, Centerline, Colorado Custom, Cragar, Daat, Dayton, DK, Dolce, Driv, Dub, Element Alloys, Elite, Enkei, Epic, Fiske, Foose, Forgeline, Hartge, Hipnotic Wheels, HRE, Jesse James, Kaotic, Katana, KMC, Konig, Lexani, Lorinser, Mae, Maido, Mangeli, Maxxim, Maya, MHT, Milanni, Mile Miglia, MM, MKW, Momo, Mondera, Motegi, MOZ, MVR, Neeper, Niche, Oettinger, OZ, Pacific Dualties, Panther, PIAA, Quantum Tech, Racing Hart, Rays, Ronal, Ruff Racing, Schnitzer, Status Alloys, Tech Art, TSW, TTE, Ultra, Verde, Volk, and Zink


    Gambino crime family - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Historical survey of the New York-based criminal organization.

  • With Gambino secretly siding with Genovese against his own boss, the wheels were in motion for the removal of Anastasia

    Buy Custom Wheels and Tires for your car at Cruisin' Gold Co.
    Custom wheels, rims and tires.

  • Custom Wheels, Rims and Tires Select custom wheels using our car, Van, or Truck selection catalog

  • The first and only live video showroom for buying wheels and tires at great prices

  • Providing custom wheels, rims and tires for cars with over 25 years experience

  • Keywords: CUSTOM WHEELS, wheels, rims, enkei, enkie, american eagle, american racing, boss, epic, motegi, msr, pinnacle, tis, wired, tire, rim, cars, accessories, brakes, CAR, CUSTOM, car rims, WIRE, SPOKE, automotive, auto, wheels, rims, alloy wheels custom, customwheels, chrome, mag, trucks, van, CHROMEWHEELS, automotive wheel, tires, auto rims, auto tires, automotive, autoaccessories, chrome wheels, mags, aluminium wheels Wheels are our business and we know what custom wheels fit your vehicle

  • This knowledge comes from our years of experience installing and servicing custom wheels

  • There are many sizes and shapes of custom wheels and these wheel dimensions will determine proper function

  • Providing custom wheels and tires for cars with over 35 years experience

  • We purchase the finest custom wheels and tires in volume to offer very competitive prices

    Mitsubishi Lancer Register
    Includes club information, members list, member's cars, technical information,
    track days and times, forums, and links.

    Waynes Wheels Garden Grove sells custom wheels chrome rims Alba ...
    Offers alloy wheels, tires, and a small selection of suspension lowering kits.

  • Wayne's Wheels Makes it E-Z to Get Your Custom Wheels On

  • Over 200 Popular Custom Wheel Brands to Choose From, all at Affordable Prices, Wayne's Wheels Makes it E-Z for You to Enhance Your Vehicle's Appearance and Performance

  • Strada Diamante Chrome Rims on BMW 6 Series The Hottest Custom Wheels - Best Custom Wheel Deals! Welcome to Wayne's Wheels, the web site for the serious automotive enthusiasts! CUSTOM WHEELS is what this site is all about and we've got lots of them to choose from

  • Located in Garden Grove, CA., Wayne’s Wheels has custom wheels to fit almost anything that rolls

  • Click our Wheels button to visit Wayne's Custom Wheel Page where you'll find a variety of custom wheel manufacturers offering the latest custom wheel fashions available

  • Dress your ride with the latest custom wheels on the market

  • BLINGZ CHA-CHING TSW ZANDVOORT SPECIAL 20X8.5 SILVER / MACHINED FINISH only $399 set* *quantities are limited Check our selection of Alba Custom Wheels, American Racing Custom Wheels, Asanti Forged Alloy Wheel, Boss Chrome Rims, Chip Foose Classics and Over-Haulin, Cragar Classic Cars Wheels, Diamo Luxury Alloys, Driv off-road truck rims, Dub Spinning Dubs Wheels, American Eagle Alloy, Giovanna Luxury Alloys, Goodyear Tires, rims featured in Jesse James Monster Garage, Lexani Escalade and Mercedes Body Kits, Lowenhart, Moto Metal, Nitto Mud Grapplers, Pirelli Ultra High Performance Tyres, Volt Racing Rims, Zenetti Black Wheels BMW Body Kits and more

    Wheels, Ground Effects, Wood Dash Trim, Electronics, trailer ...
    Family owned business selling Jamaican blue mountain coffee, Jamaican rum cake,
    utility trailer parts and hitches, and home and auto electronics.

    'Alter Eagle', Car & Driver magazine, June 1980
    Car and Driver magazine article on modifications made to a new 1980 Eagle wagon
    and performance gained.

  • Since tractive effort is spread over four wheels instead of just two, driving forces are far less likely to screw up cornering attitudes

  • Alloy wheels don't exist for the Eagle as yet, so we modified a set originally designed for a front-drive Cadillac Seville and bolted them on

    Custom wheels, car rims, truck rims, chrome rims, chrome wheels ...
    Custom wheels and rims with an option to buy tires, installed and balanced.

  • Search: Manufacturer Size Offset Finish Sort by Custom wheels, car rims, truck rims, chrome rims, chrome wheels We sell a huge selection of some of the hottest styles of custom wheels, car rims and Discount tires packages

  • All prices are for complete car rims and tire packages: 4 wheels, 4 tires, mounted and balanced, shipped free right to your door ( continental United States only ) unless otherwise stated

  • We offer chrome rims at unbeatable prices! Buy chrome wheels for all cars, Import and Domestic

  • Our chrome wheels go all the way to 26 inch rims! All Prices for Wheel a nd Tire Package! MFP Wheels 51-Fifty Wheels 51-Fifty Wheels 51-Fifty Wheels 17 inch $1029 18 inch $1089 20 inch $1379 22 inch $1899 We take care of the 'WILL THEY FIT?' problem for you! Our highly trained staff will determine your custom wheels and car rims fitment for you

  • We sell custom wheels and chrome rims with discount tires at wholesale prices

  • New Manufacturers: - One low price to your door , hassle free buying experience Custom wheels and tires plus free shipping = One Low Price ! We sell custom wheels and some of the hottest car rims with a one price to your door strategy! We combine all chrome rims and Discount Tires, mounted and balanced, and shipped free to your door

    The official WebSite of HRGiger-Ghost Train Nightmare
    An article on a "Species" dream sequence that didn't make it into the movie.
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  • The wheels and motors were made by Ball und Sohn, Modellbau, of Stein am Rhein, the finest model train manufacturer in the world

  • Giger sank about $80.000 of his own money into building the 20-foot-long, five zoll, fully working model, whose teeth, vacuum hoses and tongues all functioned by way of rotating cams attached to the wheels

  • He sent faxes to Edlund explaining how the timing of the vacuums were based on how fast the wheels turned


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