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AOHC is an international club. However, most "field" activities take place in Italy.  Whenever I can, I attend major international events, but unfortunately this cannot happen so often. Anybody wishing to help us improving AOHC international presence is always welcome.

This said, next planned activities are:

  • 22nd June 2003. 8th Pentax Day will take place in Salice Terme (PV)

  • 18th May 2003. AOHC will manage a table at Belgioioso Castle (PV) camera fair. Come meet us!



  • 13th April 2003. AOHC had a table at Castel S.Giovanni camera fair.

  • 21st-24th March. AOHC had an official desk at Pentax stand at PhotoShow in Milan, Italy. R

  • October 27th 2002. As usual, we participated at Novegro Photo Cine camera fair.  On that occasione, we continued celebrating 50 years of Pentax SLR cameras by exhibiting Asahiflex cameras, lenses and accessories.

  • September 8th 2002: We met at Castel S.Giovanni Camera Fair in Castel S.Giovanni (PC). Here is the map, also useful for next editions.

  • June 2nd 2002: 7th Pentax Day. Details in the Pentax Day website.

  • April 14th 2002: Some pictures from AOHC meeting point at Castel S.Giovanni Camera Fair in Castel S.Giovanni (PC).

  • Mar. 23rd to 25th 2002: As usual, AOHC had a desk at Protege booth at Photo Show. Look!

  • October 27th and 28th 2001. Novegro Photo Cine took place at Novegro Fair area near Milano-Linate airport. This camera fair is among the largest and best in Italy, hence if you are interested in old photo stuff and live in that area, you cannot miss it. As usual, AOHC had a booth there.

  • September 9th 2001. The 23rd edition of the Castel S.Giovanni Camera Fair took place in Castel S.Giovanni (PC). This edition has moved to the Area Indoor Sporting Via F.lli Bandiera. As usual, AOHC had a table at the fair.

  • AOHC activities in Portugal 2001
    AOHC is active in Portugal too. Read more about Spring 2001 Portuguese fairs here.

  • May 27th,  2001: 6th Pentax Day in Arenzano
    This is AOHC annual general meeting. Here you can read about it.

  • Mar. 16th to 19th 2001. AOHC had a special desk at Pentax booth at PhotoShow in Milan. Many AOHC members came and meet us and seven new members joined. We were also able to handle the new MZ-S.

  • Oct. 28 and 29th, 2000. Novegro Photo Cine took place at Novegro Fair area near Milano-Linate airport. This collectors' fair is growing quickly, and this year's edition took place on both Saturday and Sunday, together with Astron. Astron is a well-established amateur astronomy fair, so that many people attended both the events. Unfortunately, car driving was not allowed  on Sunday 29th for anti-pollution measure, so the public had some problems attending the show that day. For that same reason, the planned free check-up for Pentax equipment by R&C Service in Milan couldn't take place. AOHC official table was celebrating 20 years of the LX. AOHC started celebrating this important anniversary at Pentax Day last May 21st in Cervia. At Novegro we continued displaying special versions of the LX, related photos and articles. Cutout LX, LX Gold and LX Titan were on display, together with LX accessories and pictures of LX prototypes. On this occasion we also borrowed the new digital cameras Pentax EI-200 and EI-2000 from Protege, together with an HP ink-jet printer. AOHC members found this a good occasion for first contact with the new technology. Also, AOHC members visiting our table received Pentax gadgets, kindly offered by Pentax Europe and Protege. Read my report by clicking on Novegro link.

  • Sep. 20th to 25th, 2000. Photokina is the world's biggest photo and imaging show and we saw some truly big news from Pentax at this year's edition. Read my complete report by clicking on Photokina link.

  • Sep. 10th, 2000. Castel S.Giovanni Photo Fair is one of the biggest collectors' and secondhand camera fairs in Italy. AOHC has run an official club table there today. There was some movement about both screw mount and FA-series autofocus lenses. I mean that some of this stuff passed from hand to hand. Also, a guy sold some Canon AF stuff and then bought a monster SMC Pentax-FA* 250-600 zoom lens for cheap, if we can say that (half list price!).
    This is always one of the best occasions for meeting AOHC members from North-Western Italy. In fact, a lot of fellow members attended and we had many interesting talks as usual.
    Three new members joined AOHC and also two members which previously "forgot" to renew their membership for year 2000 renewed today. OK! Today AOHC membership reached No. 398. Anybody interested in becoming member No. 399 or 400?

  • May 21st,   2000: 5th Pentax Day in Cervia
    This is AOHC annual general meeting. Here you can read about it.

  • Feb. 2000: PhotoShow in Rome
    Here is a report about the biggest Italian photo and imaging fair, where Pentax introduced their new EI-2000 and EI-200 digital cameras. AOHC was officially present with a nice area at the Pentax-Protege booth.


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