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Takumar Screw Mount Lenses

In the next pages you'll find a description of how the Asahi screw mount developed over the years. Then, a complete survey of screw mount Takumar lenses for the Asahiflex and the Asahi Pentax systems will follow. The lenses are listed by increasing focal length, in case of a tie by increasing maximum aperture, and an another tie by increasing year of introduction. Most data are learnt from original Pentax literature, while others are from magazines of the era. Introduction and discontinuation dates are either gathered from magazines which introduced the lenses or educated guess from the Asahi lens catalogs. Though I own a wide variety of catalogs and I made my best about finding out data and list them with maximum accuracy, you see a few data are missing. That’s due to small gaps in literature, and also sometimes Asahi data are missing or possibly wrong.


Pentax K-bayonet Lenses

In the next future I'll also add something about Pentax K-bayonet lenses. However, an excellent site about that subject already exists, and it's so much worth visiting: http://www.BDimitrov.de/kmp/


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Page updated 15th Oct. 2000