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Pentax Frequently Asked Questions

This section will be always under development, being updated continuously according to questions asked by AOHC members and guests accessing this website as well as discussion in Pentax Discuss and Spotmatic Users mailing lists.
In case you don't find a proper answer to your question here, you can email Dario Bonazza (please allow some time for my reply, since I'm usually very busy). Should your question be of general interest, it will be also added here. Please don't ask questions needing a whole book to be answered. If you have such questions (and I really hope so), you can probably enjoy AOHC membership. Corrections and/or contribution to improve this page are always welcome.

FAQ section 1: Asahiflex M37x1 equipment
FAQ section 2: Asahi Pentax M42x1 equipment
FAQ section 3: Pentax K-bayonet equipment



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Page updated 20th Aug. 2000