TV Guide Online: Pee-Wee's Big Adventure

  • . Ruby Highway Patrolman Large Marge Trucker Man in Diner Andy Hobo Jack Tina Bus Clerk Cowboy Cowboy Biker Biker Biker Biker Biker Mama Kevin Morton Studio Guard Movie Lot Actor Movie Lot Actress Director Mother Superior Japanese Director Tarzan Kid Kid Fireman Policeman at Pet Shop Reporter Reporter Photographer Hobo Hobo Hobo Pierre "P.W." "Dottie" Terry Hawthorne Themselves Producer Exec

    Mooviees! - Pirates of the Caribean
  • . Running Time 2 hours, 23 minutes Country Studio Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Walt Disney Pictures Other Titles • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl • The Pirates of the Caribbean • Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Photos Awards Won 2004 BAFTA Award for Best Make Up/Hair Won 2004 MTV Movie Award for Best Male Performance Nominated for 2004 Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role Nominated for 2004 Academy Award for Best Makeup Nominated for 2004 Academy Award for Best Visual Effects Sign up for our Newsletter! Movie news in your email: Your Name: Your E-Mail Address: Sign Up Genre: , , , , Ghosts, Swashbuckler, Sea, Pirate, Love, Kidnapping, Gore, Thieves, Vampires, Zombie, Fantasy, Cult Classic Tagline: Prepare to be blown out of the water

    The 80's Movies Rewind: The Color of Money
  • . Long Live The 80's "The hustler isn't what he used to be, but he has the next best thing: a kid who is." Tom Cruise and Paul Newman Star Year: Studio: Touchstone Pictures Director: Starring: , , , - - Genre: + Great rapport between Newman, Cruise and Mastrantonio

    Guardian Unlimited Film: Fahrenheit 9/11
  • . 13.05.04 Walt Disney is selling the rights to the controversial Michael Moore documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11, to Harvey and Bob Weinstein, co-chairmen of the company's Miramax studio


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    The 80's Movies Rewind
  • . Year: Studio: Warner Brothers Director: Starring: , , , , , , , - - Genre: + Strong plot, good story, and a all around feel good movie

    ReelViews Review: Inspector Gadget (1999)
  • . It's almost as if the studio can't stop itself

    Entertainment Zone: Matrix Sequels
  • . The series, with an estimated budget of more than $120 million, has been in production at Fox Studios in Sydney since last October
  • . "There's a pent-up demand for the movie, and we want to get it out there as soon as we can, " said Jeff Goldstein, Warners' executive VP and general sales manager, domestic distribution, of the studio's decision for a Thursday release
  • . Disclaimer: Movie Photos are the sole property of their respective studio

    Apollo Movie Guide: Nikki, Wild Dog of the North
  • . 1961 Canada 73 minutes Studio/distributor: Anchor Bay Rated G

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    ViewAskew's Dogma summary
  • . Seriously though, a studio wanted Kevin to make Mallrats and gave him around $6.1 million to do it

    You Know for Kids? - O Brother, Where Art Thou?
  • . They're open to trying things, and you can suggest things and they say, 'OK, you can try that, ' but they've already covered all the bases."  The filming took place all over Mississippi and was followed by studio work in Los Angeles

    Robin Hood Films
  • . Riga Film Studio, 1977
  • . "Robin Hood Rides Again." Van Beuren Studios, 1934
  • . Famous Studios/Paramount Pictures, 1948
  • . Famous Studios, 1966-69

    The 80's Movies Rewind
  • . Year: Studio: Touchstone Pictures Director: Starring: , , , , , - - Genre: + Like ET, a heart warming story of innocent love blended with some fine comedy


    Austin Chronicle - Susan's Plan

  • . I mean, in the old days, there used to be a studio style and they were factories that had real personalities
  • . AC: Is it easier for you to maintain control of your work on independents as opposed to studio work, or is that not a factor to you? JL: Well, I've been lucky
  • . When I made Animal House for Universal it was a publicly held company, but it was Lew Wasserman's company, right? Now it's this sort of subdivision of Seagrams and the studios now have become small
  • . When I started back in the Seventies, the studios were much more interested in a good script

    The Phantom Menace: A Response to Critics
  • . Warner Brothers Studio didn't like the movie and didn't do much to promote it

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
  • . Framed for the murder, zany Maroon Cartoon Studios actor Roger Rabbit (voice of Charles Fleischer), a stuttering, disaster-prone 'Toon, ' solicits help from reluctant, hard-boiled, boozing private eye Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) to clear his name
  • . Director Robert Zemeckis must be credited for piecing together the production that involved hundreds of animators, and the special visual effects of George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic, Amblin Entertainment, Walt Disney and other studios
  • . It was filmed as a tribute to the entire pantheon of cartoon characters from Disney, Warner Bros., and MGM, and other studios in the 1940s
  • . In a less sanitized version, Wolf's novel portrayed Hollywood's Golden Age 1940s car-"Toon" characters as minority contract workers subjugated by the animation studios' system of apartheid
  • . Somethin's Cookin' The film begins with a manic, four-minute "Maroon Cartoon" entitled Somethin's Cookin' that is being filmed on the Maroon Cartoon Studios set and directed by Raoul J

    Vampyres Film List
  • . Tikhomirov, Film Co.Frunze Film Studios, Synopsis.filmed ballet of a prince's seduction by a vampire) (USA 1966, Dir.Earl Bellamy, Cast.Fred Gwynne) (USA 1983, Dir.John 'Bud' Cardos, Cast.Bo Hopkins, Wings Hauser, Jennifer Warren) (West Germany 1961, Prod.Klaus Unbehaun) (Hong Kong 1986, Dir.Lau Koon Wai, Cast.Ricky Hui, Synopsis.horror, comedy and martial arts, Cantonese with English subtitles) Mr
  • . Jason Dayton, Cast.George Ovey, Clare Alexander, Roy Watson) (1917, Film Company: Nestor) (USA 1918, Film Company: William Fox Studio, Screenplay.Bud Fisher, Cast.Theda Bara) (Austria 1919) (Russia 1920) (1920, Film Company: Metro) (Hungary 1921, Dir.Karoly Lajthay) (1922) the (HTML) VAMPYRES Film list

  • . And don't forget to visit one of our advertisers to get the best deals on videos, DVDs, posters, collectibles, and more -- and to help keep this site online, while you're at it! Current News & Features Celebrating the 90th birthday of the well-liked leading lady who is best known for a supporting role and who successfully fought the studio system in 1943

    Animated Films
  • . Felix the Cat: First Appearance in 1919 The first animated character that attained superstar status (and was anthropomorphic) during the silent era was the mischievous Felix the Cat, in Pat Sullivan Studios
  • . Disney produced about two dozen of the silent, black and white Oswald cartoons from 1927-1928 until giving up the character to Walter Lantz and moving onto Mickey Mouse (looking like Oswald with his ears cut off) in 1928.] The Debut of Mickey Mouse: In 1928, Disney Studios' chief animator Ub Iwerks (1901-1971) developed a new character from a figure known as Mortimer Mouse, a crudely-drawn or sketched, rodent-like 'Mickey Mouse' - slightly similar to Felix the Cat
  • . [After Costello was dismissed, Jack Mercer, who began his career as an artist at the cartoon studio, provided Popeye's voice and ad-libbed mutterings for the Fleischers until 1957, and various voices for the two Fleischer feature-length animations - see below.] The same year in September, the first official Popeye cartoon, I Yam What I Yam was released - the first in a long series of animated shorts Richard Rich
  • . Through his own animation studio he has directed other nationally distributed feature films, including "The Swan Princess", "The King and I", and "The Trumpet of the Swan." In addition to his feature film work, he has directed over fifty 30-minute videos about stories from scriptures and world history
  • . He garnered attention at the studio by making presentations to the music department and by giving piano lessons during his lunch hour
  • . Brunner.) Don Bluth left the Disney studio after making "The Small One" in order to form his own studio
  • . "The Black Cauldron" would be the second and final animated feature Richard Rich would direct for the Disney studios
  • . Although Rich's Disney features were made during what some people consider the studio's dark period after Walt's death, there are today many fans of these two movies
  • . Some time after directing "The Black Cauldron, " Richard Rich left Disney and helped found his own studio, Rich Animation Studios
  • . It was planned as a direct-to-video release, but when it was finished in 2001 the studio decided to release it briefly in theaters

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