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  • . Steve Rhodes Review by 2½ stars out of 4 Part vamp, part tramp, and all camp, Glenn Close's wonderfully wicked turn as the ultimate Disney diva, Cruella DeVil, powers 101 Dalmatians, the studio's new live-action version of its beloved 1961 animated feature
  • . Nonetheless, the film entertained the kids at the big critics' screening, and I'm sure children around the world will have fun with 101 Dalmatians, which is exactly what the folks at Disney had in mind
  • . But with the preordained success of this underachieving animation-to-live-action translation, this Disney animation fan cannot help but worry about what possibly ruinous adaptation ideas the studio has in mind for its other cartoon classics..

    Metacritic: 25th Hour
  • . 90 The New Yorker David Denby It captures the city's bitter, wire-taut mood after September 11th, and I hope that Disney -- finds some way to bring this acrid and brilliant little picture to the large audience it deserves

    TV Guide Online: Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
  • . Burton's background as a Disney animator is perfect for the film; he gives PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE a wonderfully cartoonish look through design, lighting, and camera angles

    IMDb: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)
  • . , 21 March 2004 Author: from Yorkshire, England Despite being rife with technical blunders such as the longest full moon in history, Disney's first non-PG film is proving to be a financial boon while at the same time collecting reviews from critics that run from tepid to red hot
  • . When screenwriters Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio originally pitched the movie to the Disney executives in the early '90s, Disney rejected it
  • . It makes one wonder just who is running the Disney empire
  • . This combination has worked well for Universal, and it seems almost absurd that Disney has taken so long to pick up on the obvious
  • . Again, it makes one wonder just who is at the helm of the USS Disney to put a $125 million movie in the hands of a neophyte
  • . Well, it worked with Lord of the Rings and a very inexperienced Peter Jackson, and it worked here for Disney as well


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    Hollywood Jesus: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
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  • . It simply sets the tone for this Disney theme-park inspired flick

    IMDb: Peter Pan (2003)
  • . I've always loved the story of Peter Pan; I grew up watching the Disney and Mary Martin versions, and always thought the story to be one of undeniable power and beauty
  • . Jeremy Sumpter also did a fabulous job as the title character, Peter Pan, and I thoroughly disagree with those who proclaim his performance as "wooden"; in my opinion, he captured Pan's eternally childlike spirit perfectly, and the chemistry between him and Miss Hurd-Wood was very real and something that was sadly missing from both the Disney-fied version and the stage versions which have cast women in the role of Peter

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  • . MacMurray made a great heel, but his fan mail was so opposed to these kinds of portrayals that he comfortably stayed in the Disney camp

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  • . Primarily Crystal's fault, for a genuinely dreadful script, but also a good deal of the blame can be attributed to producer and former Disney chairman Joe Roth, who somehow talked people who should have known better (including Crystal) into letting him direct (Christmas at the Kranks, anyone?) Bubble Boy
  • . 10 Washington Post Stephen Hunter What a bummer! Certainly the meanest-spirited film ever associated with the Disney hallmark Con Air
  • . (At a key point, Cyrus actually threatens Cameron with "Make a move and the bunny gets it!") Disney is marketing the film's almost non-existent love story angle in an attempt to broaden the demographics of the audience

    The Count of Monte Cristo (1934)
  • . Rarely seen in recent years, it did have a "colorized" television presentation on the Disney Channel in the early 1990s as part of its "Best of Hollywood" program


    The 80's Movies Rewind: The Color of Money

  • . Zoe is credited in the closing credits as "Dog Walkby." "The Color Of Money" was produced by Touchstone Pictures, a division of The Walt Disney Company
  • . Even in a gritty movie like this, Disney synergy is still at work in one scene
  • . You'll see an arcade game tied into the movie "TRON", released by Walt Disney Pictures in 1982

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  • . (views: 42) disney ringtones -- Tuesday, May 2, 2006, at 5:17 a.m

    Masculine Identity in the Service Class
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  • . Toad in Disney’s animated version of The Wind in the Willows Forbidden Planet
  • . The fact that it was released in 1956, employs holographic special effects and premier animation created by Walt Disney, as well as electronic music accompanying a Cinemascope production, makes this film unique and the movie by which Science Ficton films are measured...and usually pale in comparison Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Wins Cannes Award
  • . Author: Ken Edwards » » RSS: Subscribe to RSS 2.0 feeds for: » » » » » » » Comments! Feedback! Speak and be heard! Comment on this article or leave feedback for the author Breaking Windows May 30, 2004 07:52 PM : Miramax founders acquired rights to distribute Michael Moore’s controversial movie from Disney

    Warner Independent Pictures - Good Night, And Good Luck
  • . This year, she finished production on three films: "All the King's Men, " and two independent films, "The Dying Gaul, " which will be released in November 2005, and "The Woods." She also co-starred in Disney's box office hit "Miracle" and returned to the stage in Tennessee Williams' "A Streetcar Named Desire." JEFF DANIELS (Sigfried "Sig" Mickelson) After attending Central Michigan University, Jeff Daniels later joined the Circle Repertory Company in New York and, soon after, performed in Corinne Jacker's "My Life" with the late Christopher Reeve and William Hurt
  • . 9, " he then appeared in three independent art-house features: "Inside Monkey Zetterland, " "Ethan Fromme" and Alan Rudolph's "Equinox" before following up with a role in the Disney family comedy, "Holy Matrimony." He returned to Disney for the animated "Hercules, " for which he provided the vocals for the adult version of the character and has regularly reprised the role for various animated follow-up projects
  • . In 2005, he appeared in the Vin Diesel Disney comedy "The Pacifier." GRANT HESLOV (Producer / Co-Writer / ‘Don Hewitt') See About the Crew TOM McCARTHY (Palmer Williams) Tom McCarthy has been a regular on television, making notable appearances on such popular series as "The Practice", "Ally McBeal" and "Spin City"

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  • . B+ by (11/26/2003) 100 out of 160 people found this review helpful Who'd thunk that popular theme park attractions from Disneyland and Walt Disney.. @CallCenter