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Welcome to the JRoboOp web site. JRoboOp is Java package for robotics simulation with visualization of a 3D robot model. The engine to simulate robot kinematics and robot dynamics is based on C++ library ROBOOP developed by Richard Gourdeau of École Polytechnique de Montréal.
The package is open and it's distribuited under GNU GPL license.


JRoboOp is a collection of java classes to implement:

See the Overview page for more details.

Go to the Java Web Start page to run the demo applications.

Why Java?

The Java language is a true object oriented language so that it allows a more clean and flexible programming and it's also easy to embed it in web applications. The interface between Java and C++ is based on JNI.


The package requires Java virtual machine version 1.5 or above and Java3D version 1.3 or above. To build the package and documentation from sources install Apache Ant too.

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