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The Puppetry Home Page
Lists information and resources; covering traditional puppetry, animatronics,
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  • Automata - images and explaniation of Japanese clockwork puppets - Included is a translation of a short sequence from the work Le monde des automates, with origional french text and a modern mecanical doll, constructed with lessons leaned from the Jaquet-Droz.

  • Bunraku (one of the traditional theatrical arts in Japan using puppets) by Matthew Johnson - videos, music, information about make-up, history and more - Located on the cradle of Bunraku, the national theater of Bunraku forms a comprehensive complex of related facilities including the main theater, training institution and archives for historiographical materials.

  • - selected images from The Doll Theater Bunraku Puppets in the Whitman College Collections - - Information on college credit university summer programs for training in Japanese puppets, as well as language and culture.

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    Modern Japan - Entertainment - Movies
    An introduction to the movie industry in Japan.

  • Japan travel guide, information on Japan and Japanese culture.

  • Modern Japan Entertainment | Famous people | Japan Inc | Companies | Japan Store | Cultural Japan Entertainment | Arts | Royalty Calendar | Costume | Food & Drink | New to Japan General | Language | Employment | Japan Omnibus Geography | Sightseeing | Sports | History | Religion | Politics | Japan Gallery | Although the first home-grown movies appeared before the end of the last century, it wasn't until after World War I that they became something more than adaptations of stage plays and kabuki.

  • From about 1920, Japanese film was divided into two main categories: Jidai-geki , or period films and Gendai-geki , or films with modern settings.

  • Related content : check out our many profiles of Japan's top and .

  • By 1969, television sets were in just about every home in Japan and movie theater attendances were at a third of their peak level.

  • Among other themes, they questioned prejudice in Japan against minorities.

  • During the economic bubble years of the 1980's, Japanese money was put into Hollywood movies and Sony bought Columbia Pictures in 1989.

  • With Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (Spirited Away) in 2002, he even won a coveted Oscar, a ground-breaking achievement for anime that showed that they are taken seriously even outside Japan.

  • With the death of Kurosawa in 1999, (right) became the leading Japanese director on the world stage.

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    Boing Boing
    A directory of wonderful things.

    Tokyo Art Index
    Aims to introduce attractive artistic points and provide more information on arts
    in Tokyo.

    The Straight Dope: Did Disney's The Lion King Rip Off Kimba?
    Points of contention and commentary.

  • [ | ] [ | ] Did Disney's The Lion King rip off an old Japanese TV series? 24-Dec-1999 Dear Cecil: While waxing nostalgic over our favorite cartoons from the 60s and 70s with some friends, we suddenly realized that Disney's The Lion King bears a striking resemblance in plot and cast to the Japanese-made 60s TV series Kimba the White Lion (of which we can all remember every word of the theme song, by the way).

  • M.G., via AOL Cecil replies: Well, it wasn't a cheap rip-off--have you been to a first-run movie lately? You also missed a few other parallels: (7) name similarity: Kimba/Simba (duh); (8) evil Japanese lion, Claw, with one eye versus evil Disney lion, Scar, with scar over one eye; (9) little lion looks up to see the ghost of his father in the clouds; (10) heroic pose of lion on jutting rock.

  • Kimba the White Lion was the work of legendary Japanese manga (comic book) artist Tezuka Osamu, who also created Astroboy .

  • When The Lion King opened in Japan, the uncredited Kimba parallels caused an uproar.

  • More than 1, 100 Japanese manga and anime (animation) artists and fans signed a petition asking Disney to acknowledge its debt to Tezuka.

  • What's more, none of the younger animators had seen the Japanese show, so there'd be no one at the table saying, No, can't do that, been done.

  • The one-eyed Japanese villain is an iconographic favorite that appears in dozens of anime and manga stories; it would be hard to base a court case on that one." Sito conceded that animated films are collaborative but said professional pride prevents animators from knowingly ripping off others.


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    Anime News Network
    English-language anime news.

  • [ ] Death Note Tops Box Office Again (2006-06-27 17:17:22) the Japanese box office for the second straight week, again pushing the Da Vinci Code to second place.

  • Source: [ ] More Japanese companies taking control of overseas distribution [ ] The Pillows Meet & Greet Tomorrow in San Fran (2006-06-27 06:05:01) will hold an tomorrow at Kunokuniya Bookstore in San Francisco.

  • [ ] Japan Content Investments invests in A.D.

  • The film premieres in December in Japan.

  • [ ] fifth best selling DVD in Japan [ ] Manga Apprentice for Life (2006-06-26 04:05:40) Artist the story of "", who has been an artist's assistant for over thirty years.

  • [ ] , , , [ ] Kill Time with Bishojo Magazines (2006-06-23 04:00:55) The first issue of, a " battle" magazine from Kill Time Communication, will be issued Sunday in Japan.

  • Source: [ ] Building Better Anime in Beijing (2006-06-23 03:53:57) The Beijing Films Academy and Japan China New Century Association have the China Japan Anime Manga Research Center.

  • The Center will also promote Japanese "images" in China through anime and manga.

    Monorails of Japan
    Provides location, background, and history of monorails in use in Japan.

    Cartoonfreak Disney-Warner Bros-Betty Boop-Boutique-Winkel-Magasin ...
    Verkauf von handgefertigten Polyresin-Figuren der Cartoons aus den Warner Bros.
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    Includes streaming radio, message boards, Sing-A-Long, and photographs.

    Islam, Animation and Money: the Reception of Disney's Aladdin in ...
    Timothy R. White and JE Winn discuss the reception of Disney's Aladdin in Islamic

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    Sidekick Takes Center Stage
    By P. Nelson Reinsch. [PopMatters] "It's clear that children need periodic
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