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  • EDT on CBC Radio One Do you have the next million dollar idea? Apply to CBC Dragons' Den.

    Contains listings of local service providers that cater to families with kids.

    The Armchair Empire - Xbox Reviews: Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure
    Review, by Lee Cieniawa: "Level design displays a lot of creativity." [Score:
    8.2 out of 10]

  • I point out kid-friendly, because unlike the more mature demographic of Kingdom Hearts players, DESA is really a game thatís targeted to the under-10 crowd who still listens to Radio Disney and watches the Disney Channel, where all of the characters in DESA practically make daily appearances.

  • Good tunes that you can hear everyday on the local Radio Disney station are wafting all over the soundtrack, but there is not enough variety.
    101 car activities for kids, road trip tips for toddlers and babies, free travel stuff.


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    A comprehensive list of resources to give you something to do when bored.

    Adweek Online
    News of advertising and media industries.
    Guide divise per tema, utilità per i navigatori, raccolta di link, notizie e articoli.

  • Informazione (i nostri reportages) Meteo (in inglese) cities guides nel Porto Guida Regione (per i bambini) Utilità istituzioni: internet: Sport (motori e F1) Costume e società Webcam Novità Astrologia Novità Ascolta le radio Novità Spettacolo (musica) .

  • ITALIANE SERVICE PROVIDER RADIO VOLONTARIATO I VICINI DI CASA GDS ON LINE La tabella soprastante é di proprietà della Generale del Sole (tutti i diritti riservati) vietata la riproduzione parziale o totale se non su concessione della nostra webagency.

    Yahoo! for Australia and New Zealand, allied with Channel 7. Entertainment and
    lifestyle portal plus...

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    Disney Movie Classics
    Disney movie reviews, news and journals.

    Wikipedia: Jesse McCartney
    Hyperlinked encyclopedia article including biography, filmography, discography
    and awards.

    KGO 810 AM
    Sports, news and politics. Includes programming, contests, traffic, and weather.
    San Francisco, California.

    Boing Boing
    A directory of wonderful things.


    Chicago International Children's Film Festival
    More than 200 films, 100 filmmakers and audiences of more than 30000 children
    are expected each year...

    WKHX Kicks 101.5 FM
    Country music for Atlanta. Station personalities, events, and news.
    Real-time events forum, just enter your zip code and get an overview of all
    concerts and sporting...

  • Local listings includes live sports, live music, radio stations, and discussion forums to help you with your local entertainment options.

  • Local live music concerts, local radio station web sites, and local discussion forums are listed in a type of city guide format with user friendly sports photos and concert photos.

  • A special feature is our radio stations listings of thousands of internet radio stations and online radio stations web sites with free mp3 downloads.

  • Internet radio stations and web radio station web sites allow downloading mp3 as well as entertainment tonight listings.

  • The links to internet radio station web sites and discussion group forum listings are similar to search engines because of their ability to focus your entertainment listing to just your local city.

    Native Views on Disney's Pocahontas
    Criticism of the animated film and links to more discussions on exploitation and

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    Kids Lit
    Books and more for kids and teens from Wisconsin's Tasha Saecker.

    Celebrity Voice Actors: The New Sound of Animation
    Joe Bevilacqua investigates viewpoints on celebrities as voice actors. [Animation
    World Magazine]

  • - ISSUE 4.1 - April 1999 Celebrity Voice Actors: The New Sound of Animation by Joe Bevilacqua Recently, my wife dreamt she was at a party where she met NewsRadio actor Dave Foley, and she said to him, "Dave, why are you taking work away from my husband?" I guess recently she had been thinking a lot about the subject since we have been seriously contemplating ending my bid for a voice acting career in the face of such stiff celebrity competition.

  • Many were from radio, but well known voices to the audience.

  • It is like in the days of The Lux Radio Theater on radio when the radio-trained actors got the small roles but they had to carry the show anyway because the big movie stars in the lead roles weren't trained in radio." Bergen suggests the reason many voice actors might lose out on a part is because "when many so-called regular voice talent audition for a part, often they rely on changing their voice, giving the producer a 'cartoony' read...which most of the time is not what they are looking for in a feature.

  • Bevilacqua, a protégé of Yogi Bear voice artist Daws Butler, is a veteran radio comedy writer, producer, and actor, as well as cartoonist.

  • His programs have aired on public radio stations nationwide since 1980 and have been honored by The Museum of Television and Radio as part of their "Contemporary Radio Humor" exhibits.

    Mundo Latino, RINCONCITO
    For Spanish-speaking students at the elementary level. Stories, an art gallery,
    and pictures to color.

    Disney World Information Station
    Travel planning, forums, chat rooms, and discount information.

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