WWWF Grudge Match: Adrian Cronauer vs. Dr. Johnny Fever

  • . Johnny based on fear factor (tried and failed to get the TM from the FOX network) alone

    Warner Independent Pictures - Good Night, And Good Luck
  • . Murrow only mentioned his employer a few times in his speech, but it was clear that he included CBS in his criticism of the networks and the effect their unchecked competition for ratings had on news programs
  • . "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves." Good night, and good luck." - See it Now broadcast, March 9, 1954 SEE IT NOW Network television's first news magazine, See It Now aired on CBS for six years, starting in 1951, and quickly set a standard for televised news and journalism as a whole
  • . Their partnership started in a series of records covering news stories from the war front, I Can Hear It Now, which they adapted into a radio show, Hear It Now, the basis for what would be network televisions first news magazine show, See It Now
  • . Friendly went on to become the president of the CBS News Division in 1964, and resigned two years later after disagreeing with the network's decision to air an "I Love Lucy" rerun instead of broadcasting live coverage of the Senate's hearings on America's involvement in Vietnam

    'Mad Max' Sequel Appears Dead
  • . (Last year, the show, which rotates among the major networks each year, aired on NBC.) "The Primetime Emmy Awards show always does poorly on Fox, " de Moraes noted
  • . "Maybe this is because Fox hardly ever wins any Primetime Emmys, so the show isn't really relevant for fans of the network." (Fox won no awards during Sunday night's telecast.) In fact, de Moraes also pointed out, Fox generally makes up for its lower ratings by inserting more commercials
  • . Defense Department, will become a regular contributor to CNN's primetime, the cable news network announced Monday
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  • say discussing the usage of hackers in the film, Hollywood stereotypes, and thoughts about virtual reality and cyberspace.
    The Matrix by 2000 The Matrix some useful definitions: Cyberspace The term coined by science fiction writer William Gibson, referring to the virtual world that exists within the marriage of computers, telecommunication networks and digital media
  • . Internet A co-operatively run global collection of computer networks with a common addressing scheme
  • . Like city lights, receding…" (5) Gibson was referring to a virtual world, one that existed only in the connections between computers, networks and the digital media that users employ to perceive it
  • . Hence `password hacker', `network hacker'


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    Greatest Films: Network (1976)
  • tailed review, synopsis and discussion of the film
    Network (1976) Greatest Films ( and ) With descriptive review commentaries and background history on many classic, landmark films in cinematic history, especially American/Hollywood films
  • . Network (1976) is director Sidney Lumet's brilliant criticism of the hollow, lurid wasteland of television journalism where entertainment value and short-term ratings were more crucial than quality
  • . Indignation toward the network executives by an unbalanced news-anchorman (Finch) ("I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore") is manipulated by ruthless VP programming boss (Dunaway) for further ratings
  • . The film opens on a wall of four color television monitors, each displaying the evening network news on the four networks: Howard K
  • . Smith (ABC-TV), John Chancellor (NBC-TV), Walter Cronkite (CBS-TV), and a fictional fourth-place network, the Union Broadcasting System (UBS-TV), with silver-haired, veteran news anchor Howard Beale (Peter Finch)

    Grudge Match: Freddy vs. Jason
  • . STEVE: Have you started getting your advice from the Psychic Friends Network (tm) or something? No? Well maybe you should -- it's undoubtedly better than this long-winded drivel you just finished spouting out

    HARO Online: Orwell Rolls in His Grave
  • . The Walt Disney Company owns a number of cable stations and the ABC Television network

    Upcoming "Star Wars" Explores New Territory
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    Screen Memories
  • . Over the last year or so it would seem that they most certainly are; the furore over the "Roswell autopsy" film (purporting to show real alien bodies from a 1947 UFO crash) spread to just about every newspaper and TV Station in the world; a November 1994 episode of Strange But True? dealing with Britain's most famous UFO incident2, attracted 12.5 million viewers in Britain, half of the total audience at 8.30pm; whilst a Network First UFO special, aired in January 1995 at 10.30pm, was seen by 6 million, a high figure for that time3

    Directors World
  • . Jun 13, 2006, 16:20 First data tape system to address professional video file-based workflows combines tape-based file system, network-attached storage, and MXF awareness

    Jain, Rajeev
    Features movies, articles and biographical information about the filmmmaker. Arriflex rate cards.
    Art & Science of Cinematography...... . The Director of Photography is the custodian of the heart of film making ... as the writers are of its soul ... his tool is a box with a glass window, lifeless until he breathes into it his creative spirit and injects into its steel veins, the plasma of his imagination .... the product of his camera, and therefore of his magic, means many things to many

    Missliberty.com's Newsletter
  • . by the cable TV network Showtime
  • . The Environmental News Network has about how silly it all is


    African Americans in Motion Pictures

  • . His credits include: Supervising ADR Editor Scary Movie - Keenan Ivory Wayans/Miramax The Warden - Turner Network Television The 10th Kingdom - Hallmark Entertainment House Arrest - Harry Winer/Rysher-Sony The Tie that Binds - Wesley Strick/Interscope Weapons of Mass Distraction - Home Box Office Casino (West Coast Supervisor) - Martin Scorsese Grace of My Heart (West Coast Supervisor) - Allison Anders/Gramercy Pictures Copy Cat (West Coast Supervisor) - John Amel Big Bowling Ball - Home Box Office Body Bags - John Carpenter/Home Box Office The Red Coat - Robin Swicord In the Name of the Father (ADR Consultant) - Jim Sheriklan/Universal Gridlock'd - Vondie Curtis Hall/Interscope ADR Editor Pay It Forward - Mimi Leder/Bel Air Entertainment The Thin Red Line - Terence Malick/Warner Brothers The Shrink Is In - Richard Benjamin/USA Films Mercury Rising - Harold Becker/Universal Titanic - James Cameron/Fox-Paramount Batman and Robin - Joel Schumacher/Warner Brothers Kazaam - Paul Michael Glazer/Buena Vista Tin Cup - Ron Shelton/Warner Brothers Steal Big Steal Little - Andrew Davis/Savoy Batman Forever - Joel Schumacher/Warner Brothers Four Rooms - Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez/Miramax Stuart Smalley - Harold Ramis/Paramount Star Trek: Generations - David Carson/Paramount The Brady Bunch - Betty Thomas/Paramount Clear and Present Danger - Phillip Noyce/Paramount Roomates - Peter Yates/Disney On Deadly Ground - Steven Seagal/Warner Brothers The Fugitive - Andrew Davis/Warner Brothers The Program - David S

    OnVideo Guide to Home Video Releases: DVDs
  • . Extras: Original pilot opening; original pilot bumpers; pilot and network promos; blooper; Ross Martin sketch; audio interviews with John Kneubuhl, Ethel Winant, Fred Freiberger (producer), Tim Smyth (special effects), Richard Markowitz (music); commentary by Robert Conrad on "The Night of the Inferno" episode; Robert Conrad audio intros; Robert Conrad and Ross Martin on "Every Day"; theme scoring sessions; photo gallery

    Keeper's Cartoon Files
  • . Contains lyrics from episodes, network trailers, videos and albums for Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs and Steven Spielberg Presents Pinky and The Brain (both versions)

    Keeper's Cartoon Voxware Files
  • . Contains lyrics from episodes, network trailers, videos and albums for Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs and Steven Spielberg Presents Pinky and The Brain (both versions)

    Jame's (Probably Illegal) Animaniacs Page
  • . -- The Wheel of Morality Yakko: Hey, come on! The Wheel of Morality adds boring education value to what would otherwise be an almost entirely entertaining program! -- The Wheel of Morality Dot: Who came up with this stupid 'Wheel of Morality' idea anyway? Yakko: The execs at the Fox Kids' Network

    Keeper's Cartoon Files
  • . Contains lyrics from episodes, network trailers, videos and albums for Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs and Steven Spielberg Presents Pinky and The Brain (both versions)

    Cartoon Brew
  • . One of his early breaks was signing a contract with CBS, and the opportunity to host a CBS network prime time TV series
  • . However, the program in question turned out to be a showcase for the network's newly acquired animation library, with Van Dyke playing straightman to a collection of vintage Terrytoons
  • . Levy has apparently spent his own successful career taking lots of notes - and his advice, from networking to getting a job, from pitching your own show to starting your own company, is absolutely spot on

    The Bridge
  • . Today, Saban Capital Group led a group of investors in acquiring Univision Communications, Inc., owner of the number-one Spanish-language network in the US (Univision) and cable network Galavision, for $13.7 billion, including $1.4 billion in debt
  • . Nerd Corps Bringing StormHawks to Cartoon Network in 2007 6/22/06 by Jeff Harris Yesterday, (not to be confused with nerdcore, that neek-friendly rap genre that is big on the fandom community) announced plans to bring their new 3D-animated/cel-shaded action series Storm Hawks throughout the globe courtesy of Cartoon Network in the UK, France, Latin America, and the United States
  • . WAY too old for Cartoon Network's demographic, so why do I care so much about it's current identity crisis? Read on in
  • . Viz Media and Cartoon Network has announced the launch of Toonami Jetstream, a brand new streaming animation outlet
  • . Their first endeavor was the short-lived Adult Swim Pipeline, which replaced Toonami's earlier streaming video endeavor Toonami Reactor (the first one Cartoon Network has ever done featuring Toonami mainstays like Dragon Ball Z and web-exclusive shows like Star Blazers, Patlabor, Captain Harlock, and Record of Lodoss War)

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