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Report of Slip, than passion's poll
Until this moment (06/10/2017) I've received 1102  answers to the questionnaire, but is necessary to retrieve that in many questions it was possible give more than a response
1) The shape (or structure) of the slip that i like is:
Options N.Answers
Close-fitting 315
Fitted closely with split 403
Svasata (type to bell) 217
Close-fitting waist then svasata 256
Lycra 52
Other (half slip, all lace) 44
2) I prefer that the strap are:
Options N.Answers
Tubolar (Spaghetti) 149
Thin 781
Wide in lace 210
Other (ribbon) 11
3) I prefer that the length is:
Options N.Answers
Mini 204
Short (to average thigh) 367
To the knee 483
Under the knee 218
4) What is the fabric that you prefer ?:
Options N.Answers
Synthetic (Nylon, viscous, shaved, polyamide) 737
Natural (Silk, Satin, cotton) 437
Other 20
5) Aesthetically I prefer it:
Options N.Answers
With the lace to bodice and on the hem 627
With insert of lace that run over the entire slip 295
It smooths down without insert of lace 250
Other (scalloped hem) 15
6) The color that i like is:
Options N.Answers
Single color 744
Two tone slips or Contrasting lace 143
Fabric fantasy printed 31
Fabric fantasy operated 7
I like all 289
7) The colors that I prefer:
Open Table of Color
8) To that age has begun to interesting?:
Options N.Answers
Less than 18 years 848
Between 18 and 30 199
Between 31 and 40 26
Over 18 years 17
9) Yours are an interest:
Options N.Answers
Visual 188
Tactile 30
Both 874
10) You have a greater interest for:
Options N.Answers
The single garment 108
For the worn garment 458
For both the things 537
11) Finds more exciting or nicely if you can:
Options N.Answers
To see the whole slip on a woman 642
To see silky and lacy slip showing below the hem of a skirt 592
Other (seethrough) 54
12) Are there other lingerie  that it appeals to you are bound together with the slip?
Options N.Answers
Stockings 621
Hose(pantyhose, collant) 230
Guepiere (Basque) 155
suspender (garter belt) 505
Girdle 147
String 260
Other (panties, bra, heels. knickers, corsets, full panty) 110