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In this page I wish to collect storys, life experiences or also the simple fantasies that every  fan hide in your drawer, sent all the one which you want to make to read, contributed to render agreeable this site for the joy of men and women who already know how much is erotic and beautiful the slip and for understanding who does not think it.

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Tales & experiences

My Slip Lust!

Im an African and was born when slips were commonly worn by women. My Mom and female relatives who stayed with us loved to wear slips and even do so in my presence despite the fact I was a boy. On this occasion(I was 6 then), one of my aunts who came from the village, was having her siesta and her black half slip was showing. I lay beside her and slowly but softly, worked her skirt upwards till her slip was in full view! I began to caress the slip and was lost in the excitement when she woke up! I thought she would beat the hell out of me but she didnt. She only told me to look and not to remove her clothes. She never told my Mom or anyone else. Times later, I found that same slip hanging in the bathroom. I wore it and imagined myself being a woman. I felt a sensation I had never experienced before overcome me. Till today( Im 25 now), I still wear half slips under my clothes anytime and display them in public places in the presence of other women. I even play pranks by softly pulling womens wrappers loose when they are seated beside me if I notice they have the shiny silk piece of female glory on and watch the wrapper drop to see the slip in full view. I now own about 100 slips and Im wearing a black half slip as I write this.
I still believe slips one day will be worn generally by women again to their glory!


As the slip is entered in my life

Even if they are passed many years from that day (was 1975) the memory like if it were happened yesterday. Before beginning, in order to render the situation more comprehensible I must say that the neighborhood where I live is formed, in majority, from houses of two floor with garden, as the story regards one my neighbor I must explain (in short) that ours two property are united for 75% from hedge and the rest from a high wall of 2 meters, my room has two windows placed to angle, one watches the road and the other the back of the house of the neighbor, the two windows is closed with of the shutters. They were the last days of one warm spring, still 3 weeks school and then the summer holidays would be begun, I was in my room and I was studying or better I tried than to study but I was distracted from the noises of the road why I had opened wide the window because of the warmth. As I have said I was bended on the history book when I feel a feminine voice to sing a song that had succeeded in that period, made curious I go to the window of the road and watch outside but then I do not see nothing I go to that it is still sluice, I open the glasses through the fissures of the shutter I watch outside and I see the neighbor's wife that spreads to dry the clothes just washed. It was from a pair of months that she had been moved with the husband in our neighborhood and I had still not the occasion of meet her therefore I began well to watch her with attention. She was a woman not particularly beautiful but her general aspect was, without doubt, agreeable. Perhaps she had turned 30 years, but for me that I had only 16, she seemed already too much in here for my desires of young male. Hidden behind the shutter I watched her with attention to complete those simple domestic gestures, the long black hairs collected to form a tail waved following the movements of her head and the song filled up the air of joy of living, I was in order to return to my writing desk when a moment she was stopped and after watched around she began to unlace the buttons of the dress (carried long dress multicolors on which were designed many small flowers); perhaps for because of the warmth and the hard work to spread sheet and covered she was heated and hour she tried a little of coolness, obviously interested to the show I continued to watch. When the last button was unlaced she removed the dress and the leaned it on one of the wires in which she attacked the linen, she was remained only in slip of pale pink color and this was a show that took the breath away, the garment was modeled perfectly on that splendid winding body covered and improved it in the same moment, she did not wear the bra and the thin straps of the slip were hardly visible on her shoulders, the breast, not too much large, it did not have need of support and the lace of the slip to make precious covered it. The floral lace was an element that I did not make less than to notice for the great amount, is over the breast (creed was at least 20 cm. - 8 inches) that to cover the knees. I had an immediate erection and I could not avoid of unzipped my pants and freed the hard cock Istroked myself for the entire time that she remained to spread the linen I succeeded to enjoy three consecutive times. Rossana (was called therefore) was felt sure behind the wall and she was not preoccupied to hide nothing of her fabulous body to my sight and that combination of soft curves with that splendid silky and lacy slip had by now fixed in irreparable way in mine libido. Until that moment my attention it had been only for the girls of my age who unfortunately did not have just nothing of erotic except of their young body, now I had uncovered an other way to see the sex and nothing would have more made to change idea to me,  I began to spy on my neighbor to search new seductives situations that allowed me to vent the sexual tension that she had created, but these are other tells.


Birth of one passion - the first piece of my collection

I had less of 13 years when I saw my aunt, (her had little more than 30 years and was beautiful " gnocca ")in slip. Her lived in country with my grandfathers and sometime I remained them to sleep. That morning I waked up enough soon and inasmuch as I did not have breakfast I stopped myself to my aunt. I entered without to knock giving the good day but a vision made me to come the heart in mouth, my aunt was there and was making the clean of day wearing only a slip (of white color hardly over the knee with peak edge on the hem and on the breast) and just she saw me embraced me, inasmuch as she did not know that the evening before I was remained there to sleep. I remained without breath, nearly I did not believe to my eyes, I was embraced to the aunt in slip. The sensation that I tried caress her slip make me in delirium, and I did not want more separate! Her noticed that, perhaps, I was not the little boy like could seem however her not dressed. I have been all the morning with her and I made of all for being able to see also the minimum particular and she give leave to me, all without to expire vulgarity. That one was the only time that I saw her wearing the slip. The same evening I go home but before I succeeded to steal her slip.
I conserve still today and is the more precious part of my collection!


My first true experience

I want to bring back the story of my first encounter with the slip because, to the contrary of what it happens to the majority, it was be a matter of tactile and not visual experience. For me that I was a child in the early 50 to see women in slip were not a rare event probably for the reason that, to the age, were natural wear it and were part, like the suspender, of the common feminine apparel, therefore happened that animated from the domestic works many housewives turned in slip or with the dress opened on the slip. I had grown with the vision of my mother and of her friends in this apparel and I had not developed no specific interest for this garment until to the day in which... I was to the last year of the elementary schools and that day I had taken beautiful 10 in the mathematics interrogation and like happened in these cases I had gone to my grandmother to receive the chocolates that to always she gave me in prize. My grandmother managed a little store where she sold a many items, from the papal souvenir to the scents, from the toys to the lingerie, when I entered in the store I found her in top of the ladder that arranged some boxes, as soon as her saw me she ask to help her putting to place the boxes that it was just arrived and show me a cardboard to side of the bench sale she said to pass her the content. I made it quickly, collected into a pile some small boxes and I pass her, but I was small and she too much up in trying of to pass her the first box fell turning upside down to earth its content: one white slip .
Istinctively I pick up it and this contact provoked a feeling to me of incredible well-being that let myself totally charmed and only the voice of my grandmother, who said me of lean it on the bench, awaked me from the numbness. In that moment I could not recognized the fabric for the slips therefore I can risk
that it was of satin, it was soft, slippery, it silky, I perceived on the hands all the seduction that could give off, unwillingly I leaned the slip on the bench and I continued to pass the boxes, but the eye always fell on that candid and silky heap of fabric and white peak. When also the last box ended on the
shelf my grandmother come down from the ladder and after to have controlled that the slip had not been soiled, under my careful look, she refolded it and put again in the box.
Therefore it was that banal incident to make to be born within of me the passion the whose initial component was exclusively tactile for to become with the time in
visual-tactile, so that I picked every occasion that allowed me to touch the slip that my mother and her friend wore with the final result to come left house in order not to create disagreeable embarrassments, this concurred that I spend many time to contact with the slips contained in her
closet. But this is another history.


The beginning

I had 14 years (now I have 45) when the slip entered overbearing in my life without more, luckily, leave. I was a child like many  others with the first sexual desires that  for the age or for the atmosphere I did not succeed to satisfy: one came to my house a lady that helped in the domestic works and that secretly I spied when for job she bend down and she showed to me what she had under the skirt. Once, not memory why, she has been stopped to my house to sleep and the morning soon while she was in bath I entered in the room where she had slept and on the bed one slip was leaned of light mint color that other times I had caught a glimpse under the skirt: between thousand heartbeats and fears, shaking I taken ones and I began to stroke it but hearing a noise I fastly exited from the room making one absurd thing, I carried with me the slip.
The lady did not say nothing to nobody while I spended unforgettable moments with her slip. A few days after I had to give the examinations of medium licence and
an idea occured me: to wear under dressed the slip like a lucky charm. I exceeded the examinations shiningly and to wear that garment gave me of the
incredible feelings.
Ever since when I must make something of important, like now that I am writing, I cannot make less than to wear one, taken from my collection, I have at least two hundred slips.
I hope of having the time to tell in future the other experiences with such insuperable garment. It would appeal to be in contact with that, like me, adore this indispensable article of lingerie.
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But where you hold 200 slips? A glimpse to your collection you would give a lot gladly.