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About AOHC


The Asahi Optical Historical Club (AOHC), is an international group of Pentax enthusiasts, collectors and historians established in 1994, on occasion of 75th anniversary of Asahi Opt. Co.

AOHC studies historic and technical evolution of photography and particularly the Asahiflex, Asahi Pentax and Pentax systems of all formats, of which AOHC promotes utilization, knowledge and preservation. For this purpose AOHC welcomes contact and cooperation with other clubs and cultural groups.

AOHC is a non-profit organisation and has no political aims. AOHC manages Pentax Day in Italy, an annual general meeting open to the public, featuring a display of AOC historical equipment, a display of Pentax current products, lectures, picture exhibits, photo sessions, and more. The AOHC Statute (AOHC Rules) was approved at 1st Pentax Day in Milan, Italy, on June 9th, 1996.

AOHC was established in Italy, with co-operation of a few British friends, but it quickly diffused worldwide. AOHC members joined from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA.


AOHC Board of Directors for years 2002/2003:


Dario Bonazza (President and Secretary),

Ermanno Barchiesi (Vice-President),

Massimo C. d'Amicis (Treasurer),

Roberto Romano  (Organizer).


AOHC Local Organizers in Italy:

Lazio: Roberto Romano robertrom@iol.it  Phone +39 06 - 41731423

Liguria: Gianfranco Chesi gianfrancochesi@tiscalinet.it Phone +39 010 - 9125641

Veneto: Renato Franchini - Phone +39 0444 - 514842

Sud: Livio Digiesi livius99@libero.it Phone +39 080 542 8025 / Mobile 347 3215744

AOHC is looking for local organizers in other regions.


AOHC Local Organizers in Europe:

Portugal: Pedro Oliveira popentax@oninet.pt

The Netherlands: Peter Jonkman p.jonkman03@chello.nl

United Kingdom: Ian D.C. Shephard - Phone 01277 - 200530

AOHC is looking for local organizers in other countries.


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AOHC Statute (Rules)

Art. 1 - Foundation

On their own initiative of the undersigned Founder Members a club called Asahi Optical Historical Club, acronym AOHC, is established without a term.

Art. 2 - Premises

AOHC premises are in Ravenna. At the time of foundation AOHC address is c/o Dario Bonazza Via Badiali 138. The club address can change after decision of the Board of Directors

Art. 3 - Aims

AOHC promotes the study of historical and technical evolution of photography in general and the Asahi Pentax system in particular, its knowledge, employment and preservation. AOHC can also establish co-operation with other cultural groups. AOHC has no profit nor political aims.

Art. 4 - Activities

In order to attain its aims AOHC can manage meetings, displays and other activities. The club can also spread information regarding its aims by means of meetings, publications, circulars and other telematic media. These activities can need their own Regulations.

Art. 5 - Membership

Membership is open to all interested parties sharing its aims, wishing to act seriously within them and to follow and to support AOHC activities by means of their own work and/or financial support.

Membership is obtained by request to the Board of Directors and by payment of the determined admission fee and is at the sole discretion of the Board. Admission implies acceptance of AOHC rules.

Membership expires after resignation, non-payment at deadline, expulsion decided by the Board for disciplinary measure. Fees will not be refunded in any case.

Art. 6 - Members' categories

Members' categories are as follows:
Founder Members: members who established AOHC.
Ordinary Members: admitted members up-to-date with their payment.
Contributing Members: admitted members, up-to-date with their payment., paying higher fee.
Honorary Members: members admitted free for special merits and till further provisions by the Board of Directors. Honorary memberships are revised yearly.

Art. 7 - Members' rights

Members have right to:

Take part in all AOHC activities and meetings.
Use possible AOHC equipment following AOHC regulations.
Hold offices following AOHC rules and Meeting resolutions.
Vote at Meetings (Honorary Members excluded).

Art. 8 - Members' duties

Members are compelled to:
Act for the common interest and prestige of AOHC.
Follow AOHC Statute, regulations and provisions of the management.
Obey the laws about photography and club activities.
Pay membership fees (Honorary Members excluded).

Art. 9 - Club management

Club management consists of:
General Meeting (Meeting).
Board of Directors (Board).

Art.10 - General Meeting and Postal Voting

General Meeting consists of all membership and elects the Board. Meeting can be ordinary and extraordinary.

Ordinary Meeting is held by the Board at least once in two years in order to pass the budget. Extraordinary meeting is held by the Board whenever needed or on written requirement of a third the membership. First Meetings are effective being present more than half the membership, Second Meetings are effective whichever the membership. Convocation has to be sent all membership in adequate advance and publicizing it properly according to the Board directions. All Meeting resolutions are taken by simple majority vote of the members present unless stated otherwise. Members with right to vote can vote in person or by written authorization to be deposited before poll. Each member can act for no more than three absent members. Alterations to the Statute have to achieve majority of 3/4 of present and delegating membership. In case General Meeting has to elect club management, the Board will establish a temporary Committee of three members managing the poll. In case of important decisions to be taken far off the Meeting a Postal Voting can be held, following rules as similar as possible and with adequate reply time. Postal Votings have to be held in writing as plainly as possible. Arrived votes will be filed by the Secretary for possible verification by any member for a minimum time of one year.

Art.11 - Board of Directors

The Board consists of a number of members according to the Meeting resolutions between a minimum of three and a maximum of five. The Board stays on for two years and can be confirmed. The Board during its first assembly appoints the following offices (two of them are accumulable when necessary):

President (Chairman)
Vice-President (Vice-Chairman)

The Chairman acts in the name of the club in presence of a third party. He can do each act binding AOHC in both moral and financial ways, within the Board provisions and available funds.

The Vice-Chairman stands in for the Chairman when absent.

The Secretary helps the Chairman to achieve his goals, manages recruitment, collections and payments as committed by the Chairman and the Treasurer.

The Treasurer handles the club business and is responsible for the funds and goods of the club. The Treasurer has to report all members in writing about the club budget.

The Board can give members other charges and responsibilities according to club needs.

All appointments are honorific, then are unpaid. In case of early resignations the Board will co-opt one or more substitutes up to a third of its components. In case more than a third of its components are missing the Board has to convene a Meeting to elect new members of the Board.

The Board has full power of ordinary and extraordinary management, except authority of the Meeting. It also enact proper regulations for club activities. The Board is held by the Chairman each time he thinks it right or when it is required by the major)ty of the members of the Board.

The Board decides with simple majority; with an equal number o& votes 4he Chairman resolves. Each act binding club funds has to be jointly signed by the Chairman and/or the Treasurer together with another member of the Board.

Art.12 - Club assets

Club assets are constituted by membership fees, spontaneous offers from members and possible sponsors and by every property of the club. Club assets are also budget assets, contributions from institutions and public bodies. Cluib assets are indivisible between members and can only be used for club activities decided by the meeeting and the Board.

Art.13 - Liability

AOHC meets assumed obligations only within the limits of its assets. Responsibilities for commitments assumed by unauthorized members or for personal reasons are also excluded.

Art.14 - Disciplinary measures

The Board can take disciplinary measures on all members, also components of the Board itself. Everybody responsible of non-compliance with article 8 of this Statute (Members' duties) for his/her guilt and bad faith can be subject to disciplinary measures. Nobody can be subject to disciplinary measures without previous charge. Members subject to disciplinary proceedings can assert their rights both personally and in writing.
Applicable disciplinary measures are as follows:
Written warning and communication to all membership about the unfair behaviour of the sanctioned member.
Compensation for possible damages due to improper behaviour.
Temporary suspension of rights as stated in article 7 (Members' rights).
Disqualification from holding club offices.
Expulsion from AOHC.

Art.15 - Dissolution of the Club

The dissolution of AOHC can be decided by Meeting at least one year after complete absence of activity. The dissolution of the Club can then be by a 3/4 majority vote of current members with right to vote present at Meeting. In the unlikely event the Board will appoint a Committee of Liquidation made by three people, being members or not. The Committee of Liquidation will set up a liquidation plan to be accepted by the Meeting. The Meeting will also resolve about devolution of possible remaining assets.

Art. 16 - Controversies

Place of jurisdiction in case of legal controversies is Ravenna. It can change after decision of the Board of Directors.

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Page updated 4th June 2002