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SPOTMATIC magazine

SPOTMATIC is the official AOHC quarterly club magazine and is distributed free to all members. The magazine is our way to diffuse info about the history of Asahi Optical Co., technical details about Pentax equipment, newly introduced Pentax equipment, and keep AOHC members in touch. SPOTMATIC space is open to all members (and to authoritative non-members, subject to editor's approval).

The SPOTMATIC magazine is only available printed on paper (English + Italian text) and through AOHC. A CDROM containing four magazines in pdf format and a report on the latest Pentax Day will be published once a year. Sorry, online edition unavailable. Some selected articles from SPOTMATIC are published in this website, while others will not.

Contributors to SPOTMATIC are Danilo Cecchi, Ermanno Barchiesi and Dario Bonazza from Italy, Ian D.C. Shephard and Derek J. White from Great Britain, Ralf Engelmann from Germany, Pedro Oliveira from Portugal, Peter Jonkman from the Netherlands, Preston Cook and Frederick C. Sherfy from U.S.A., Osamu Togo from Japan and many more all over the world.

English text for all articles started in January 1996. Original Italian articles are translated into English by Dario Bonazza or Flavio Minelli and kindly revised by Thomas Dooher.

When you join AOHC you can also order back issues and pay everything at once. See contents of back issues below.

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The quarterly magazine of the Asahi Optical Historical Club
Index of contents of latest published issues

Number 36 - April 2003

page   4 Memories of the past - Talking with Mr. José Beltrão Coelho, founder of the oldest Pentax importer in the world
page   7 Pentax 67 II 61 Limited
page   8 As seen in eBay auctions
page   9 Emmanuel Gavillet: Shooting with Pentax 6x7 cameras off Iceland and Norway
page 14 On test: FA* 85mm f/1.4 IF vs. FA 77mm f/1.8 Linited
page 20 Pentax press conference in Japan
Cooperation between Pentax and Casio
page 21 From K to J: the end of legendary Pentax compatibility
page 28 Pentax news 2003

page 28

page 32 PhotoShow in Milan
page 37 Some related cameras by Casio and HP
Optio S gets two awards in USA
page 38 AOHC members' activities
Nude & Photo -The magazine for sensual photography
page 39 Sales&Wants
Authors: D. Bonazza, E.Gavillet, C.Lastrucci, P.Oliveira.

Number 35 - January 2003

page   4 A genuine AOCo item from WWII
page   7 Body-lens incompatibility in screw mount cameras
page 12 Super A "European Camera of the Year 1983"
page 13 Super A "Special Edition" in  Japan
page 14 Pentax sponsorship part 1: car races
page 25 As seen in eBay auctions
page 26 New Pentax Optio S announced at CES
page 27 ... and Casio Exilim sibling

page 28

Pentax supports music drama in Hong Kong
Members' activities
AOHC meetings 2003

page 29

Pirelli Calendar 2003
page 30 Sales&Wants
page 31 2003 AOHC CD-ROM
Best Products of the Year
New Espio 140V
Authors: D. Bonazza, J.Hechtman, P.Jonkman, G.Poon, P.M.Provencher.

Number 34 - October 2002

Sp34t.jpg (13689 byte)

page   4 Prototype & pre-production lenses
page 11 Asahi "The Rising Sun"
page 12 SMC Pentax M lenses between chronicle and history
page 20 As seen in eBay auctions
page 22 On test: SMC Pentax-FA 31mm f/1.8 AL Limited
page 28 Photokina 2002
page 32 Pentax Photo Annual and Pentax Calendar 2003
AOHC Calendar 2003
page 33 Pentax in the movies

page 34


page 35

New Espio 24EW Date
Authors: D. Bonazza, D. Cecchi, C. Lastrucci.

Number 33 - July 2002

Sp33t.jpg (15620 byte)

page   4 Repronars
page 13 Asahiflex, Asahi Pentax and Pentax SLR cameras 1952-2002
page 16 On test: six 28mm/35mm lenses compared
page 23 7th Pentax Day in Florence: the report
page 28 7th Pentax Day in Florence: the pictures
page 35 eBay auctions
page 36 On test: Pentax Optio 230
page 43 Replacing mercury batteries
page 43 Made in Africa: a photo exhibition
page 44 Pentax News: Optio 330RS/430RS
page 44 Casio clones
page 45 Asahi Opt. Co. becomes Pentax Corporation
page 45

Pentax News: Espio 120 SWII

page 46

Pentax patents: possible preview of new technology developments

page 47

Authors: D. Bonazza, P. Cook, S. Gremigni, C. Lastrucci.

Number 32 - April 2002

Sp32t.jpg (11695 byte)

page   4 A brief history of the Asahi Optical Corporation
page   9 Pentax 10 million
page 10 Before the Asahiflex
page 13 eBay auctions
page 14 VIP: Michael Reichmann
page 16 Pentax 67II
page 23 Pentax and Optiscan announce a joint venture
Pentax opens a new design center in Tokyo
page 24 Camera fairs 2002
page 25 Pentax News: Digibino DB100
page 26 Pentax News: Optio 230
page 27 Pentax News: MZ-60
Pentax News: 33-55 and 55-110 for the 645NII
page 29 PhotoShow 2002
page 33

Disassembled cameras
5% off to AOHC members

page 34


page 35

Boccalini and Romano's exhibit: "Solitude"
Authors: Asahi Opt. Co. Ltd., D. Bonazza, M.Reichmann, D.White.

Number 31 - January 2002

Sp31t.jpg (18262 byte)

page   4 The future of repairs
page   5 API Seals
page 14 SMC Pentax-M 1.4/35mm
page 15 "New" old information about SMC
page 17
page 19
page 20
eBay auctions: Screw mount era equipment
eBay auctions: Bayonet mount era equipment
eBay auctions: 6x7 equipment
page 21 As seen at Novegro Photo Cine
page 22 The three faces of the Triotar
page 26 On test: Pentax Optio 330
page 31 Book by Paolo Cortesi
page 32 Pentax News: Pentax MZ-6 and FA Zoom 28-90
page 33 Seven Pentax products awarded in Japan
Espio 170SL awarded in Australia
page 34 Single-use digital camera
Pentax Annual and Pentax Calendar 2002
page 35 Full format digital SLR abandoned
Authors: D. Bonazza, D. Cecchi, P. Cook.

Number 30 - October 2001

Sp30t.jpg (18262 byte)

page   2 1981-2001: 20 years of autofocus SLR's
page   4 The Facts about the Asahi Pentax Spotmatic
page   7 Autofocus LX?
page   8 On test:
SMC Pentax-FA* 24mm f/2 AL [IF]
SMC Pentax-FA 24-90mm f/3.5-4.5 AL [IF]
SMC Pentax-FA 28-105mm f/4-5.6
SMC Pentax-FA 35mm f/2 AL
SMC Pentax-FA* 85mm f/1.4 [IF]
SMC Takumar 100mm f/4 Macro
page 22 On test: Flash AF 400T
page 25 Haskins in the web: calendars and books
page 26 Pentax MZ-S: Designers' Story
page 31 The 645N becomes the 645NII
page 32 Pentax launches the Optio 430
Two more lenses for the Pentax 67II
page 33 Two special package cameras
Paper-craft of Asahi classic cameras
page 34 Sales&Wants
Authors: Dario Bonazza, Dino Fadelli, Carlo Lastrucci.

Number 29 - July 2001

Sp29t.jpg (18262 byte)

page   2 Michele Alboreto in 1976: picture by Ermanno Barchiesi
page   4 Spotmatics with two switches
page   5 Megahouse Sharan Spotmatic
page   6 Asahi-Zeiss partnership and more information about the 15mm f/3.5
page   9 eBay auctions of mid-2001
page 10 DDD and HCB
page 12 Two events involving AOHC members
page 13 6th Pentax Day: report and pictures
page 27 AOHC activities in Portugal
page 29 Pentax news. Optio 330, EI-100 and more
page 30 Is Pentax changing digital partnerships?
page 31 On test: Pentax MZ-S
page 39 Sales&Wants
Authors: E. Barchiesi, D. Bonazza, P. Cook, P. Oliveira, O. Togo.

Number 28 - April 2001

Sp28t.jpg (17890 byte)

page   4 Setting up the Universasl Repronar for a LX
page   8 Round-table discussion on Pentax K-series cameras
page 15 LX discontinued
page 16 More on pentaprism Asahiflex prototypes
page 17 eBay auctions of early 2001
page 18 On test: Tamron 17mm vs. SMC Pentax-A 15mm
page 24 Philips-Pentax partnership
page 25 Camera shows 2001
page 28 New 2001 products: MZ-S and accessories
page 30 New 2001 products: lenses
page 32 New 2001 products: compact cameras
page 32 New 2001 products: digital cameras
page 34 Sales&Wants
Authors: AOCo, D. Bonazza, P. Cook, C. Lastrucci, Hiroki Yamashita.

Number 27 - January 2001

Sp27t.jpg (18528 byte)

page   2 Gallery: pictures by Renato Franchini and Gérard Ducornet
page   4 A new vision on the history of the Asahiflex
page 11 eBay auctions: Winter 2000-01
page 12 The story of my  MX
page 13 More LX prototypes!
page 14 Practical test of the S-M-C Takumar 85-210 f/4.5 zoom lens
page 17 On test: SMC Pentax-M 85 f/2, SMC Pentax-FA* 85 f/1.4, SMC Pentax-FA 77 f/1.8 Limited
page 22 Novegro Photo Cine 2000
page 24 Yearly AOHC CD-ROM
page 24 AOHC meetings 2001
page 25 Brief news and products
page 26 Sales&Wants
page 26 New "Akt & Foto" magazine
Authors: E. Barchiesi, D. Bonazza, P. Cook, P. Jonkman, C. Lastrucci.

Number 26 - October 2000

Sp26t.jpg (18528 byte)

page   2 Gallery: pictures by Gianni Angelini and Carlo Lastrucci  
page   4 Some notes on Spotmatic, ESII, KX and KM Motor Drive cameras  
page   7 Asahi Opt. Co. in National Geographic Magazine (II)
page 16 On test: Pentax MZ-7, first try and then trust  
page 18 Pentax MZ-M, the camera with 58 lenses?
page 20 Photokina 2000
page 23 Pentax News: Pentax MZ-S  
page 25 Pentax News: Full-format 6-Megapixel Pentax 'No name' digital SLR
page 26 Pentax News: Accessories for new SLR's
page 27 Pentax News: New lenses
page 28 Interview with Mr. Zenichi Ohkura
page 29 Autofocus patent
page 30 A Pentax lens with Leica screw mount
page 31 John F. deLoach
page 32 eBay auctions of Fall 2000  
page 33 New leadership at Pentax parent company
page 33 Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2000
page 33 New McKeown's camera catalog
page 34 Sales&Wants
Authors: Asahi Opt. Co. Ltd, E. Barchiesi, D. Bonazza, P. Cook, R. Engelmann, P. Oliveira.

Number 25 - July 2000

Sp25t.jpg (16314 byte)

page   2 Gallery: 25 years of Pentax K-bayonet  
page   4 Uncommon Pentax MX variations  
page   7 Special Pentax LX variations  
page 13 5th Pentax Day report  
page 19 AOHC Annual General Meeting
page 20 Seventy-two hours...  
page 21 Thanks everybody!  
page 22 Shots from the 5th Pentax Day  
page 29 The Pentax 67 II put into practice
page 32 Last screws from Dresden  
page 35 A letter about the Carl Zeiss Triotar 135mm f/4  
page 36 Who are we? Mario Brigidi
page 36 Pentax CD-ROM  
page 37 eBay auctions of mid-2000  
page 38 Sales&Wants
page 39 Kadlubek's Camera Catalogue and Pocket Price Guide
Authors: E. Barchiesi, C. Bertola, D. Bonazza, M. Brigidi, D. Cecchi, P. Cook, P. Oliveira.

Number 24 - April 2000

Sp24t.jpg (15246 byte)

page   2 Gallery: Very early binoculars from Asahi Opt. Co. Ltd.  
page   4 Heiland Pentax H2 "Store Demonstrator"
page   6 Brief history of "Electronic Image" cameras  
page 10 On test: M 85/2 vs. FA* 85/1.4  
page 13 On test: SMC Takumar 135/2.5 vs. SMC Pentax-A* 135mm f/1.8  
page 17 MZ-5n memory lock  
page 18 eBay auctions of early 2000   
page 19 Hewlett-Packard and Pentax announce strategic alliance
page 21 Pentax News: Pentax new digital cameras  
page 24 Pentax News: More new introductions by Pentax  
page 26 Photo Show in Rome  
page 28 Documents: Pentax classic cameras  
page 28 Documents: The ultimate Asahi Pentax screw mount guide 1952-1977
page 30 Sales&Wants

Authors: Asahi Opt. Co. Ltd., D. Bonazza, P. Cook, R. Engelmann, A. Flaider, C. Lastrucci.

Number 23 - January 2000

Sp23t.jpg (16134 byte)

page   4 The Asahiflex prototype
page   6 Cutaway Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic II
page   7 100mm f/3.5 Preset Takumar
page   9 Computer-aided lens comparing
page 10 On test: 24/2.8 vs. 24/2 FA* AL [IF]
page 13 Who developed multicoating?
page 14 On test: SMC Pentax-FA 35mm f/2 AL
page 16 Screw mount Jena (A Hyena's life)  
page 21 eBay auctions of late 1999  
page 22 Designers' Story: Pentax MZ-7     
page 24 Pentax News: New compacts from Pentax
page 25 Fall 1999 photo fairs  
page 26 Who are we? Pedro Oliveira
page 27 The Beatles and their Asahi Pentaxes
page 28 Documents: Japanese 35mm SLR cameras  
page 29 Documents: Kadlubeks Objectiv-Katalog
page 30 Sales&Wants

Authors: Asahi Opt. Co. Ltd., D. Bonazza, D.Cecchi, P. Cook, C. Lastrucci, P. Oliveira, I. Shephard, Y.Takinami.

Number 22 - October 1999

Sp22t.jpg (14911 byte)

page   4 Differences that may be checked between the first and the second series of the Asahi Pentax Spotmatic
page 10 More variations in the Spotmatic series
page 13 Flare control in multi-coated lenses of the Seventies
page 16 Screw mount electronic oriental cousins  
page 19 Interesting auctions at eBay
page 20 Designers' story: Pentax 67 II  
page 22 Pentax News: MZ-7  
page 25 Pentax News: Top class lenses for 35mm and medium format
page 27 Pentax News: Metal built compacts  
page 28 Once bitten... (Tom Dooher)  
page 29 AOHC brief news  
page 30 Sales&Wants

Authors: Asahi Opt.Co. Ltd., E. Barchiesi, D. Bonazza, D.Cecchi, T. Dooher.

Number 21 - July 1999

Sp21t.jpg (15774 byte)

page   2 30 years since first Moon landing  
page   4 The discovery of a complete Asahiflex camera set
page 10 Asahi Optical in National Geographic Magazine
page 16 4th Pentax Day  
page 27 Pentax News: New Pentax-FA lenses  
page 28 Pentax News: New Pentax compacts  
page 29 Interesting auctions at eBay  
page 30 Sales&Wants

Authors: E. Barchiesi, D. Bonazza, P.Jonkman, P.Oliveira.

Number 20 - April 1999

Sp20t.jpg (14125 byte)

page   2 80 years Pentax  
page   4 Photokina 1966 and Asahi Pentax 220 prototype  
page   6 Brochure & the Beast  
page 13 More unusual items auctioned at eBay  
page 14 Oriental cousins with TTL meter
page 19 Replacing mercury batteries  
page 20 Pentax-Protege Press & Dealers Conference  
page 22 Photo Show in Milan
page 23 New SMC Pentax-FA 35mm f/2 AL lens introduced in Japan  
page 24 Castel S.Giovanni photo fair  
page 25 Chronicle of a KX restoration  

Authors: D. Bonazza, D.Cecchi, P. Di Vecchia, A. D'Ettorre.

Number 19 - January 1999

Sp19t.jpg (15404 byte)

page   4 Pentax Super A (Super Program)
page 13 Pentax Lenses: Aperture Regulating Mechanism at 'A' Position  
page 15 The Asahi Pentax Memorica prototype
page 15 PENTAX feature articles  
page 16 LX customization  
page 18 Pentax 6x7 Marine  
page 19 Unusual items auctioned at eBay  
page 20 Bye Luciano  
page 21 The Pentax System  
page 23 Pentax news: New AF-lenses for the Pentax 645N  
page 25 Specifications of new FA-series Pentax lenses
page 26 Who are we? Danilo Cecchi  
page 27 Programme of 4th Pentax Day  
Authors: D. Bonazza, R.Burgos, D.Cecchi, B. Dimitrov, R.Engelmann, Naomichi Fujita, Luciano Nustrini, O. Togo.

Number 18 - October 1998

page   4 -  Pentax lenses in K-bayonet Mount (2nd part) 
page   8 -  ED and SD glass types 
page   9 -  VIP: Mattias Klum 
page 12 -  The mysterious Asahi Pentax Super S2  
page 14 -  Oriental cousins before TTL (Petri, Yashica and Mamiya)
page 16 -  Sales&Wants: classified adverts 
page 17 -  Setting up Pentax Day...  
page 18 -  Seen at Pentax Day  
page 21 -  Third Pentax Day  
page 24 -  Ermanno Barchiesi: encounters 1973-1998  
page 24 -  Marina Calvo  
page 25 -  Answers to AOHC quiz No.4  
page 25 -  Pentax news: New 28-80 f/3.5-5.6 zoom lens 
page 26 -  Pentax news: Espio 105WR/IQZoom 105WR
page 26 -  Pentax news: Espio 140M/IQZoom 140M  
page 27 -  Pentax news: Photokina report  
page 28 -  Pentax news: Here is the Pentax 67 II  
page 31 -  Pentax wins four international awards 
page 32 -  Is Pentax fairly treated by magazines? 
page 34 -  Dear Pentax...
page 35 -  Pictures by Ermanno Barchiesi and Dario Bonazza  
Authors: E. Barchiesi, A. Belli, D.Cecchi, B. Dimitrov, G. de Fockert, J. Francis, G. Gioacchini, André Langevin, P. Oliveira, O. Togo, D. White.

Number 17 - July 1998

page   4 -  Pentax lenses in K-bayonet Mount (1st part) 
page 11 -  M42 Takumar lens list (follow-up) 
page 11 -  Ghost mystery revealed 
page 12 -  The many faces of the Asahi Pentax S2  
page 13 -  LX shutter response time   
page 14 -  1964 Asahi Pentax International Photo contest  
page 16 -  Sales&Wants: classified adverts 
page 18 -  More on Asahi Pentax 35mm prototypes  
page 19 -  German cousins of the Asahi Pentax (from Edixa to Icarex)  
page 22 -  Pentax Day in Rome  
page 23 -  Pentax Day: programme  
page 24 -  Designer's story: Pentax 645N  
page 26 -  Pentax 645N: my impression  
page 28 -  Pentax news: Pentax 645N wins "Camera Grand Prix 98"  
page 28 -  CLEARCOAT, Pentax multi-layer coating for eyeglasses  
page 28 -  Wildlife, wildlife  
page 29 -  Pentax news: MZ-3 Special Edition kit  
page 29 -  Pentax news: Pentax telescopes imported in Italy  
page 30 -  Photographica 98
Authors: D. Bonazza, D. Cecchi, B. Dimitrov, G. de Fockert, J. Francis, P. Jensen, K. Kuo, A. Langevin, N. Maekawa, P. Oliveira, I. Shephard, O. Togo.

Number 16 - April 1998

page   4 -  Takumar screw mount lenses:
page   8 -  A beginning TTL meter 
page   9 -  Modern times - An overview of two decades of the Pentax AF-system 
page 13 -  SMC Pentax-FA 20mm f/2.8 for the Japanese market 
page 14 -  Sales&Wants: classified adverts 
page 15 -  Kadlubek's Camera Catalog '98/99  
page 16 -  Asahi Pentax K - Top of the early series 
page 18 -  Asahi Pentax made a Cannon! 
page 19 -  Quick Return Mirror patent 
page 20 -  Cousins from Saxony (2nd part - the Praktica family) 
page 23 -  Auctioned in the web 
page 24 -  Pentax news: MZ-3 and SMC Pentax-FA 43mm f/1.9 Limited are available in Europe 
page 24 -  Pentax news: Espio 200/IQZoom 200 introduced 
page 25 -  Pentax news: Two new lenses for the Pentax 67 
page 25 -  Pentax news: Pentax introduces "Phase Coating" to a new line of waterproof binoculars  
page 25 -  Pentax news: New Espio 140M introduced in Japan 
page 26 -  Pentax news: New "Creadit card" size binoculars 
page 26 -  Pentax news: Pentax gains ISO 14001 certification for environmental compliance 
page 26 -  The Pentax MZ-5N selected a double-award winner by Amateur Photographer magazine 
page 26 -  ... Came the 6x7 Pentax
Authors: D. Bonazza, D. Cecchi, N. Danilov, R. Engelmann, J. England, L. Nustrini, I. Shephard. 

Number 15 - January 1998

page   4 -  Pentax Prototypes: the cameras 
page   6 -  Metering Matters 
page   9 -  A new Pentax Shop in Moscow 
page 10 -  Cousins from Saxony (1st part - from Praktiflex to Contax) 
page 12 -  Introducing the Pentax Forum  
page 12 -  Pentax Photo Annual 1997/98  
page 12 -  1998 Pentax Calendar by Shotaro Akiyama 
page 13 -  A collectors' coding for Pentax equipment 
page 14 -  Sales&Wants: classified adverts 
page 16 -  SAFOX: What's in a name? - The SAFOX III myth  
page 18 -  Low-end SLR's 
page 19 -  Some planning for the new year 
page 20 -  Product updates from Pentax 
page 20 -  My first Pentax 
page 21 -  Autofocus lenses for the Pentax 645N 
page 22 -  Books by AOHC members 
page 23 -  Photography on TV 
page 24 -  Pentax and the Web: a necessary updating 
page 24 -  Shooting football game with a Pentax (follow-up)  
page 25 -  Who are we? Massimo C. d'Amicis 
page 26 -  Spotmatic: Contents 1994-1997
Authors: D. Bonazza, D. Cecchi, M. C. d'Amicis, N. Danilov, R. Engelmann, R. Giancaterino, P. Hoffman, L. Nustrini, D. White. 

Number 14 - October 1997

page   3 -  The next family... A history of Pentax K-mount cameras seen from the body engineers point of view
page   7 -  A homemade cable release for Pentax AF bodies
page   8 -  Asahi Pentax Original (AP) and Asahi Pentax S: the first steps of a successful dynast
page 11 -  Pentax and the Web: the best sites 
page 14 -  Shooting football game with a Pentax
page 15 -  Sales&Wants: classified adverts
page 16 -  Answers to AOHC Quiz no.3 
page 17 -  2nd Pentax Day in Florence
page 18 -  1997 Questionnaire: analysis of results
page 19 -  Who are we? Matteo Ferrarin
page 20 -  Pentax News: Pentax 645N, the first medium format AF SLR
page 21 -  Pentax News: Pentax MZ-5N/ZX-5N
page 21 -  Pentax News: SMC Pentax-FA 43mm f/1.9 Limited
page 22 -  Pentax News: Pentax MZ-M, a new manual focus SLR!
page 22 -  Pentax News: SMC Pentax-FA Zoom 80-320mm f/4.5-5.6
page 22 -  Pentax News: SMC Pentax-FA* 400mm f/5.6 ED(IF) split diagram
page 22 -  Pentax News: efina: Pentax launches first APS camera
page 23 -  Pentax News. Pentax EI-C90 digital camera introduced
page 23 -  Pentax News: More new introductions in Japan
page 24 -  Chat Corner: A list of Pentax books
Authors: E. Barchiesi, D. Bonazza, R. Burgos, R. Engelmann, P. Hoffman, H. Ugawa. 

Number 13 - July 1997

page   2 -  Pentax Users' Gallery  (a few pictures from Doug Brewer's gallery)
page   4 -  Terence Donovan 1936-1996 "Click that launched a thousand faces"
page   5 -  Horus-Sicof prize to Maurizio Rebuzzini
page   6 -  A normal normal lens (a history of standard lenses from Asahiflex to FA series)
page 10 -  Asahi Pentax and "Macrophotography" (2nd part) 
page 14 -  Sales&Wants: classified adverts
page 15 -  2nd Pentax Day 
page 16 -  The "floating system" wide-angle SMC Pentax 28mm f/2
page 18 -  10 questions to Wolfgang Rentsch of R.&C. Service
page 20 -  AOHC: three! 
page 20 -  Thank-you Carlo! 
page 21 -  Pentax beatens Leica, again 
page 22 -  AOHC Quiz no.3
page 23 -  Asahi Pentax 35mm SLR Pistol, .22 magnum (1966)
page 23 -  K-bayonet Russian lenses
page 24 -  Pentax News: Pentax MZ-3
page 25 -  Pentax autumn news and rumors
page 26 -  Documents: A list of Pentax books
page 27 -  Pentax MZ-3: the details (pictures and captions)
Authors: E. Barchiesi, D. Bonazza, D. Cecchi, T. Chan, R. Engelmann, E. Punelli, H. Ugawa. 

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Page updated 15th May 2003