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To look at photos of beautiful girls in slips is what originally motivated me, but for some, there is always the suspicion that this site is just another aspect of simple commerce, and that the models, despite their beauty, are not really wearing what we would expect to see in daily life.

This part of the site is dedicated to those people who love not only the female shape, but also feminine fashion - particularly in the form that the normal women of our lives know how to present to us.
These pages have been made possible by people sending me their pictures and allowing me to put them on the web for the benefit and enjoyment of others.
If you have any pictures you would like to see here please email them to me at the address below.



Il mio motto č: vedere un po',anche un po' di pių, ma non troppo...
E' questo lo spirito dei fantastici album fotografici che Dony ha dedicato alla calza classica e che potete visionare a questo indirizzo https://www.flickr.com/photos/silverwelt_dony/

sottoveste Dony 1 sottoveste Dony 2 sottoveste Dony 3 sottoveste Dony 4 sottoveste Dony 5
sottoveste Dony 6 sottoveste Dony 7 sottoveste Dony 8 sottoveste Dony 9 sottoveste alan68 10


Thanks for these pleasant images.
You can write her your opinions and suggestions to the following email: milena.rc@tiscali.it

Milena in sottoveste, reggicalze e sandali 1 Milena in sottoveste, reggicalze e sandali 2


Thankses to Margherita and Luca for these photos. Visited their website and sent many email(in friendly way naturally) why they realize many services where Margherita wear the slip.

Margherita1 Margherita2 Margherita3 Margherita4 Margherita5

Link al sito di Margherita


Here some photos sent by Miranda. But we are very hungrier...
You can write her your opinions and even requests to the following email: miravalli@libero.it

miranda's slip 1 miranda's slip 2 miranda's slip 3 miranda's slip 3