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Excused my translation, but I do not know English vary well, pray you to signal the errors to my address of email. Thanks.

I put before that this questionnaire is of the all anonymous person and does not have the pretension of being null of serious, but it wants simply to be a game, a moment of happiness and a useful occasion in order to even know better the tastes than who it navigates this site.
When the number of answers will concur it I will publish a page statistics that probably it will describe the expectations of the medium fan and could be useful to all the kind ladies that still have strong doubts on the seduction usefullness of one beautiful slip.

It's possible to give also more than one answer selecting for question.

The questionnaire is turned all fans and not, women and men, for comfort I have grouped the questions in various groups to which I have given a temporary title that tries of explain the purposes.
I demanded only a minimum of honesty in supplying the answers.

1) What styles  of slip do you like the most?:

Fitted closely with split
Close-fitting waist then flared like a pleated skirt (vintage style)
OTHER (or Comments)

2) I prefer that the straps are

Tubular (Spaghetti)
Wide or lace straps
OTHER (or Comments)

3) I prefer that the length is

Miniums (Mini)
Short (to average thigh)
Knee length
Below the knees

4) I prefer that the fabric is:

Synthetic (Nylon, viscous, shaved, polyamide)
Natural (Silk, cotton, satin)
OTHER (or Comments)

5) Aesthetically I prefer it

With lace hem and lace at the neckline
With applique or insert of lace over the slip
It smooths down without applique or insert of lace
OTHER (or Comments)

6)Style color that i like is:

Single color
Two tone slips or Contrasting lace 
Fabric fantasy printed
Fabric fantasy operated
I like all

7) What is your favourite slip color?:

8) To that age has begun to interesting?

9) Yours are an interest:

10) You have a greater interest for:

11) Finds more exciting or nicely if you can:

To see the whole slip on a woman
To see a lacy and silky slip showing below the hem of a skirt
OTHER (or Comments)

12) Are there other lingerie  that it appeals to you are bound together with the slip?

Hose (collant)
Guepiere (Basque)
Suspender (garter belt)
OTHER (or Comments)

13) With which external garments it is perfect?

Button up dress
Pleated skirt (Faltenrock)
Split Skirt
Short Skirt
Knee Skirt
Long Skirt
OTHER (or Comments)

14) I prefer that is worn:

In house
Outside house
To bed
In special occasions
Must always wear a slip
If you have answered in special occasions you write which:

15) Your wife (fiancče, former companion or) know about your passion?

1a) If it knows it:
She shares my passion
She tolerate my passion
She disapprove or hates my passion
It prefers to make feint of nothing
She pleases you irregularly

15b) If she shares it, like ago?
She is limited to favour my demands
She has own tastes and initiatives

16) Before making your passion know her has never worn the slip?
Have you worn the slip before that  had been you requested?

17) In that moments the use of the slip enriches your life of brace?

In the Intimacy
In the complicity of the exhibitionism (especially slipshowing)
OTHER (or Comments)

18) The slip in the wardrobe:

Select and buy her
Select and buy him
It is made together

19) For you a slip is:

An erotic garment
Pleasant to wear
Pleasant to see
Pleasant to touch
Comfortable and feminine at the same time
Means in order to attract the male sight
One simple habit
For old women
OTHER (or Comments)

20) You have worn it for the first time when you had:

Less than 19 years
Between the 19 and the 30
Over the 30 years

21) Wear it has been:

One my choice
One demand for my companion (husband, fiancče, lover, boy)
An imposition of my mother or husband
OTHER (or Comments)

Questions for women who stablily live with a companion (husband fiancče, lover etc)

22) Your companion is interested or approves of the use that you make of the slip?


23) If he approves he pushes more for you wear it?


24) Who of the two takes to the initiative care to its uses?


Thanks for the answers that you have given, I hope that soon amusing statistics is possible to be able to realize one or exciting to consult.