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  • . Kim (Noh) Soo Kim was born in Korea but has grown up on the East Coast since she was one and grew up in California since 1985
  • . He excelled in baseball and swimming in college and was trained in theatre at Pomona College and University of Southern California

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  • . We lived up in the woods of Minnesota, but then we moved to California in 1943
  • . William Moritz teaches film and animation history at the California Institute of the Arts

    'Chronicles of Narnia'
  • nouncement about the planned movie.
    LOS ANGELES, California (Hollywood Reporter) -- Following collaborations on "Holes, " "Ghosts of the Abyss" and the upcoming "Around the World in 80 Days, " the Walt Disney Co

    Warner Independent Pictures - Good Night, And Good Luck
  • . After a career as a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, Radulovich retired and now lives in Lodi, California


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  • . Chicagoland Oz Festival-Chicago, Illinois; ? QUADCON 2004-Norman, Oklahoma; ? (IWOC) Ozmapolitain Convention: Return to Oz-Hyatt in Lisle, Illinois; June 10-12 (IWOC) Oz Festival-Aberdeen, South Dakota; To Be Announced Winkie Convention-Asilomar, California; July 8-10 (IWOC) Munchkin Convention-Harrisburg, Pensylvania; August 5-7 (IWOC) New England Oz Festival-South Portland, Maine; To Be Announced The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Festival September-Chesterton, Indiana; September 16-18 (Z) The Land of Oz: Autumn at Oz-Banner Elk, North Carolina; October 1 & 2 The Wizard of Oz Festival-Lucedale, Mississippi; To Be Announced My Dedication I dedicate this site to L.Frank Baum, all involved in the 1939 MGM movie, 1985 Disney movie, My Family, & all those who are young at heart

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
  • . [There was, in fact, a real-life corporate conspiracy to 'doom' the trolley system and encourage automobile use, orchestrated by General Motors, Firestone, and Standard Oil of California.] The film revolves around the murder of Marvin Acme (Stubby Kaye), a gag-gift promoter and props supplier (Acme Novelty Co.) for all Toon productions and the owner of the ghetto-ized Toon-town where the Toons, regarded as a segregated minority group, live just outside Hollywood

    Hollywood Honors Elia Kazan: Filmmaker and Informer
  • . In the late 1930s and early 1940s HUAC and State Senator Jack Tenney's California Joint Fact-finding Committee on Un-American Activities launched attacks on left-wingers in the film industry
  • . The following year, Tenney--Dies' California counterpart--announced that he was going to launch an investigation of "Reds in movies." The inquiry was in part a union-busting operation

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    Features movies, articles and biographical information about the filmmmaker. Arriflex rate cards.
    Art & Science of Cinematography...... . The Director of Photography is the custodian of the heart of film making ... as the writers are of its soul ... his tool is a box with a glass window, lifeless until he breathes into it his creative spirit and injects into its steel veins, the plasma of his imagination .... the product of his camera, and therefore of his magic, means many things to many

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  • . "T-Rex" also managed to get under the skin of some scientists, reaching the point that it was even refused admittance at the California Science Center in Los Angeles
  • . The California Science Center in Los Angeles' Exposition Park refused to accept the exclusive clause in the contract and passed on the deal
  • . California-based Iwerks and MegaSystems, which has its corporate headquarters in Wayne, Pennsylvania, have theatres using their technology, although the former is perhaps more famous for its motion rides and theme park presentations

    Hollywood Renegade: David O. Selznick
  • . The Thomas Ince Studio on Washington Boulevard in Culver City, California

    Mickey and Minnie Mouse Give our Guests an Earful
  • . Born in Glendale, California, Allwine has been active on stage and screen most of his life, making his first television appearance at age 7 as one of the school children interviewed by Art Linkletter on his House Party program
  • . They reside in South Pasadena, California

    Happy Birthday, Chuck Jones!
  • . Chuck Jones Biography Chuck Jones began his career in 1932 as an animation cel washer at Ubbe Iwerks Studio, after graduating from the Chouinard Art Institute (now the California Institute of the Arts)


    Stan Freberg

  • ographical article by GCarras, detailing Freberg's voice work in classic Warner Bros cartoons.
    Stan Freberg Born: August 7, 1926, Los Angeles, Californai, grew up in South Pasadena, California

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  • . Another said she had been working at a California software company

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  • . I personally accompanied him in the 1980s to Disney World in Florida, to the Disney animation studios in Burbank, California, and to the house of Disney animation luminary Ward Kimball

    Mr. Heitman's Wonderful World of Disney
  • . Disney, was already in California, with an immense amount of sympathy and encouragement, and $250
  • . They are not afraid to be delighted with simple pleasures, and they have a degree of contentment with what life has brought -- sometimes it isn't much, either." THE ORIGINAL DREAM: In 1955 Walt Disney Productions, Ltd., opened a huge amusement park called Disneyland in Anaheim, California

    Disney's Dinosaur - Celluloid Dinosaurs, History of Dinosaur Movies
  • . Brachiosaur Carnosaur Hadrosaur Ichthyornis Iguanodon Microceratops Oviraptor Pachyrhinosaur Parasaurolophus Struthiomimus Stygimoloch Styracosaur Talarurus (an ankylosaur) Velociaptor Pterosaurs Pteranodon Other Animals Lemurs Winged Lizards Giant Dragonflies Plants Auricaia, a flowering plant Grass (post-Cretaceous) Jurassic seed ferns Jurassic conifers Locations Australia - cliffs _ Port Campbell National Park Jordan - Petra (rock walls) Venezuela - Canaima, Igwasa Falls, "Tapois - pinnacles" El Parque Nacional Canaima Western Samoa - Matautu Hawaii - Hawaii and Kauai islands Continental United States: Florida - Seminole County California : Death Valley, Dumont Dunes, Lone Pine, Los Angeles County Arboreteum, Mojave Desert, Ridgecrest, San Luis Obispo, San Simeon, Trona Pinnacles Cast - Voices and Supervising Animators The Dinosaurs , an Iguandon , voiced by D.B
  • . Marin County, California Supervising Sound Editor FRANK EULNER ADR Supervisor MICHELE PERRONE Sound Effects Editors ETHAN VAN DER RYN SCOTT GUITTEAU ANDREA GARD Foley Editors JIM LIKOWSKI JOANNA LAURENT JOHN VERBECK Supervising Assistant Sound Editor ANDRÉ FENLEY Assistant Sound Designer BEAU BORDERS Assistant Sound Effects Editor LISA CHINO Foley Artists DENNIE THORPE JANA VANCE Foley Mixer TONY ECKERT Foley Recordist FRANK MEREL Additional Field Recordings KATHY TURKO Re-Recorded at BUENA VISTA SOUND STUDIOS Re-Recording Mixers TERRY PORTER MEL METCALFE DEAN A

  • . The street names in the first chase scene, like San Pablo, Adeline , Stanford , Christie , and Powell , are the names of actual streets in Emeryville, California, the home of Pixar Studios' headquarters

    Happy Birthday, Chuck Jones!
  • . Chuck Jones Biography Chuck Jones began his career in 1932 as an animation cel washer at Ubbe Iwerks Studio, after graduating from the Chouinard Art Institute (now the California Institute of the Arts)

    The Warner Brothers Cartoon Companion: Friz Freleng
  • . Freleng came out west to California to join Walt Disney in 1927, replacing Ham Hamilton, who left Disney in late 1926

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