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English page


The history

Let me open with this little song, singable on a well known Saracino's song... When, doing nothing, we started to traslated all the expressions of our language that it happened to say, we didn't think that one day we'll read them in internet. And so, to laught with our friends, we started to write down 'em until we thought to publish it and so you can read this words... In the previous page we tried to pose it as a serious vocaboulary done to "update" our traditions, in reality it remani a funny game 'cause tradinions never update...


Ok, i think it's time to consult the notes and the vocaboulary so you can realize the funny style of living of our people!



Notes to the list:

1 -- The traslation is indisputable,  unquestionable and it's right as it is;

2 -- The trslation is done following the logical sense of italian language, sometimes disinteresting of the english grammar;

3 -- The Via Modigliani's academy (either Lo Stollo & El Saregia) have in store to take in considerations all your comments, but probably we will not change our ideas;

4 -- The list doesnt pourpose to be exhaustive and it's open to everybody's contributions;

5 -- If you are still thinking it's a serious thing, please call me..




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