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  • . Kim(bottom) & Hiromi Nishiyama(top) THE CAST Ron Becks (CIA Agent Phillip) Starting at age 5 in the film "Odds Against Tomorrow" with Harry Belafonte, Ron Becks has gone on to be the leading man in 5 feature films "Sher Mountain Mystery", "Come & Get It", "Say A Little Prayer" and Television shows "Sharks Paradise", "Romantically Yours", "Home and Away", "The Legend Of Billy Blue" in the United States and Australia
  • . Her career began as a singer and a dancer, appearing in numerous Japanese stage shows
  • . Since her 1993 arrival in Hollywood, she has been constantly refining her performing skills, appearing in such television shows and feature films as "Go For Broke, " with Bobby Brown, "Baseketball" with the creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, "Chick Fighter, " where she had a dual role, and "Watermelon Sushi" where she portrayed a character who aged from twenty to fifty

    Talking with Con Pederson
  • . The original plan called for a large sequence of other worlds, very imaginative, but very specific types of worlds all over the place, to show the multiplicity of the cosmos
  • . All the work in the special effects is seamless and there are no ugly borders showing anywhere..
  • . CP: We were trying to figure out a way to get him to work on it because he had worked on a show I did in New York, and oddly enough, the thing he was most interested in contributing to the film was sound
  • . One thing led to another and he ended up using the same bug-eyed camera that we had used to make the dome show for the New York World's Fair, which we had coincidentally brought over with us, and built this big machine to do time lapse on a very large scale
  • . They shot an awful lot of stuff in New York in '65 and that was some of the stuff he'd shown me in '65 before the production started in England
  • . Show me, " and we ran over and he looks at it and he said, "Oh, my God!" You could just visualize Slim Pickens hanging out of that thing

    IMDb: 20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954)
  • st and crew information, plot summary, and viewer comments.
    | to personalize   | Showing page 1 of 33 main details crazy credits trailers photo gallery on tv, schedule links showtimes official site photographs sound clip(s) video clip(s) You need to be a user of the IMDb to rate a movie - I have seen this movie and would like to 20000 Leagues Under the Sea Directed by Writing credits (screenplay) Genre: / / / Tagline: Walt Disney's Mighty, Magnificent, Memorable 20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea! Plot Outline: A ship sent to investigate a wave of mysterious sinkings encounters the advanced submarine, the Nautilaus, commanded by Captain Nemo
  • . From that wonderful opening of the titles shown against lush drapery illuminated by rippling water reflections of the undersea cast upon it, to the beginning of the inspired, majestic score by Paul J
  • . Some have criticized that the entire novel was not on film, but were the entire book to be filmed, it would exceed five hours, and Disney knows that even with the finest production, a film must be limited to approximately two hours in order to get both an audience willing to sit through it, as well as exhibitors willing to show it

  • . The film opens with a brief sequence in 1986 that shows a well-dressed couple romancing each other on the Queen Elizabeth 2
  • . And it's equally odd that Hallie and Annie, upon figuring out their parents' duplicity, don't show even the slightest sign of resentment


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    Mooviees! - Pirates of the Caribean
  • . [PDF] [TXT] [HTML] [TXT] [HTML] [HTML] Discussion forum for this movie Thread Replies Last Post • 0 11 months ago • 1 12 months ago --James Berardinelli (ReelViews) Shiver me timbers! Johnny Depp's outrageously coiffed buccaneer steals the show in an awkward pirate epic that's jampacked with energy, ambition and spectacular effects
  • . --Stephanie Zacharek (Salon) Wonderful swashbuckling adventure that delivers everything you could possibly want from a pirate movie, plus a little more besides – jaw-dropping special effects, a superb script and a show-stealing performance from Johnny Depp
  • . --Carl Lazarevic (MovieWeb) This is one hell of an entertaining ride that shows how summer movies are supposed to be like
  • . --Paul Clinton (CNN Showbiz) While the plot and action are all deliberately familiar, director Gore Verbinski steers a continual course for sheer, mindless, rope-swinging, crow's-nest-hollering summer fun

    Rotten Tomatoes: Pirates of the Caribbean
  • . The mortal cast members are also enjoyable...and indeed, Captain Jack will get you high tonight." --, " Pirates is Indiana Jones on the high seas, complete with serial B-movie concept, wall-to-wall action, and fantastic myths come true." --, "Yo ho, yo ho! A full refund for me!" --, "This is one of the few summer movies this year that actually feels like a summer movie." --, " Pirates of the Caribbean makes us appreciate the absurd joys of a sadly underused genre, and demonstrates that Walt Disney hasn't entirely forgotten how to show us a good time." --, "A pirate movie made with a pirate's sensibility for filmmaking." --, "From stem to stern this rousing adventure shines ship-shape and Bristol fashion." --, ""If a movie based on a ride can be this great, I can’t wait for Log Flume: The Movie or Motion Simulator WITH A VENGEANCE."" --, "This movie is a lot more entertaining than the Disney ride itself, and will perhaps stand the test of time -- and repeat viewings -- even more." --, "The movie is marvelously filmed with visual touches recalling fantasy specialists Terry Gilliam and Ray Harryhausen, among others." --, "I enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean enough to recommend it but there are a couple of serious flaws with it that should be addressed." --, "A theme park ride has been successfully transferred to the screen." --, 65% Rating: Fresh Avg

    Best Reviews & News on Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
  • . If i can find a picture of it I will show it here soon

    Los Angeles Weekly - Angela's Ashes
  • . Calendar Search Film Search Restaurant Search S M T W T F S 25 26 27 28 29 30 Get inside for promotions and special offers! One lucky winner gets an autographed guitar and tickets to the show! See the LA Philharmonic on July 11th! Enter to win! Summer reading Wed, May 31, 3:57 pm Who we are: An introduction and index of the profiles

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    LA Weekly: Battlefield Earth
  • . Calendar Search Film Search Restaurant Search S M T W T F S 25 26 27 28 29 30 Get inside for promotions and special offers! One lucky winner gets an autographed guitar and tickets to the show! See the LA Philharmonic on July 11th! Enter to win! Summer reading Wed, May 31, 3:57 pm Who we are: An introduction and index of the profiles

    LA Weekly - Deterrence
  • . Calendar Search Film Search Restaurant Search S M T W T F S 25 26 27 28 29 30 Get inside for promotions and special offers! One lucky winner gets an autographed guitar and tickets to the show! See the LA Philharmonic on July 11th! Enter to win! Summer reading Wed, May 31, 3:57 pm Who we are: An introduction and index of the profiles

    The 80's Movies Rewind
  • . The opening 10 minutes of the original cut, where it shows Snake and his crime partner robbing the fed bank, was cut because Carpenter decided the sequence was too long and distracted from the story too much
  • . [Thanks to Jerry Cross] The scene where Kurt Russell is watching a live stage show was filmed inside the Wiltern Theatre, corner of Wilshire Blvd and Western Ave in Los Angeles [Thanks to Robert Vannoy] Can you help? Do you know any of the filming locations used for Escape From New York ? Trailer, Commentary, Featurette, Notes, OutTakes Our Comments: 2 disc special edition DVD includes legendary lost original opening scenes Trailer, Commentary, Featurette, Notes, OutTakes Our Comments: 2 disc Ultimate Edition DVD includes legendary lost original opening scenes The simplistic but effective synthesized soundtrack for the film was composed by John Carpenter and veteran horror genre composer Alan Howarth (Halloween 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6)

    Greatest Films - The Exorcist
  • . [ Possessed (2000) was also a pay-TV-cable Showtime movie of the same name, starring Timothy Dalton.] The film's plot was also partially inspired by a similar demonic possession case in Earling, Iowa in 1928
  • . [Until, the film was the only horror film to be nominated for Best Picture in Academy Award history.] Unfortunately, the film spawned imitations (i.e., The Omen trilogy, the Italian knockoff films Beyond the Door (1974) and The Tempter (1974) ( aka The Anti-Christ) , the 'blaxploitation' clone Abby (1974) , and the UK's The Devil Within Her (1975) ), a spoof-parody of all the 'Exorcist' films ( Repossessed (1990) with Linda Blair again possessed while watching the TV show of evangelists Ernest and Fanny Rae Weller (Ned Beatty and Linda Schwab) and with Leslie Nielsen as an ex-exorcist named Father Jedediah Mayii), and the biased "true story" courtroom drama The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)


    Preview-Online.Com - The Flinstones In Viva Rock Vegas

  • . “He knows more about the lore of Bedrock and the TV show than anyone alive today.” Levant’s beloved TV show almost didn’t happen, however
  • . “Brian thought it would be great to show them all meeting for the first time, ” says Cohen, “and to go back to Fred and Barney, the oldest of pals since time began, and have them meet Wilma and Betty for the first time

    LLRocks: Freaky Friday
  • . Elsewhere." In a career that spans over forty years, Harold Gould ("Grandpa") has appeared in hundreds of television shows, films and stage productions
  • . Chad Michael Murray ("Jake") began his career as a model before landing the role of Tristan DuGrey on "The Gilmore Girls." After several guest spots on the show, he joined the cast of the extremely popular "Dawson's Creek" in the fall of 2001, playing Charlie Todd

    Mooviees!: Freaky Friday
  • . The effects of body-switching are not developed, only showcased for laughs
  • . --Garth Franklin (DarkHorizons) Wallpapers ©2003 Walt Disney Pictures Featured Reviews Reader Reviews edwin cachuela (Cavite, Philippines) | 02/11/2006 | a heart warming movie!!! I lyk thee movie so looking forward for the sequel of this movie!!! more power and congrats 2 ol d staf and crew and 2 ol the cast and characters!!! job well done.....MABUHAY!! 5 out of 6 people liked this reviewDid you find this review helpful? Yes No leane (m'sia) | 12/28/2005 | it's not bad Hmmm...Freaky Friday?Well, i guess it appeals mostly to teenagers and kids being a disney production and all.It is your typical teen show which is fun and a show that you wouldn't mind watching every week.However, this is a movie that you can easily forget as it doesn't have a very deep plot.It's exactly like a comedy flick.You watch it once and you'll probably forget most of it by the next few months.Certainly, Freaky Friday is amusing but i wouldn't recommend watching it in the theatres

    Roger Ebert: Freaky Friday
  • . Curtis, channeling the daughter inside her, has a hilarious scene on a talk show; she's supposed to be a serious psychiatrist discussing her new book, but sits cross-legged in her chair and leads the audience in routines that seem vaguely inspired by summer camp

    Guardian Unlimited Film: Fahrenheit 9/11
  • . 22.06.04 One of Fahrenheit 9/11's prime targets is revealed as part-owner of the very cinema chain that is set to show the controversial movie across America 17.06.04 Michael Moore's new movie has received offers of help that probably won't 17.06.04 Michael Moore's Palme d'Or winning film will hit UK screens on July 9 16.06.04 US distributors of Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 have hired a former governor of New York to appeal against the classification given to the film 15.06.04 Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 has been handed a prohibitive R rating by the Motion Picture Association of America for its strong language and violence 14.06.04 Michael Moore has denied rumours that he is making a new film on Tony Blair 11.06.04 Distributors of Fahrenheit 9/11 have set up a toll-free telephone service and website providing advance booking facilities to cope with enormous demand 2.06.04 After being famously dropped by Disney, Michael Moore's award-winning documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 has finally secured US distribution and will hit American cinemas on June 25

    Disney Stops Miramax From Releasing Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 911"
  • . "I will tell you this, " he added in his letter, "Some people may be afraid of this movie because of what it will show
  • . Moore is a Lyer and a Charlatan! I wish Indewire would print this on their front page like the censorship article? But that would involve be honest by your editors? F-911 already has a Distributor! POSTED Sat May 8 [1:25 PM] BY This guy is so much of a Phoney and a Charlatan! I hope that the New York Times is as agressive in pointing this fact out as the were in attacking Disney on their front page! What's your Guess? Fahrenheit 911 Finds British Distributor Director Michael Moore's documentary Fahrenheit 911, which Disney has barred its Miramax Films unit from releasing in the United States, will be shown in British cinemas this summer through independent distributor Optimum Releasing
  • . You are so nieve! Big Business always hedges their bets! The film is finish and will be shown in France
  • . Hold it, did you actually watch Bowling for Columbine? It was a lot less liberal than you seem to think, and in the end it's difficult to say it's anti-gun in the end, though at the end he does show up on Charlton Heston's front porch

    E-FilmCritic - Defending Truth: Slate's Chris Hitchens Does a Hatchet Job on Michael Moore
  • . How many times, in my old days at The Nation magazine, did I hear wistful and semienvious ruminations? Where was the radical Firing Line show? Who will be our Rush Limbaugh?" Hitchens exposes his bias in the first few lines of this
  • . Limbaugh fights without facts, he alleges and abuses, he makes statements that he knows are untrue, simply because nobody can refute them to his large audience without coming on his show
  • . That would include Citibank (yes, the largest bank in the world is owned by the Saudi royals), and large parts of Time Warner (you know them, the owners of CNN) and even Disney (who refused to let Fahrenheit 9/11 be shown in their theaters)
  • . The prime movers behind this plan were Unocal, who Moore shows again and again Bush had majors ties to
  • . It shows the soldiers as just doing their job, with minimal supervision, questionable directives from commanders, incredible stresses, a lack of training, and no clear objective
  • . It shows them asking the question, again and again, "Why are we still here?"And it shows them in hospital, with limbs blown off, annoyed that their benefits have been slashed by Bush in the time since they volunteered to fight

    The 80's Movies Rewind
  • . They are aided by One Eye Willie’s Treasure map and a key showing them where to start
  • . This is where Mikey gets a map that shows them where to find the rock formation
  • . Chunk also licks Ice Cream quarts in the freezer when Troy shows up and sets fire to One Eyed Willie's map
  • . At the restaurant the second time, Andy and Brand supposedly stay upstairs, but are then shown walking down the stairs with the others
  • . Rocks of that size, falling that far, would make much bigger splashes than those shown
  • . Early scenes show Astoria as the Goonies hometown, yet scenes at the old lighthouse/restaurant where the Fratellis are hiding show Haystack Rock and Cannon Beach in the background @CallCenter