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  • Were those just empty words? Or will Glocer practices what he preaches? How about a blogger review panel to independently examine Adnan Hajj's work? Here are your talented online panelists, Mr

    Department of Defense Job Search
    Offers quick search by job title and position, branch of service, keywords, and
    job number.

  • Set up an automated search to find jobs and have the results e-mailed to you for free! Create and post your resume online, all completely free

    Hurricane Katrina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Contains history of the storm, and its effects on the region.

    Sexual Harassment Resources - United States Government Information ...
    Local, state, national, and international resources for workplace and educational


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    Media Supply Store for DVD's, Blank Video Tape and Supplies
    Blank tape, boxes, labels, shippers.

  • Internet Shopping: Order online safely with just a few clicks

    Citizens for Legitimate Government
    Pro-democracy activist group established to expose the alleged Bush coup d'etat.
    Breaking news, articles, anti-war and anti-Bush protest calendar, discussion, ...

  • CLG's Visit CLG on ***** Anti-Bush ***** Right here! Get your online copy of We Will Not Get Over It: Restoring a Legitimate White House , by journalist Jackson Thoreau and social worker Sharon Thoreau

    Mr. Smash goes to Washington
    Blog by Reservist recalled to active duty and deployed overseas in support of
    Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

    Loyola Homepage on Strategic Intelligence
    Contains an extensive library of documents and links related to strategic and
    military intelligence for the use of researchers, students, and other interested ...

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    Modern History Sourcebook: Simón de Bolívar: Message to the ...
    From: Simón Bolívar, An Address of Bolivar at the Congress of Angostura (February
    15, 1819), Reprint Ed., (Washington, DC: Press of BS Adams, 1919).

    Security Fix - Brian Krebs on Computer and Internet Security ...
    The Washington Post's Brian Krebs writes about a wide range of computer security

  • Dig through the details of the advisories and you will see that instructions showing would-be attackers how to exploit at least nine of the flaws have already been posted online

  • Javascript is a powerful programming language that works seamlessly across multiple Web browsers and operating systems, but online criminals can tap into that power to effectively force browsers that visit malicious sites to do their bidding

    Abbreviations and Acronyms of the US Government
    Lists federal government abbreviations and acronyms. Includes links to official
    government web sites.

    Hit and Run
    Continuous news, reviews, and abuse by the staff of Reason magazine.

  • Continuous news, views, and abuse by the Reason staff Reason Online headlines (August 8) (August 8) (August 7) Hit & Run Archives Syndicate: or August 08, 2006 New at Reason the latest hoary comparisons between World War II and the War on Terror, this time from John Podhoretz

  • On online forums, including [his company] Lovecraft's, owners of converted cars discuss emissions, road taxes, oil rancidity, lubricity, flash points, biodegradability, particulates and hydrocarbons

  • And while you're at it, why don't you just already? Update: Transcript and audio online


    CNN - Companies struggle with privacy on the Web - May 20, 1999

  • EDT (1436 GMT) by Deborah Radcliff INTERACTIVE Are businesses doing enough to protect consumers' privacy online? Yes No (IDG) -- The issue of privacy both polarizes and unifies government, cyberactivists, businesses and consumers

  • For example, users revolted against America Online Inc

  • Those organizations, TrustE, which was founded in part by the EFF, and BBBOnline, a new offshoot of the Better Business Bureau, support the opt-in policy

  • TrustE and BBBOnline logo buttons that customers can click to read a Web site's privacy policy and check the business' status with TrustE and BBBOnline

  • Though many hail these services as the best available solution, some online marketers, like Tucker at Key Marketing, feel they're gimmicks to make a site look more credible

  • 'I think a lot of online privacy issues are really mountains being made from molehills

  • If a company opts not to use an outside service like BBBOnline or TrustE, it should at least provide a link to its own privacy statements on every Web page, contends Shelley Harms, executive director of public privacy at Bell Atlantic Corp

  • 'You don't just talk to the technologist, you also talk to those in the company who collect information — marketing folks, order takers, data-entry operators ....' If all employees aren't on the same privacy page, your company could get stung the way America Online did last year in the Timothy McVeigh case

    CNN - Navy taps into Microsoft's popular Flight Simulator product ...

    Federal Tax Refund Offset
    The handbook has the basic steps to follow to establish paternity and obtain a
    support order, and to collect the support due, whether you are working with your ... Jim Placke's Chemical, Biological, Radiological ...
    Nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare links.

  • The quality of the prediction and some parameters are explained in an online-tutorial

  • You can see the hundreds of craters located adjacent to the Nellis Test Range where most of the USA's underground nuclear testing was done; - in fact the image resolution is so good you can see the electricity poles and sometimes even the wires! He spent a few days with PHP and MySQL and brought together the data into a live online fully searchable database that can generate GE KML/KMZ and CSV files of any set of results

  • You can read it online or download the pdf file for free

  • The South Central Public Health Partnership (Tulane and University of Alabama) is offering a series of free online courses including: Applied Epidemiology of Terrorist Events Chemical Terrorism Counterterrorism Incident command Essentials of Designing and Evaluating Exercises and Drills to Enhance Public Health Emergency Preparedness Understanding Emergency Public Health Risk Communication: Partners & Preparedness beyond the Public Health System NBCD is a data-driven website incorporating research information, indexes and resources building on over 25 years of collecting and historical research in the field of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence

    Hobbes' Internet Timeline - the definitive ARPAnet & Internet history
    Robert H. Zakon highlights key events and technologies that helped shape the Internet.

    Liberia on the Internet
    Annotated directory of links to web resources.

  • Issues of die Coconut (a German newsletter) are online as images

  • Candidate profiles, the National Election Commission, full text documents, online polls, related sites

  • Online and "" both by Jo Sullivan

  • d’Azevedo Collection..."; inventories are online

  • Contains an online

  • Site has the, the July 1997 General Elections Final Tally, many links to online information on Liberia (U.S

  • "Liberia also offers one of the most convenient, efficient, and tax effective offshore corporate registries in the world." Information on establishing a company in Liberia, their newsletter, Flagship , press releases, online forms

    COMAPSRON Four Home Page
    Mission statement, command profile, and command officer's biography.

  • Uniform items may be obtained from NEX online and mail ordered to our APO address

    The Official TSP Home Page, maintained by FRTIB; 2005-12-07
    The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is a defined contribution retirement savings plan
    for Federal employees. Site offers access to account information, ...


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