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To look at photos of beautiful girls in slips is what originally motivated me, but for some, there is always the suspicion that this site is just another aspect of simple commerce, and that the models, despite their beauty, are not really wearing what we would expect to see in daily life.

This part of the site is dedicated to those people who love not only the female shape, but also feminine fashion - particularly in the form that the normal women of our lives know how to present to us.
These pages have been made possible by people sending me their pictures and allowing me to put them on the web for the benefit and enjoyment of others.
If you have any pictures you would like to see here please email them to me at the address below.



Our galleries of images becomes rich with the arrival of a new Lady that give to these first images will attract of sure the interest of all the slip fans. In more I can add that from how much it has asserted CRITEPA are very 200 slips in the wardrobe and all to wear!!! We remain in waited for new and exciting images.

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la moglie di critepa1 la moglie di critepa2 la moglie di critepa3 la moglie di critepa4
la moglie di critepa5 la moglie di critepa6 la moglie di critepa7 la moglie di critepa8
la moglie di critepa9 la moglie di critepa10 la moglie di critepa11 la moglie di critepa12
la moglie di critepa13 la moglie di critepa14 la moglie di critepa15


A sincere thanks to Roberto and Claudia who concur us, through their photos, sharing their moments of pleasure.
As spokeswoman of all the fans I invite to you to continue on this road and to cheer our spirit with other splendid photos

Claudia01 Claudia02 Claudia04 Claudia05 Claudia06


Thanks to Luca and Sandra for this taste, but the hunger of the fans is a lot therefore we wait for more flat.

Sandra1 Sandra2