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I have been to along undecided on what inserting in this page, to repeat a list of links of sites that the fans already know seemed only a loss of time and space available, then I have thought that a description could be useful and, even, also a comment to several sites presents, but the majority of these is to payment and as they are not made a subscriber to all did not seem corrected to only speak to me about someone even if, in these things, it is always stretched to quotation who in its turn quotation to you.

The "temporary" solution (councils are appreciate) are that one to signal only a site that, for me, is equipped of one page of links truly complete and always update, draft of "Slipheaven" of which under you can see the banner.


If your interest is in upskirts, down blouse and ladies underwear then the Retro-Glamour sets are what you have been looking for.
some great pics from the website

Angela Naughty in Nylon
Slips, Panties, Upskirts, Stockings


A place for the more subtle pleasures that pass most by.....


Website dedicated to the undergarments worn by women in the 40's and 50's.


Vintage Half and Full Slips and Photo Galleries.

Must see !!

Your source for exclusive photos & videos of lingerie
Mistress Jessica wearing seamed stockings, silky slips, silky panties, sheer lingerie, garter belts, high heels and so much more!

Martha's  amateur website.
"....My greatest passion are nylon stockings (particularly with seams), high heels, corsets and suspender belts.
I have been putting them on for many years on every occasion as I love the feeling of them on my body....."
some great pics from the website

segnalazione novità Petticoats in drawings
Jupons dans l'art, dans les dessins et les bandes dessinées.